39th Birthday Sale Ends Tonight

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In case you were galivanting all weekend and missed my birthday, I forgive you. But, you missed a suh-weet time.

My dad arrived on our doorstep at about 7:05 with a dozen donuts — with sprinkles. He took us all to lunch at Shakey’s pizza, a place that I often went for my birthday dinner when I was growing up. They used to give out those hats that my sister’s sporting in the picture. Alas, I didn’t get one this time.

But, you know I would’ve worn it. Totally. And posted the picture here for you to see.

Later that night Pops and I cruised through In-N-Out Burger to bring supper home for the gang.

So, you totally missed it. But, I’ve still got party favors. My “1st Annual 39th Birthday Sale” continues until tonight.

Use the code 39BDAY to get $2 off any purchase of $4 or more. Details are over here.


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  1. Kimberly says

    Looks like we might share a birthday! Mine was on Monday….the 30th.
    Hope your day was as happy as mine was.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. teresa says

    how fun of your dad to bring sprinkle donuts – a crowd favorite. looks like you’re going to love being “39” for a loooonnnnggg time. =)

  3. I ordered a copy today!

    We had a Shakey’s growing up here on the east coast, but I don’t see them around anymore. I wonder if they’re the same franchise?

    Happy birthday to you!

  4. Happy Birthday Dear Friend! Hope it was a great one! 🙂

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