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Make Some Simple Summer Freezer Meals (Frugal Friday & a Free Printable Plan)

Ready to save money on food costs? Freezer cooking is one great way that you can save money as well as time. I’ve been talking a lot about quick fixes for summer meals this week. It’s been on my brain a lot. It may be because I’ve got deadlines looming. It could be that my […]

Passover on a Budget (Frugal Friday)

Note from Jessica: I am thrilled to have Mara from Kosher on a Budget guest post for us today. While we practice very different faiths, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve learned a lot from each other. I love to watch her walk out her faith in a creative, frugal way. Kosher foods […]

Ebook and Curriculum Sales (Frugal Friday)

I’ve fretted over this post a lot. I don’t want to push consumerism. I read this post last week, and it had its impact. But, on the other hand, I know what a blessing it is to me to find out that something I’ve been wanting to get is finally on sale. I like to […]

Designate Separate Accounts for Different Financial Goals (Frugal Friday)

Last night was date night. Hubs and I hopped in the car with no destination in mind. It’s been hot and humid for a week, so we headed toward the ocean, hoping that things had cooled off — and that we’d find something good to eat. I even left my jacket at home. I never […]

How We Save on Haircuts (Frugal Friday)

This probably isn’t earth-shattering, money-saving advice, but I do believe it saves us at least $420/year, so here we go. I am the barber around here. Yep. Really. I suppose I could say I’m a stylist, but that would be stretching things. A lot. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I ever set […]

Frugal Friday 2013

Frugal Friday is a great “meeting of the minds” to share frugal tips and tricks. As you know, we can all benefit from great ideas that have helped others save money. In the past, Frugal Friday has also included a weekly linky party. This year, Frugal Friday is transitioning to more of a discussion format. […]

Frugal Friday: What Will You Save for this Year?

This week’s Frugal Friday post is going to be short and sweet. I imagine you’ve been inundated with information all week. It has felt like a week of Mondays! I’m ready for pizza and a movie tonight. But, first, let’s chat finances. You know you need to be responsible with your money. You know that […]

Unappreciated Gifts? (Frugal Friday)

How do we as parents handle unappreciated gifts? I think that my parents and my sisters will recall the Christmas of Disappointment. It’s also referred to as the-Christmas-when-my-sister-wanted-a-Cabbage-Patch-doll-but-my-brother-who-couldn’t-care-less-got-one-instead-and-my-sister-bawled-her-eyes-out. Yes, that. My guess is that if you’ve lived in the US for any number of years, you’ve probably encountered, parented, or even been the child who […]