4 Small Ways to Observe President’s Day

Monday is President’s Day, originally recognized as Washington’s Birthday. While it may be a school holiday for some, that doesn’t mean you have to take a break from learning.

Investigate the reason for the holiday in the first place and observe the day in small ways:

1. Read a biography of a past president. It doesn’t need to be dry. In fact, there are quite a few novels out there based on the lives of presidents. We enjoyed Duel in the Wilderness, about George Washington’s life while he was a young explorer and surveyer.

2. Bake a Cherry Pie. Despite what the historians say, I will always associate Georgie boy with cherries. So, live it up and make a pie together. Your kids will love it. You could make Sweet Cherry Pie or try Bakerella’s Cherry Pie Pops — so cute — or these cute individual pie pots from Our Best Bites.

3. Watch a children’s video together. Last year when we studied the American War for Independence, we watched The Liberty Kids series.

4. Take a virtual tour of Mount Vernon. I’ve never been to the East Coast. But, I’ve heard that Mount Vernon is beautiful. You can click around with your kids on their website and even watch a movie about the historical site.

Got another good idea?

I’d love to hear it.

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  1. How about a Mini-Math Lesson on coins and the presidents!

  2. When I was growing up, my mom always made a *Lincoln log* for his birthday–very similar to your Yule Log Cake. (This was in the days before President’s Day was a holiday & we still celebrated Washington’s & Lincoln’s birthdays individually.)

  3. There are lots of good biographies out there about the president. I really want to go in order and read a bio on each one…

    Fun Fact: Monday isn’t Presidents Day. 🙂

  4. On a side note: I was so shocked when you said you have never been to the East coast. Then I realized, I have never been to the West coast!! It was so funny to think, “How could she never have been here?” So one day you must come to the beautiful East coast dear fishmama…especially South Carolina. It’s just perfect weather right now. : )

  5. Angela Slate says:

    We’ve been working on a George Washington lapbook for a couple of weeks that we plan to finish tomorrow. My kids have loved it. Lapbooks always seem to be lots of work for me, but my children learn so much and thoroughly enjoy them. I found quite a bit of my ideas on

  6. Okay, here’s something to do. Some children’s museums have President’s Day-related activities. Our local natural science museum (Delaware Museum of Natural Science) is having one called Natural Leaders: Presidents and Nature. Many children are off from school today and this is a perfect way to help them understand why.

    • @Stacey, are you going or did you go? did they talk about Teddy Roosevelt at all? i am reading a really good book about his naturalist passion right now and i wish they would have something like that here in upstate NY

  7. There was lots of stuff about Teddy Roosevelt! They taught about how his establishment of national parks and reserves. They had a real peacock to symbolize how he created federal bird sanctuaries (like Pelican Island in Florida). There were also matching games, scavenger hunts and other fun activities. I think all three of my kids (ages 3, 6 and 8) enjoyed it.

  8. Heather Abbott says:

    We braved Mt. Vernon with 15,000 of our closest friends to celebrate this year – HA! Weather was cold and overcast, but the kids loved it! The birthday celebration was fun with George and Martha, along with the band, lots of interactive things going on (making bread, stew, etc.) And best of all, admission was free for the day!!

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