4 Fun Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip

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Setting a budget for your family trip doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Life as MOM contributor Prerna shares some tips on how you can save money on your next trip.

4 Fun Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip | Life as MOM

We recently took a cross-country trip with our 6-year old daughter to visit some family and also, just unwind after a really busy month.

Since it’s so close to the holidays {yes, October is close to Christmas!} and therefore, an expensive time as well, we didn’t want to spend a lot and yet wanted to have a great time as well. I know, I know. But hear me out. It can be done.

Here are a few fun ways we saved money on the trip, besides snagging a great deal on airfare, and kept it well under our budget:

1. Pack Your Own Snacks and Food

Seriously, airport restaurants and in-flight dining can be expensive. Not to mention, of dubious quality too. So, we packed our own snacks as well as meals. Our flights were the budget ones, naturally and so in-flight meals were on a “pay” basis.

Having a nice lunchbox packed with wholegrain sandwiches and snacks was very welcome. And yes, cost-effective too! A penny saved is a penny earned, right?!

4 Fun Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip | Life as MOM

2. Visit Local Tourist Spots on Weekdays

Did you know that weekdays are a fair bit cheaper than weekends at local attractions? Plus less crowded too?

We had tons of fun visiting the National Park and the amusement park on weekdays since not only were the tickets cheaper, the wait for the rides and the crowd was lesser than we were expecting.

This introvert Mama was very happy at not having to feel crowded or worse, claustrophobic.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is key to ensuring that you get maximum bang for your buck and also, makes sure that you make the most of your time. A win-win really.

Before we left, we researched all the places we wanted to visit and how we’d spend all 3 days of our short break.

Knowing what we’d be doing ensured that we could figure out the shortest routes, the best possible days to visit and so on.

No guessing, getting lost, paying extra for cab rides or anything else. Bliss.

4 Fun Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip | Life as MOM

4. Be a Conscious Shopper

Finally, you can’t have a holiday without any shopping. Even, a budget-friendly one. So, we did a bit of shopping.

A few things that worked really well for us was being conscious shoppers and not picking up “stuff” that was well, “touristy” because let’s face it, those things nearly always cause buyers’ remorse in all of us, right?

So, we shopped but only for things that were in sync with what we wanted in our home. We also set a cap or limit on how many things we’d buy just AND how much we’d spend, so that we wouldn’t go crazy should we visit a shop that had a lot of things that would look good in the living room!

Happy to share that we were well under that limit of 5 things and in fact, brought back just 3 lovely artifacts well within our spending budget of $75. Yes, we pick odd numbers like that for budgets.

Traveling on a budget can be fun and interesting actually. You get to be more mindful of what you do and how you do it. I’d love to hear your tips on keeping family travel fun and budget-friendly as well!

How do you keep family travel fun and budget-friendly?

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  1. Hi Prerna! I know you are mostly talking about flying, but we are so cheap, we’ve never flown with our family of 5. We road trip. And my favorite tip for saving money on a road trip is to take a small crock-pot. We cook steel cut oats overnight , and have had chili for lunch before on the road. I love your tips! It is so important to plan!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We like to stay cheaply by camping. Why pay somebody to change your bed when you could just roll it up and stuff it back in the van? OK, so budget may not be as big a factor as my love of sleeping and cooking in the great outdoors, but it can save you a buck! Just be sure to come prepared with some food that doesn’t have to be cooked in case it rains!