5 Frugal Gifts to Make Yourself

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Tis the season. The countdown begins this weekend as we mark the days and weeks until Christmas. Got your gift ideas ready?

I don’t believe that presents are the end-all, be-all of Christmas. In fact, my family had as nice celebrations in the lean years as we have in years when we’ve had more spending money. Christmas is about Jesus.

At the same time, I think the anticipation of gifts and the joy of those gifts is a fun and tangible part of the holiday. We give gifts on Christmas unabashedly.

That said, there’s no rule that you have to spend a lot of money on gifts. Some of my most fulfilling moments of giving or getting gifts have been those that were inexpensive and often times handmade.

Today I’ve got five cheap and easy gifts that you can make this season to give to family and friends. None of them have to cost a lot of money — unless you want them to. They’ll mostly cost you some time and effort.

5 Frugal Gifts to Make

Muffin Tin Crayons

Chocolate Box of Money

Paper & Pencil Games

Painted Glass Ornaments

Spa Gift Basket

All of these gifts can be as easy or as complex as you want them to be. Visit the tutorials and use those as your starting point.

Looking for more gift-giving inspiration that you can make yourself? Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing a daily dose of DIY: Great Gifts.

Today’s Frugal Friday!

Time to swap ideas and inspiration for saving money and getting good values.

How do YOU save money?

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  1. Love the crayons! So cute. Thanks for the link up – I’m sharing an easy, quick and FREE stress reducer (and it’s a little silly which is FUN!). I often put together coffee or tea baskets as gifts using samples, pretty mugs, special creamers (even homemade), and a little chocolate – they are always a big hit.

  2. Oh, I’d love a spa gift basket around this time of year!

    This year, I’m going to stress less about buying great decorations for the tree. I found a few ornament ideas on Pinterest that don’t look too hard to do. I’m thinking about giving them a try in the next few weeks.

    1. Do you normally buy lots of decorations? (I’m curious about people’s Christmas traditions.) I get or make one for everyone, but that’s about it. Maybe I’m too old and we have more than enough?

      1. No! The opposite actually. I feel the pressure that if I’m going to decorate, I have to *really* DEC-OR-ATE. So, then I throw my hands up, and say I’ll do something great next year. Is it just me, or are trees decked out so much now (or marketed that way in stores everywhere) that you can barely see the actual tree anymore? I think that’s why I’m so intimated having a minimalist tree this Christmas. I feel like others will think it’s not enough. Call me crazy, but I like to see a real tree under ornaments! Like the one you have in the first picture.

        1. Ha! That’s what our tree looks like every year and always has. I let the kids do most of the decorating. I figure there will be plenty of time to be creative when I have an empty nest. For the mean time, they enjoy giving it their special touch.