5 Organizing Must-Haves for Busy Work-at-Home Moms

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Though there are definite perks, work-at-home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Life as MOM contributor, Prerna offers some organizing suggestions for WAHMS. They work for all busy parents, actually.

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Despite being fairly organized and focused, I’ve found that juggling a home, family and a couple of businesses tends to get me a little flustered every now and then. Luckily, for me, there are a few cool tools that help me stay organized and of course, sane.

Here are 5 of my best organizing must-haves for moms on the go:

1. P is for Planning and Planners

Right on top of my list is a planner. Trust me, you need one.

Whether you go digital and opt for an online planner, like Cozi, use Jessica’s fillable fields in the Organizing Life as Mom planner or opt for a traditional paper-and-pen planner, make sure you have one that allows you to keep track of your various appointments, random notes, phone numbers as well as any important paperwork.

2. Kindle to Make Organized Reading Easier

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m in love with eBooks and reading on the go. While I don’t own a Kindle per se, I do have the app {its free!} on my smartphone and my Mac and it is SUCH a time-saver.

I can read whenever I want, wherever I want without the additional chore of remembering to carry a book or marking my page. Yes, lovely to be able to read 2-3 books and not remember to put a bookmark or the page where you left it at.

3. Storage Boxes or Baskets to Declutter Instantly

Working-at-home often, means working out of the living room, bedroom or dining room. Yes, not all of us have the space or luxury of a dedicated home office room. Naturally, work clutter piles up. Storage boxes are awesome for sweeping away that clutter when company calls at short notice or unexpectedly.

You can even have a large laundry basket under your desk for the same purpose and simply, pile everything into it and chuck it into a closet quickly!

4. A Large Tote or Handbag

Moms live a large percentage of their lives outdoors. Play dates, school runs, grocery store trips. Add work meetings and client calls to the mix and you have a real ‘tour’ on your hands.

A large tote or hand bag is great for tossing in your laptop along with your paper {if you’re using a paper one}, mobile phone, keys and also keep the kids’ stuff – wipes, sanitizer, an activity book, a change of clothes maybe organized. You can also have a small bag to hold your makeup so that you don’t land at a client meeting looking like something the cat dragged in.

5. A Drawer Organizer to Make Work Simpler

Finally, I hate wasting time hunting for a stapler or paper clips. What saves me time is having an organized desk drawer with everything that I need literally, at my fingertips.

Being the frugal freak that I am, I’ve organized my desk drawer with spare muffin tins and trays, but you can of course, get a spiffy drawer organizer from the store!

Are you a work-at-home mom? What essentials keep YOU organized?

– Prerna Malik is a mom, a wife, a writer and woman who believes in parenting with love, being postively productive, and creating a home that invites you to put your feet up and relax. Check out her free eBooks on organizing and productivity to get literally, hundreds of ideas on how to get organized on a shoestring budget, right now.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Great list. I’m on task with everything except the drawer organization-I look for ten minutes for a pair of scissors and forget finding a paper clip. I need to get on that.

    Kudos as well for mentioning a paper planner. I keep having people tell me my huge Franklin Covey is outdated-but it’s the only thing that keeps me sane!

  2. Prerna is one of my favorite writers! Planners are a must for me as a mom of 5, plus blogging and being a volunteer. I also second the recommendation for the Kindle. My mom gave me her old iPad. I put the Kindle software on it and went to town! I also read magazine subscriptions on the iPad.

    I have a tote that I keep in the car. I’ve decided that I need to use it more rather than leaving it in the car. I’m going to bring it back and forth between the car and the house to carry my iPad and anything else I need to bring with me.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      You’ve got me rethinking my tote, too. I think I need to treat it like a diaper bag for work. LOL. If it’s always packed and ready to go, then I can use it more effectively.

  3. Great ideas! I made busy bins for my daughter for when I work and they have been a huge success! 🙂

  4. I am a work at home mom and a housewife i am in the process of learning everything mother do and how to do it i really love the tips you give on your site thanbks

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