5 Tips for Keeping the Bathroom Clean & Tidy

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As I’m sure you’ve already heard from the toilet paper commercials, the majority of your life is spent in the bathroom. Not quite my favorite place to be — unless it’s got a tub filled with bubble bath, surrounded by flickering candles and chocolate.

And we know how often that happens….

If you compound the amount of time you naturally spend in the bathroom with the time it takes to clean said bathroom, well, let’s just say it could be considered your home away from home.

But, there are steps you can take to minimize your potty time — at least the cleaning part.

1. Simplify the decor.

Pretty is as pretty does. If the decorations in your bathroom take up your time in straightening, dusting, and other maintenance, you might consider downsizing. A bare bones bathroom is less cluttered and therefore, easier to clean. You don’t have to throw it all out, just find items that don’t demand your time or care.

2. Simplify your tools and cleaners.

Sometimes we make something so easy, so very complicated. Most bathrooms don’t need five different cleaners to do the job. Seek out multipurpose cleaners that can serve a number of purposes. Find the bottom line that works for you and stick to it.

3. Remove kid stuff that’s just taking up space.

If you’ve got bath toys coming out your ears, consider paring down. Can’t part with the collection? Relegate some of them to the beach or park bag for play in another venue. Stow the best of the best bath toys in an easy to clean up way.

Got potty seat issues? Inserts, potty chairs, and stools can take up a lot of space, especially in smaller bathrooms. We recently purchased this toilet seat and eliminated our need for a training insert. FishChick2 is safe from falling in and we’ve got less clutter in the bathroom.

4. Set up daily habits for cleaning.

Since I have soooo many helpers, I put them to work. Each of the bigger boys is responsible to wipe the bathroom counter and tidy one bathroom every day. Having daily upkeep helps keep the messes and grunge at bay and affords an easier cleaning time once a week when we do a bigger scrubbing.

5. Lock the door.

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. The last five homes we’ve lived in have had 3-4 bathrooms, way more than we’ve needed most of the time. When convenient, I’ve cleaned a seldom used bathroom and locked the door behind me. This consolidates usage to other bathrooms and freed me from cleaning at least bathroom each week.

What do YOU do to keep the bathroom clean?

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  1. I try to do a quick wipe up every day around the toilet and sink, then a deep cleaning once a week. Well, my husband has been doing the deep cleaning once a week since I’m pregnant and can’t stand the fumes. He’s the best!

  2. I LOVE that you lock the “extra” bathrooms! We only have 1.5 baths between five of us so that’s not an option, but I love it nonetheless.

    I’d love to implement a daily responsibility list for my two older kids, but with school it just seems like we’re always so busy and it’s easy to become reactionary. Something we’re working on, for sure!

  3. I have no problem wiping down the sink daily, but what gets on my nerve is the amount of hair on the floor!!! How do you guys keep the floor clean daily?


  4. I think you left out one: have the children clean it 🙂

    It’s far from perfect, but it helps a LOT. I have 2 children assigned to each of the 2 children’s bathrooms. One (younger child: my 4 & 5 yar-olds) is assigned to pick up every day, and one (older child: my 7 & 8 year-olds) is assigned to wipe everything down with water (except the tub) each day, and then on Saturdays they use a cleaner spray, and we sweep and mop the floors.

    I love that potty seat! I sent a link over to my husband. . . .

  5. Jonie,
    I keep a Swiffer Sweeper nearby (in the linen closet) and whenever too much hair has accumulated on the bathroom floor, it takes me literally 30 seconds to quickly sweep up the floor. 🙂