A Favorite Fall Memory

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I’m so thankful for the digital age. Not only can I flip through the pages of time in just a few seconds, technology cooperating, but I can also share those memories with you. This photo was taken when my big boy was not even two. Today he is thirteen.

He was our one and only when we bought our first home, walked through miscarriage, and tried to figure out what life as adults was supposed to look like. We grew up a lot that year. And so that time, when he was so very little seems extra precious.

This little guy and I were inseparable twelve years ago. And while he loves to have his space now, he’s still my right hand man. I’m so very thankful — for the digital age — and more.

What’s a favorite fall memory of yours?

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  1. Precious photo! Such a blessing to be raising wonderful men!! I, too, love to review photos. We have 7 children, ages 23 down to 10, so lots and lots, and lots of photos!! 🙂

  2. A few years ago my three kids (then 10 – 15) “invented” Apple Day. They each took a friend apple picking and then we spent the afternoon finding and experimenting with apple recipes: applesauce, apple salsa, apple fritters, apple turnovers … we have done this several years in a row – always at their request – and I love that they are excited to spend time with me, each other and friends, cooking!