8 Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Lemon Tea Muffins

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Needing a little inspiration? How about one of these?

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  1. I like the freezer meal idea. I would also offer up the other following suggestions:

    -Offer a free night of babysitting
    -Offer up a nice dinner. Since it’s usually our parents that host the holidays I like to invite my in-laws or my parents over for a nice dinner and give our moms the chance to put their feet up

  2. I would love to read about what others are giving their own moms.

  3. Those are great ideas. I have never seen the chocolate money post – how fun!

    I’m a little obsessed with making homemade body care products, like scrubs and bath salts. So I’m going to give some of those to my Mommy friends.

  4. Great idea!!!

  5. Thanks for the ideas! I’m going to make a few of those candy bars. I got a free tote bag with my son’s picture on it through his school. I’m going to fill it for my Mom with pictures of my kids and chocolate. I may add a bag of my home made granola as well. I have to ship my gift, so I better get on that!

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