5 Ways to Be Generous with School Supplies

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Now is the perfect time to stock up on school supplies. Not only can your own children put them to good use, but you can use them for other things, like cool journals like my sister made. Last year I shared 7 Creative Uses for School Supplies. But there are even more things you can do with a surplus of paper, crayons, pencils, scissors, and clothing that you might find on sale.

Take advantage of Back to School sales to help your fellow man:

  1. Give at Christmas time – Stock up to give to Operation Christmas Child or Love in a Shoebox in a few months. You may have to store items for awhile, but it will feel so great to give generously, especially if your own budget is limited.
  2. Give to those without a home – Fill backpacks with school supplies and basic clothing items and toiletries to donate to your local foster children’s services, homeless shelters, or safe houses for moms and children in need.
  3. Give locally – Donate to your school’s art program or to your local church or synagogue.
  4. Give to the sick and hurting – Create busy boxes for hospitals and doctors’ offices. JessieLeigh created small waiting room packages that were a huge hit.
  5. Give to those with less – Take a few extra sets to your child’s school so that needy children there need not be embarrassed to go without.

I bet you know of even more ways to share out of your plenty.

How else can we be generous with school supplies?

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  1. Love these ideas! School supplies are so cheap this time of year, especially in the first week or two of September. I usually do Operation Christmas child so I will be stocking up now! You’ve also got me thinking about ways to give to others in my community. Thanks!

  2. Our local news stations has a program called “Tools for Schools.” Hubby and I have participated for the past few years. All supplies donated stay within our county and go to foster children, families that can’t afford supplies, etc. We always grab a supply list and buy from it. Our kids aren’t school age yet, so it’s fun (and rewarding!) to pick out supplies and imagine the kids faces as they receive them.

    1. @Whitney, isn’t that great? I was so clueless until I learned about foster kids’ challenges. Thanks for helping out!

  3. Another idea is to put together “homework packs” for families to keep at home. Most low income families who get school supplies send them all to school with the child. Eventually, the child needs some supplies at home when he or she is doing homework. Thanks for such a great post!

  4. My husband is a teacher and every year we spend hundreds of dollars on school supplies for his classroom out of our own pockets. Ask your classroom teacher what they need and most of them will have a few ideas. It seems like we’re always buying extra dry erase markers, pencils, colored pencils, kleenex, and hand sanitizer…

  5. I incorporate the school supplies into birthday gifts throughout the year. By then, the kids love to see a new pack of crayons, etc. I decopauge a clipboard with paper reflecting the theme of the party, use scraps leftover from the 12×12 paper to decorate a notebook in the same theme, personalize a pencil box with paint pens, and more. The gift turns out to be perfect for the theme of the party and the child’s name for under $3.

  6. I love some of these ideas (and wish I had done them while they were on sale here!)

    I think one thing to remember about school supplies is that in July and August they are so unbelievably cheap that most of us, no matter our budget, are able to help. We were able to get 2 free backpacks to help others worse off than us, just by watching the sales!

  7. What great ideas you ALL have, I love to get extra supplies and give some to the teachers, save some for mid year teacher gifts, give some to church for those who need it. I feel blessed to be able to help others by buying at such a good price.

  8. Awesome Ideas! Thanks!

    (your link for creative uses isn’t working…I had to search it…another great post btw :))

  9. A friend with 4 kids said she bought extra supplies then at the kick-off meeting she’d give the teacher her email/phone # and tell her kids teachers to contact her when they needed something for the classroom (or that grade).
    Thanks for mentioning the ‘shoebox’ projects at the holidays. 🙂 I got extra this year and b/f my kindegarten girl (soon) gets into them I can put some back to do a couple of shoe boxes. 🙂