10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating your own mother or other women who’ve encouraged you over the years — or just need to leave this post open on the computer and walk away, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to say thanks.

Here are some easy ideas for celebrating the day in a budget-friendly way.

1. Create a money box disguised as a box of chocolate.

2. Bake Mother’s Day cupcakes.

3. Serve breakfast in bed.

4. Wrap up some candy in bows.

5. Clean the house.

6. Make a meal for the freezer.

7. Pamper the mom.

8. Give the gift of a good book.

9. Deliver breakfast in a bag.

10. Print out some coupons to say I Love You.

Got a great gift idea for Mother’s Day?

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  1. What fun ideas! I like the money chocolate box – so creative.
    Those giant greeting cards are a fun over-the-top gift for moms who are out of town.
    I got one for my mom and am planning to cover the inside of it with a list of things she taught (she homschooled me too, so… it’s gonna be a long list.)

  2. My step-mom’s birthday is just a couple days before Mother’s Day, and since we celebrate both holidays together, we try to make it extra special for her.

    I enjoy giving “practical” gifts, so we’re giving her a bamboo chef knife holder for their drawer, since they no longer have a nice block after the kitchen remodel. I’m also replacing her bamboo salad tongs and giving a matching bamboo salad bowl.

    I picked up two stone kits from Michaels for each child to make a stepping stone for their garden. The kids will enjoy seeing their hands/feet & names and stained glass in the yard.

    I did get chocolate and green tea from TJ’s though, so she can pamper herself too. 🙂

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