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Simple Hamburger Spice (Ultimate Recipe Swap:BBQ)

Don’t spend money on a packaged spice blend for burgers. Mix your own. One of my family’s favorite meals to BBQ is hamburgers. It’s so unbelievably good; I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. Probably because good quality ground beef is expensive! Since that whole pink slime debacle, I’ve been a little […]

Asparagus Soup (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Spring Produce)

Enjoy spring produce while it’s fresh and in season. Try out this Asparagus Soup for a filling and dairy-free lunch or dinner. Spring is here! Really, I promise. OK, that may seem hard to believe for those of you in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where my cousin lives. As I type, she’s hunkered down […]

An Easter Menu (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

Empty Tomb Resurrection Cake

Plan now for your Easter dinner and save a bit on groceries when you catch the early sales. The Empty Tomb Cake I know, yes, I’m planning ahead a bit by posting this. But, really? Easter is only about two weeks away. So, if we want to catch some good sales to prep a nice […]

The Cheese Course (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Fancy Food)

Serve up a little fancy for Valentine’s Day. Share your favorite fancy food at Ultimate Recipe Swap. This month’s theme for Ultimate Recipe Swap is “fancy food”. In our house fancy food can mean any number of things. For one kid, it means he needs to use his fork to eat. Yes, we’re still working […]

New Year’s Feasting (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

Ring in the new year with some good eats to please the whole family. The ball is dropping in just a few days. We’re on the edge of 2013? How did we get here?! Since hubby and I are homebodies, we’ve never minded staying home on New Year’s Eve. We cook up some fun snacks […]

Christmas Favorites (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

We’re sharing favorite Christmas recipes on URS today. Since our first child was born, we’ve always made it tradition to be home for the 24th and 25th. We might travel to see grandparents before or after or have them come see us. But, we don’t drag our kids from house to house for the holidays. […]

Ultimate Recipe Swap: Company Suppers

  Meals with company should be easy, delicious, and a wee bit impressive. Check out these easy company suppers and grab the recipes for the holidays. This week we’re sharing Company Suppers on Ultimate Recipe Swap. What in the world do I mean by that? Well, I mean a nicer-than-your-average meal that you’d be happy […]

Our Favorite One-Dish Dinners (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

Chicken Pot Pie Oh, it’s been a week, I tell ya. I will spare you the details, but let’s just say I was just so happy to pull a Shepherd’s Pie out of the freezer tonight. Yes, ma’am. I cooked up a couple vegetable side dishes and we were good to go. In fact, I […]