12 LOVE-ly Things I Thank God For

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As busy and as hectic and as whiny my days have become lately, the richness of my life gives me pause to simply thank God for His goodness to me. Here are a few of the blessings I’m counting these days. Just loving it!

1. Free babysitting from my kid brother.
2. The new Shark that FishPapa and the kids bought on their own this weekend — with a coupon! Our old one busted. The new one is pinky-purple.
3. That my husband is willing to take five children to the library and Walmart on a rainy Monday night so that I can get some housework done. And he had a great attitude about it.
4. My two littler boys who love to imitate “Hungry” when the Weight Watchers commercials are playing. They keep me laughing.
5. FishChick who loves to play with my hair, though it drives me batty. It is her soothing mechanism. I trust that she won’t be doing it when she’s twelve.
6. My brainiac eight-year old who upon hearing his younger brother ask the meaning of barbarian, piped up and said, “It comes from the Greek word barbar which means ‘different from us.'” Hello! The kid has got to be a genius!
7. Spending a couple days with just my baby, enjoying good Mama-Baby time. She is growing so fast! It was sweet to cuddle her AND not have to do housework.
8. Peets Coffee with lots of heavy cream and three scoops of sugar.
9. My right hand man , FishBoy 11 who moves mountains to help his mama.
10. My husband’s tireless efforts to bring about a better way of life for us, working overtime, rearranging furniture while I was gone, organizing, giving me breaks, firmly negotiating with the buyers of our KC house.
11. Our parents, imperfect though they may be, who would do anything for us, though we are all “growed” up.
12. Jesus Christ, my God and saviour. Without Him, I would be nothing.

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  1. I love your list! And your 8-year old sounds precocious beyond belief… how great is that? 🙂

    Did things work out with the KC house then?

  2. I should jot a thanful list down right now as I’m currently rather frustrated trying to get medical bills straightened out w/ my insurance company. UGH.

    And, would you HIGHLY recommend the Shark? I’ve been looking at buying something like that for my kitchen and don’t know how the various brands compare.