5 Meatless Main Dishes (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

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Going meatless at dinner time is a great way to save money. And it can be healthier, too.

Molly wrote in recently to request a Meatless-themed Ultimate Recipe Swap. I thought for sure we had just done one, but searching the archives I found that I was mistaken. Since going meatless is not only healthier for us, but also more economical, it seems like a great theme to focus on this week.

All of us could use a little spare change, correct?

And believe it or not, meatless can taste fabulous. I had a great time developing the meatless chapter of my freezer cookbook last year. I was totally amazed at all the flavors that could be combined together and still pack a great punch without the meat! Those Vegetable Tahini Patties pictured above were one of my delicious discoveries.

I try to include at least one meatless meal in our dinnertime each week. Here are some of our staples:

Beans and Rice – This is one of my go-to bargain meals. Beans are full of fiber and protein. Served with Mexican rice, and an array of taco toppings, home cooked beans are very satisfying. Top the rice with homemade or canned beans and then add shredded cheese, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, avocado, black olives, salsa, and sour cream. Serve with some chips or tortillas on the side.

Cheese Pizza – While it’s true that most of my crew prefers pepperoni, a cheese pizza can be an awesome meal, especially when you take the time to make some homemade sauce. A blend of both mozzarella and Monterey Jack adds great flavor.

Garlic Brie Bread – I must admit that many of my meatless meals star cheese. And oh my! This one is fabulous. Fill a sourdough bread bowl with cubed Brie and serve toast on the side for dipping. Then eat the bowl. This is like fondue in an edible pot. We can eat just this for dinner with a side salad. So good!

Pasta with Red Sauce, Salad and Veg – This is a weekly, quick-fix supper that doubles as a good, cheap eat. I’ve calculated the price of this meal as low as $3 for the whole family depending on the sales I found. Everyone loves it and if I add good bread, it’s a double winner. I typically make my own red sauce and salad dressings to help offset the costs.

Poblano Chile Enchiladas – This by far a very, very favorite of hubs’ and mine. These enchiladas, reminiscent of Chile Rellenos, are worth fighting for. Not all the kids love them as much as we do, so they get black beans and Mexican rice which I typically serve as side dishes with this meal.

How ’bout you? What are your favorite meatless meals?

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What are your favorite meatless meals?

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  1. Kara says

    Quesadillas, potato soup, rice and veggie fajitas.

  2. Brie in a bread bowl? Fabulous!

  3. I love anything with pasta. I try to sneak in an occasional meatless meals past my husband.lol!

  4. Beverly says

    That brie looks awesome! I am always looking for meatless dishes.

  5. My husband loves sanwiches, so I linked up Portobello Cheese ‘Steak’ Sandwiches.


  6. Thank you for hosting. I shared my no knead pizza recipe. Hubby likes it with meat (that is shown in the post as well), but I like mine full of veggies. I love mine with red onions and mushrooms.

  7. Baked potato bar, Tortilla soup (minus the usual chicken), corn chowder. Can’t wait to check out these recipes!

  8. Molly says

    Thanks, Jessica! I will learn how to cook, I will learn how to cook…

  9. When I looked to see if I had a recipe to share, I realized the closest thing I had is a fish recipe. I think this is a link-up I need to dig through for some new recipes!

  10. Kristi says

    We like broccoli cheese soup with bread, and my family loves your simple bean tostadas (thank you for that recipe!). I also have a recipe for vegetable lasagna that has broccoli and carrots in place of meat.

  11. I have to try your poblano enchiladas…I LOVE poblanos! I even put roasted poblanos in my burgers sometimes!!

  12. Danielle says

    I usually end up making an egg dish (usually some type of fritatta) once a week. Cheap, quick and a good way to use up bits and vegetables laying around the fridge. I serve it with some toast and usually fruit, maybe a potato something on the side if I have any in the pantry.

  13. I’ve been planning a post about both of these but haven’t done it yet, so…
    Spinach and Artichoke Quesadillas! Saute garlic in olive oil, add spinach and chopped artichokes, spread on a quesadilla with sprinkled mozzarella and feta. Cook quesadilla in pan.

    My other new favorite meal from Oh She Glows… Creamy Avocado Pasta is super quick and healthy- a great summer meal! (She mentions that you could probably do it without the basil… since I didn’t have basil, I didn’t use it, and it was still fabulous)


  14. Stacy says

    We have spaghetti, eggs (although I still think of that as meat, sort of), pancakes, French toast, quesadillas. One thing I learned about a year or so ago is savory French toast. We love it with pepper jam but it’s good with honey also. I use a recipe from the “Never Enough Thyme” blog and she borrowed it from Laura Calder. I think I posted about this before here. Anyway, they’re different and good.

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