5 Simple Gifts to Make

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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat….

OK. I know, fall has just begun. But, Christmas is just a short ways away. And if you want to make your presents this year, now would be a good time to start thinking about that, if you haven’t already.

Making homemade gifts can be an excellent way to save money at the holidays. Planning ahead and looking for sales on materials can save you even more. Short of ideas?

Consider some of these simple gifts to make:

  • Put dinner in the freezer – Give some early gifts this year and arrive on friends’ doorstep with a meal that they can stash for a busy winter night. While you might not want to get cooking this weekend, you can start planning. Think of who to cook for, what you’ll prepare, and how you’ll package it. Planning in advance gives you the opportunity to get crafty and really wow them.
  • Prepare a tea party – Create beverage baskets with different teas, coffees, or even cocoa mixes. You’ve got a few months to search for affordable cups, baskets, and little extras like special spoons or sugar cubes.
  • Make muffin tin crayons – These chubby little crayons are a great hit for kiddos and a fantastic way to reuse the broken stubs you still call crayons. Add in a coloring book or a sketch pad and you’re good to go.
  • Give a muffin kit – I love, love, love this all-purpose muffin mix. And it makes a great gift, too. Stock up now on baking supplies and packaging materials. Make it a little more special with ribbons and colored tags.
  • Build a breakfast basket – take the Muffin Kit up a few notches by including other baking mixes as well as some Cranberry-Orange Granola. You’ll be a hit on Christmas morning!

What do YOU do to save money?

Share your favorite money-saving ideas today. Leave a link to a post that shares some frugal wisdom. (Please no giveaways or deals posts. Teach us how to fish!)

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  1. I’m saving a ton on school lunches this year…..


  2. I love anything canned as Christmas gifts – a beautiful mason jar of homemade jam or homemade hot chocolate mix, tied with a bow. Or how about these cute I spy bags – super easy and fun to make as gifts for children (http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf10498459.tip.html). I am a knitter so I am making little knitted gifts for family members – cowls, mittens and socks a good place to start there.

  3. The best gift someone could give me would be babysitting!

  4. Another great no-cost Fall Decorating idea…

  5. Good to start thinking about this now… Thanks!

    Here is a frugal tip for redecorating your boys’ rooms!


  6. I started a little late, but I am making Homemade Vanilla.

  7. Hmm, where’s the linky? I’m working on my handmade Christmas gifts!

  8. Breakfast idea on a budget…Apple Pancakes

  9. I love making homemade gifts – mostly the food variety! I like getting them, too. 🙂

  10. These are the perfect toppers for all your handmade gifts! Being frugal, recycling, and making something cute all at the same time! 🙂

  11. Check out my Redneck Napkin Rings – made so frugally from PVC! So easy that kids can do it – a great gift idea!

  12. Making my own Cream of Mushroom Soup!

  13. I always start planning homemade Christmas presents too late. Thanks for the reminder to start now.

    This week I included a link for an easy, tasty and frugal dinner. http://nycshare.blogspot.com/2010/09/lentils-with-beets-and-goat-cheese.html

  14. Sorry I put the wrong link in my first submission. I love the frugal gift ideas! I think I’ll do muffin kits for teachers.

  15. Great reminder to start planning now.

    Thanks for the carnival.

  16. I love the idea of the crayons. Thanks!

  17. Those are AWESOME ideas!!

  18. The muffin crayon idea is so fun!!! We always have leftover, broken crayons…and what a wonderful use for them! 🙂

  19. This is my first Friday linking up to you. Thank you for hosting a place where we can all glean from one another.

    Blessings ~

  20. I love the idea of a home cooked meal as a “gift.” It’s thoughtful AND cheaper than buying something. Great suggestion.

  21. So happy to see this post! I have been making myself crazy about what to get the gals in my church Life Group. The muffin kit is perfect! Thanks so very much! 🙂

  22. All great ideas! I hadn’t though about taking someone a freezer meal as a present earlier in the month. A great present for them, and no last minute gifts. Thanks for the ideas!

    Linda @ Linda’s Lunacy

  23. I’m working on tweaking our budget now that I’m on Maternity Leave and doing a 10 week budget bootcamp to revisit the basics of frugal living. This week it’s a basic budget.

    Join me!

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