4 Fun Girlie Birthday Cakes You Can Make

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You know me, love a fun birthday cake! After 9 years of slaving over castles, Star Wars, and Bionicle Boy Birthday cakes, God gave me a girl and then another. Oh my! Have we learned a lot about pink in a short amount of time. I realize that in the girly cake department I’m just warming up. But, give me time, my friends, give me time. If you’re looking for birthday cake inspiration, maybe these will help:

Bob the Builder with Pink – OK, yes, this is a little boy-ish. But, she loves Bob the Builder — and I did add pink. You could add whatever play figures you want and change the theme however your little girl would like.

Hanging out the Wash – This was originally a baby shower cake, but you could alter it to be for the friend who loves clothes — or laundry. 😉

Fancy Nancy’s purse – Readers challenged me to this theme before FishChick knew pink from purple. It’s a fun cake to make if you’ve got a fancy girl at your house.

Flower Cupcakes – Super easy cupcakes that kids can make with you.

Last year I wrote an ebook containing a baker’s dozen of creative birthday cake ideas. It’s still available as an electronic download for $5. It contains 13 of our family’s favorite cakes. A second edition is coming later this year. Wait for it!

What’s been your favorite birthday cake?

** It’s DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land. Pop over for all sorts of inspiring projects you can do yourself.

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  1. The cake my 13 year old daughter still talks about was her Castle Cake for the Princess Party. Because….I thought I was being smart and bought a Wilton Castle Cake Pan…the dumb cake fell apart coming out of the pan not 1, not 2, but 3 times. I’m a slow learner. I finally baked a cake in a sheet cake pan, cut and stacked it for my castle and the turrents were made of upside down pointed ice cream cones. It was all iced in pink and the windows & doors were Hershey Bars. It turned out great. I later sold the pan at a consignment sale and tried not to laugh out loud when someone bought it. I have made many cakes in their pans but that was the one that gave me fits. The 2nd favorite would be the individual mini Barbie cakes using the little Kelly dolls. I let each little girl ice their own cake. Icing bags & tips, and sprinkles everywhere…they loved it. Then they got the little dolls for their party goodie. I found them after christmas on clearance for less than .75 each.

  2. I wish I had your talent for cake decorating. I love to make cakes, but have not done much decorating. But you might inspire me to try. 🙂

  3. My daughter is in a horse phase, so her special 5 year old birthday cake was a unicorn pegasus. Thankfully her grandma is a great artist and drew a nice horse for me to copy. I traced it on a round cake, added the wings and horn and outlined it in pink. I incorporated all 5 colors she wanted in the mane and tail. It turned out amazingly well. I wonder what she’ll throw at me in June for birthday #6!

  4. These are so creative! I’m lovin the hanging clothes cake….adorable! Would love to have you join the Celebration Inspiration Party on 4/6 – these would be a hit! You did a fabulous job on all of them!

  5. You already know my favorite….tee hee 🙂

    My cake decorating skills are slowly improving, I’m happy to say.

    Birthday Season is in full force at our house, so I’m getting lots of practice!


  6. My daughter turned 3 last September and really wanted a princess cake. So, I baked a cake in a Pampered Chef large batter bowl. When I took it out, it was shaped just like a ball gown. I stuck a Barbie in the top, decorated and Viola! She loved it and I was so proud of myself :). Now I’m totally on the cake decorating bandwagon. My son turns one next week and I’ll be attempting a tractor cake.

  7. I made a Dora cake for my daughters 3rd birthday. I’ve made all the birthday cakes for both kids, but they were all made using the shaped pans before this one. Now I need to figure out how to make Spiderman in June 🙂