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After Christmas Discounts in the FishMama Shop

You know how much I love a good sale. After Christmas is one of my favorite sale occasions because it’s the chance to get that thing you had your eye on before Christmas at a discount. Love discounts! So, I’m sharing the love this week. From today until New Year’s Day you can use the […]

Giving Thanks for a Happy Christmas

Here’s how Christmas 2010 went down at our house. Including an awesome box of chocolates from the Great Aunt Cass. Chocolate Box of Money This Christmas was a great one. Oh, we had a good time. Yes, yes, we did. Did you know that Christmas stockings make wonderful hats? LOVE that! Wish I had the heart of […]

Christmas Wishes from the Fishes!

May all your Christmases be merry and bright! Love, The FishFam

Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve. Just the words evoke excitement and energy in the heart of a child. I remember how hard it was to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. Nowadays, I’m lucky if I get to sleep on Christmas Eve. Different families tackle the Night Before Christmas differently. I like to make a special meal. My […]

All Good Gifts (Frugal Friday)

Photo Source Frugal Friday has been the source of much money saving advice for quite some time. We talk money, debt, gifts, making ends meet. We talk about how to save and how to acquire. We talk about not falling behind and about getting ahead. And, yet, as Christmas approaches, just a few hours away, […]

Christmas Dinner (An Ultimate Recipe Swap)

Christmas dinner can be as fancy as a huge turkey and all the trimmings. Think A Christmas Carol after Scrooge has repented. Or it can be as simple as a few boxes of takeout from your favorite Chinese food restaurant. Think A Christmas Story after the dog ate the aforementioned turkey. Whatever you choose, it […]

An Easy Way to Make A Buche de Noel or Yule Log Cake for Christmas

Many years ago, almost twenty, I spent a year in France as an exchange student. I adopted a family — or they adopted me — to call my own. I lived in a different French city, but thanks to mutual acquaintances, we connected and my life was changed. I don’t think I would have experienced […]

Christmas FUN Giveaway Winners

Congrats to the winners of the recent giveaways here on LifeasMOM! A Giveaway from Beech-Nut kelly.olsakovsky@ robjohnsonofwichita@ sydneydav@ A Giveaway from Wilton franklin.melinda@ Homemade Salsa (& A Giveaway from Muir Glen Reserve) sosborne521@ jessicakaiser@ Kmoore688@ amm2ep@ jillyjoyce1@ Dinovak2350@ Mashed Potatoes (A Giveaway) amy_rab@ Christmas Stories (& A Giveaway from Candlewick Press) rilyzmom@ KristyBartlett@ annwwins@ Helping […]