Five Favorite Things About May

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April showers, bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring? The FishMama Trifecta, and then some. 

5 Favorite Things About May | Life as Mom

2017 is just whipping past. Are we already one week into May?! How did that happen?

Five Favorite Things is a game I created several years ago to play with my littles at bedtime. We lie in the dark and I ask them questions.

What’s your favorite ice cream?

What’s your favorite book?

What’s your favorite place to visit?

I learn so much about my kids and their interests and what makes them tick. I’m often surprised by their answers. Clearly, having six children provides plenty of surprises. I’m so thankful for those quiet moments in the dark to learn more about them, free from distractions.

I thought it would be fun to bring Five Favorite Things to the blog! Each week or so, I’m sharing five favorite things that help different areas of my life as Mom. You can read past Five Favorite Things here.

This week, let’s talk about May. May is just about my favorite month. This May is particularly fun and exciting. You’ll see why in a minute…

5 Favorite Things About May

5 Favorite Things About May | Life as Mom

1. Our anniversary

This year marks our 25th wedding anniversary. I think that we are “officially an old married couple”.

It’s been an amazing ride. One of the things I’m most thankful for is the realization that I brought into our marriage some serious baggage from my childhood and the unhealthy marriage I witnessed growing up. It’s taken time to identify the bad habits and thought patterns I learned growing up, but now it’s so freeing to put them aside. 

I’m so thankful that God has brought us to this place.

2. Mother’s Day

We got married the day before Mother’s Day. We didn’t have many dates to choose from to get the church we wanted, so we wouldn’t have planned much differently. But, it didn’t dawn on us then that someday I might be a mother and we’d have back-to-back holidays.

This year our anniversary and Mother’s Day are two days apart. The week will be fun and exciting! We’ll celebrate Mother’s Day with the kids, but then for our anniversary, we’re both taking the day off work and going to play in San Diego for the day.

3. My birthday

Yes, you can see a pattern in our foresight, can’t you. My birthday, Mother’s Day, and our anniversary all fall within the same 2-week period. I call it the FishMama Trifecta.

Ha! My husband says, “What were you talking about no big expectations?”

I’m getting better (I think) about adjusting expectations. If I can just chill without too many expectations on ME — and I get to eat what I want — I’m content.

For the record, I’ll be 47, and I feel pretty good about it. Over the last few years, I’ve learned to draw boundaries for myself in certain areas that have contributed to better mental health. My physical health is dramatically improved since a year ago and I’m so thankful to be in this place right now.

5 Favorite Things About May | Life as Mom

4. The end of the school year

I always start the school year really really strong and then somewhere along the line I lose steam. And so it is again this year. I’m exhausted. I wasn’t as good a teacher as I wish I had been.

This year has been rough with my health having been bad, so I’m looking forward to a fresh start in the fall. 

Our eldest child is graduating from college this month, so that’s exciting, too. He did it in four years and debt free! So proud of him!

5. A staycation.

Two years ago we took an epic road trip all over Great Britain. This year we’re hunkered down at home. I’m okay with that. We’re going to try to explore San Diego like tourists and enjoy the benefits of living in a destination location, while still getting to sleep in our own beds!

What are YOUR favorite things about May?

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  1. I love your last paragraph for number four. Sometimes there aren’t big, epic things we accomplish wilth homeschooling. We’re finishing up this week (happy dance, here!!!!) and moving to another state over Mother’s Day weekend so I’m just glad we made it through!

  2. I have the same trifecta as you. Married on 11th (20 years …man that was quick), Mother’s Day and my birthday is on the 18th. My mom warned me to spread it out but my 22 year old self didn’t listen :). I have to say May is one of my favorite months too! Happy Everything! Enjoy your trip…it sounds like so much fun!

  3. My birthday and Mother’s Day and the Strawberry Festival 5K! This year they march along one day after the next (not quite in the order listed, since Mother’s Day is Sunday). Next weekend is going to be big!

  4. My favorite things about me are the gorgeous weather – perfect for lots of outside time before it gets too blazing hot in Oklahoma, celebrating my son’s birthday (he’ll be 4 this year), and all the extra activities winding down.

    Can’t wait to follow your trip! Someday I’d love to take my family on a trip to Europe and a trip to Peru to visit a friend who’s a missionary in Lima.

  5. I just looked at your shopping list. The waterproof jackets are great. I will say the last month or so we have not had much rain. About driving on the other side — you go with the flow except the challenge is the perspective on the left side is a bit off — watch the wing mirrors (side mirrors). Have fun at the roundabouts. If you want any input or ideas for your trip, just get in touch.

  6. Happy Anniversary! We got married ON Mother’s Day in 1994! At the time, we never thought about the fact that our anniversary and Mother’s Day would overlap many times in the future either. We were just looking for a day to get married! 🙂 May is my favorite month!