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Though there’s dispute about its role in the First Thanksgiving*, the turkey is one of the main attractions in modern day Thanksgiving celebrations. And if you limit your turkey baking to once a year, it may be a little challenging to remember all the right steps to preparing a tasty and safe turkey.

  • Breast up or breast down?
  • In a turkey baking bag, wrapped in foil, in a roasting pan?
  • Stuffed or unstuffed?
  • Brined, herbed, glazed?

There is no end to the options — or the perplexing questions.

Butterball has made a name for itself — in turkey and in turkey questions. And you’ll be amazed at all the help you can find on their website. Known for its Turkey Hotline, Butterball not only taking calls to help with your holiday bird, but their website now offers a myriad of holiday helps, including videos on how to choose, thaw, stuff, roast, and carve a turkey as well as what to do with the leftovers.

What a great help! Especially when no one’s answering their phone and you’re stuck with a half cooked bird whose legs are falling off.

Not that I would know….

You can also find great Butterball coupons and even a Disney movie rebate on the site.

This week two LifeasMOM readers will each receive a coupon for a free turkey from Butterball.

To Enter

Simply leave a comment here, telling us what your biggest turkey challenge is.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, November 21st at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours in order to claim your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congrats to the winners: bethryan2492@ and galyettina@

Disclosure: I received a turkey coupon from Butterball. I have not been compensated to publish positive comments. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Yikes! My biggest problem is getting the bird thawed out! Too many times I have gone to pop it in the oven and it is still frozen; after many days in the fridge! We have had to adjust our serving times quite often.

  2. My biggest challenge is to not over cook it!

  3. Getting it thawed out. Either I forget or I don’t have room in my fridge.

  4. My biggest challenge is thawing!! Can never seem to get it right!

  5. My husband cooks one on the grill and I cook one in the oven so our biggest problem is getting them done at the same time

  6. As a first time turkey cooker, my biggest challenge is know what to do with the turkey once I buy it…haha!

  7. My biggest turkey challenge is to decide whether or not to stuff it. We grew up with stuffed birds, and I love the flavors that are added to the dressing. But now with all the health concerns of the dressing not getting cooked all the way causes me to become a bit uptight. Do I risk it for great taste, or play it safe? Sigh.

  8. My biggest turkey challenge is getting a whole lot of flavor into my bird. I mean flavor through all the meat and not just some parts of it.

  9. my biggest challenge is going to be using a fryer outside for the first time with a huge turkey lol

  10. The biggest challenge I face this year is whether to roast or smoke the turkey….. constant debates going on about it LOL I guess we’ll find out who wins this one come Thursday!

  11. After doing a big Thanksgiving meal now for about the twentieth time, I finally feel like I have mastered the process. SO, now that all is perfect, I’ve decided to fry one! And that is my biggest challenge this year!

  12. My biggest challenge is to cook one! Never done it before!! ACK!

  13. ugh. thawing & i’m always afraid it will be undercooked.

  14. My challenge is knowing when the turkey is really done. My husband always says to follow the pop-up timer and usually he is right! Several times I have taken a beautiful looking bird out of the oven only to find that the dark meat was not done!

  15. My biggest challenge would be, well, pretty much everything! Growing up, we had homemade ravioli for holidays (yes, even Thanksgiving)…but my husband’s family did turkey. This year, we’re hosting – so we’ll be attempting a bit of both.

  16. My biggest challenge is keeping it from drying out. Nothing worse than dry turkey.

  17. Trina Michaud says:

    Biggest challenge with cooking a turkey is defrosting it at the right time, not frozen in middle when I go to cook it.

  18. My biggest turkey challenge is getting the large turkey to fit into my broiler pan and that its juices don’t spill over into the oven as it cooks. I guess I need to get a turkey roasting pan 🙂

  19. Can I answer “all of the above”? I barely remember what happened with the annual turkey last year , let alone how to improve or reicate it.

  20. Fitting it in the freezer or fridge!

  21. My biggest challenge would be, to not undercook the turkey

  22. The ongoing debate about the turkey this year is whether to smoke it or roast it. No decisions yet, but Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us LOL

  23. I too want to answer “all of the above”! From thawing it out to cooking it, I’m lost! I call my mother in law and my mom at least 3 times each before I put the turkey in the oven. Luckily, hubby likes to carve because I would be so lost there!

  24. Finding a place to fit it in, along with the other goodies, in the fridge!

  25. stacey wallace says:

    I’d have to agree with the thawing issue. I often forget about it and then have to deal with getting it thawed quickly.

  26. todd wallace says:

    Not eating too much 😉

  27. Getting the giblets out, ick

  28. gauging how much i need!

  29. My biggest challenge is thawing the bird. My fridge has been acting like a freezer lately and doesn’t seem to be regulating itself right. I definitely need to get it checked out!

  30. Our problem is we don’t have a roasting pan, and don’t feel like purchasing one, so figuring out how to cook it without one!

  31. Arissa Cook says:

    We normally fry the turkey and our biggest problem is getting it out without making a mess and tearing the turkey apart.
    I can’t wait for our fried turkey this year. 🙂

  32. My biggest challenge is affording one, Im a single mom of a special needs child, who I home school as I’m unemployed at the moment and I’ve just taken guardianship of one of his friends because his parents kicked him out. They are both teens, 17, and are literally eating me out of house and home.

  33. Thawing it out. It just takes forever!

  34. Turkey in general is my biggest problem. How much do I need? What do I do with it? What kind of a pan do I put it in? How can I do it without actually touching the bird? (I don’t do raw meat very well) and what on earth is that thing in the middle of it? I’m pretty much disgusted by the whole process but the end result is so so good! P.S. In case you can’t tell I’ve never actually had to cook a turkey. Maybe this is my year to give it a try!

  35. Make sure it’s thawed in time, make sure it done cooking on time, carving it…lol. It sure is a lot of work! But very worth it! 🙂

  36. My biggest challenge this year is that I have to make it myself!

    The last 3 years we had Thanksgiving with our neighbors who took pity on their Canadian neighbors who were sure Thanksgiving was in October.

    Now we moved, so if we want turkey we are on our own…so I think I am going for it!

  37. I always worry about it thawing in time and then I worry about it being undercooked. Last year I overcooked it and it was a little dry. I like the turkeys with the pop out things that tell if they are done!!!

  38. Thawing it out always seems like it is not thawing even after sitting days in the refrigerator.

  39. Making two stuffings – a bread ‘traditional’ one, and a white/wild rice with mushroom one… Not enough dishes or space!

  40. Oh – PS – I’m Canadian, so I’m done for this year!

  41. Hi Jessica,

    My biggest turkey challenge is seasoning the bird well enough so that both the outside and inside are flavorful.

  42. My biggest challenge is pulling the neck and stuff out! Yuck!!! Grosses me out everytime!

  43. Biggest turkey challenge? Making sure there’s some left for the next day!

  44. Fridge and freezer space for a large bird are the biggest challenge for me!

  45. Joellen Foster says:

    Our biggest challenge is figuring out how to make sure there’s enough dark meat to go around! The breast is always so dry it’s unpleasant to eat.

  46. My biggest turkey challenge is figuring out when to brine it.
    When it’s defrosting? After it’s been defrosted?
    Who knows?
    Not I.

  47. My biggest problem is getting it to cook evenly all the way through!

  48. My biggest challenge is finding room in the fridge to thaw it.

  49. My biggest challenge is seeing that that it is done without overcooking it.

  50. My biggest challenge is doing the actual prep of the turkey because it grosses me out! I can’t stand handling, cleaning out or stuffing a raw bird. When I was pregnant, it was 1000 times worse but it is never, ever pleasant.

  51. My biggest challenge is trying to make side dishes when the turkey takes up the entire oven all day! Hard to get everything ready for the table at once.

  52. Finding the right size turkey, hen or Tom… And then figuring out what the families are doing and hopefully getting the family together for the meal!

  53. My biggest challenge is the cleaning up after dinner has been enjoyed.

  54. freezing it well after, for good leftovers

  55. My biggest problem is having enough leftovers!

  56. Thawing it out in time always gives me the trouble – many many Thanksgiving morning I am in a cold water bath (oops the turkey not me) trying to ge those darn insides out withouth losing fingers to frostbite!

  57. My biggest challenge is where to put the extra turkeys I like to stock up on this time of year with the rock bottom prices!

    One 25# bird can fill my fridge and 1-2 take up a LOT of space in the chest freezer until I cook them and remove the bones.

  58. My biggest challenge is keeping it moist, particularly because my guests are out hunting & it’s hard to get the timing right.

  59. We often buy a couple of turkeys and freeze one or more for later in the year. Besides storing them, finding a big enough pan and getting them in the oven (I’ve bought some pretty big ones) is the biggest challenge I’ve had.

  60. Missy Thomspon says:

    My biggest challenge is TIMING IT!

  61. defrosting it!

  62. This year my biggest challenge is fighting traffic on the 3 hour drive to my mom’s house! After doing the turkey for the past 4 years, I’m thankful to be taking a break.

  63. My biggest challenge is getting the bird thawed out at the proper time and then, of course, gravy is always a worry – good gravy that is!

  64. Remembering to pull out “the bag” from the inside.

  65. getting it thawed out

  66. My biggest challenge is getting it cooked between going to Mass in the morning and visiting with my ma-in-law at the nursing home.

  67. My biggest problem is not over cooking.

  68. The thawing process- I have so little room in my fridge for the bird!! And I love to brine, bur it’s the same problem!

  69. Leaving enough time to let it defrost!

  70. my biggest challenge is finding and removing the giblet bag before I cook it. It seems simple, but I have had problems remembing in the past.

  71. My biggest challenge is not overcooking it, or the meat being too dry.

  72. My biggest challenge is making sure it is completely thawed.

  73. picking all the turkey off the bones after the meal…I just don’t like that job, but am too frugal to let any of it go to waste!

  74. Getting it thawed–always takes DAYS longer than it is supposed to.

  75. My biggest challenge is finding a large enough fresh turkey for our family.

  76. Carving it.

  77. The whole thing! I have never cooked a whole bird-I am too scared 🙂 But I would give it a try if I won.
    clarksrfun at gmail dot com

  78. My biggest challenge is making pan juice from the turkey drippings…. it never comes out right

  79. My biggest challenge is defrosting it.

  80. bridget coker says:

    i’m always scared it’s not cooked in the middle and it dries out!

  81. My biggest challenge is what to do with turkey leftovers. We eat it for a few days, I freeze and then I don’t know what to do with it!

  82. My biggest problem cooking a turkey is simply dealing with the size. I have to find room in the freezer. When it is time to thaw, then I have to find room for it to sit in the fridge for a few days. Trying to handle and clean a big, heavy turkey is a challenge, then it takes up most of the space in the oven when you would like to be cooking side dishes. But in the end….it is worth it….Happy Thanksgiving!

  83. Finding room in my crowded fridge!

  84. Getting up early to get it in the roaster in time to be ready by noon.

  85. My biggest challenge is making sure it is fully cooked but not drying out the white meat.

  86. Um, I have never even had the nerve to try to cook one. Maybe a free one would give me the encouragement to try…

  87. My biggest challenge is finding a pan big enough to cook the bird in. I do bulk cooking regularly, but not big turkeys!

  88. My biggest turkey challenge: making sure it’s fully cooked (unless it comes with one of those “pop” things! lol).

  89. My biggest challenge would be not over cooking it. I don’t like dry turkey.

  90. My biggest challenge is keeping moist.

  91. Cooking without overcooking!

  92. Turkey Storage space in the fridge. Before and after Turkey Day!

  93. Deciding what size turkey to fix. My husband LOVES turkey and turkey leftovers so I have to make sure we have plenty.

  94. Jolene R Drust says:

    My biggest challenge is making sure I get all the stuff out of it and then what to do with the leftovers.

  95. My biggest challenge is timing everything right with one small(ish) oven.

  96. My turkey never thaws completely in the refrigerator. Never. I always end up putting it in the tub with some water to finish it off. I’m always worried it won’t be done on time!

  97. My biggest challenge is convincing myself the turkey is done. I am always sure we are going to end up with food poisoning!!

  98. I think my biggest challenge is thawing it out in time safely.

  99. Glancing through the above comments I would agree with many others that my challenge is thawing the turkey.

  100. My biggest turkey challenge is getting it moist enough. Last time I cooked one I totally forgot to baste it. OH MY was it dry. Glad it wasn’t for Thanksgiving, but just to cook for the meat.

  101. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    My biggest challenge is picking the meat from the bones. I hate bones and tendons and giblets- YUCK. Also, the gravy gives me some trouble, but that’s not really part of the turkey technically.

  102. My biggest challenge is fitting everything in my little kitchen.

  103. My biggest challenge is making sure the bird is moist and not dry.

  104. probably figuring out the perfect time- so the breast isn’t dried out, but the rest is fully cooked!!!

  105. To cook it were it is not all dried out.

  106. Cooking and defrosting. We had deep fried one year and it was not good.

  107. Kristin Williams says:

    Probably getting it thawed out and figuring out exactly when to put it in the oven so everything is ready at around the same time. I love Thanksgiving and turkey is delicious so all the work is definitely worth it!

  108. My biggest turkey challenge is I’ve never cooked one! I’m hoping to maybe get one at a good price this year to ‘try’ it for my hubby and son- that way if I mess it up I’m not out a lot of money and only 2 people know!

  109. My biggest challenge is cooking the bird completely Inside while Not burning the skin Outside.
    I just got a Butterball turkey a few days ago w/ a coupon-Thanks for that Butterball! 🙂

  110. Erin Ringwald says:

    Finding a turkey which is large enough for our family, yet still fits in the oven!

  111. haha…that’s easy. I don’t have a roasting pan. I have ask my mom to borrow hers, and hope she doesn’t need it at the same time I do!

  112. My biggest challenge is getting my husband to cook our turkey! He says that if he’s going to eat turkey, it’s got to be fried. All I have to do is buy the turkey, and he does the rest!

    (Please don’t hate me.)

  113. Michelle Murphy says:

    To keep it from getting too dry

  114. Thawing! I never remember to take it out of the freezer in enough time, so I end up finishing it in a cold-water bath.

  115. My biggest challenge is that I can’t remember what I did or didn’t do the last time I cooked one.

  116. My biggest challenge is making sure the Turkey comes out nice and moist.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  117. My biggest challenge is always figuring out how to either keep it hot without drying it out, or reheating it. It never works out that it’s done right on time!

  118. My biggest challenge is deboning the bird after our meal. Well, it’s not really a challenge, but it’s my least favorite part of the day. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  119. I have trouble deciding what size of turkey to get!

  120. My biggest challenge is having to cook more than one for my large family gatherings!

  121. I love turkey, but ive not yet perfected a cooking technique that wll yeild me the perfectly juicy bird, hoping this year will be the best yet using Alton Browns recipe!

  122. My biggest challenge is keeping the turkey warm while I try to quickly bake the rest of our sides for Thanksgiving dinner.

  123. I’ve never cooked one so my biggest challenge would be knowing where to start.

  124. Danielle Highley says:

    Remebering to thaw it. it barley fits in the fridge… i dont’ know what to do…

  125. My biggest challenge is knowing when the turkey is done. I don’t want it to be undercooked, but I also don’t want it to be overcooked.

  126. My biggest challenge is either hoping its thawed in time, or getting over the stuffing issues!

  127. My biggest turkey challenge is all the leftovers. I can only eat leftovers for so many days! lol I do freeze quite a bit, but it just doesn’t taste as good to me after being frozen for a few months.

  128. The best way to cook it now that I can’t use dairy!

  129. My biggest problem is being sure it’s cooked on time! I always worry that it won’t be done.

  130. Silly as it may be, my biggest frustration with making a turkey is that while we love celebrating the holidays with my mom, she does’t want us to do anything new or interesting. We want to try bacon wrapped turkey, flavor infused turkey, fried turkey…and she wants us to do it the way she and dad used to do it for years. Drives me crazy!

  131. My biggest challenge is choosing the right size turkey!

  132. misty gorman says:

    i would LOVE a turkey. i still have not gotten one for Thanksgiving. thanks for all of the fun giveaways!

  133. My biggest challenge is having enough turkey for everyone at Thanksgiving AND enough for them to take home leftovers (always expected). I usually buy 2 turkeys just for that reason.

  134. My challenge is to not over cook the bird

  135. Jessica Fox says:

    I think my biggest turkey “challenge” is finding room for all of the leftovers in the refrigerator! 🙂

  136. My biggest challenge is getting over my fear! I am having Thanksgiving at my house this year and the responsibility of the turkey is scaring me!

  137. My biggest challenge is stopping after seconds. 🙂

  138. My biggest turkey making challenge is to make sure that someone else makes it!! My dad always made the turkey, and it sort of passed down to my husband. I’m good with that! 😉

  139. Anna Whiteside says:

    This is my first year cooking a turkey, so every step will be a challenge!

  140. Keeping my husband’s fingers out of the turkey pile while I’m carving it! He loves turkey so much that he always stands next to me while I’m cutting and takes the pieces right off my knife 🙂

  141. My biggest challenge is trying it on the oven. I’ve perfected crockpot turkey breast but never tried one in the oven.

  142. My biggest challenge is taking it from the roaster to the serving plate still intacked. What a mess. Thank You

  143. I think my biggest challenge is getting it thawed in time.

  144. Renae McElroy says:

    remembering to thaw it out early enough!

  145. I worry every year that we’ll cut into the bird and it will not be cooked all the way through.

  146. I’ve never had to cook one myself (someday it will pass to me), so my biggest challenge is making sure not to get any dark meat! Or carrying/chopping food for three children while trying to get to my own. :^) Seriously, when it is just our little family, a turkey breast in the crockpot is a perfect fit with minimal mess and lovely stock the next day.

  147. Tina harwood says:

    Getting it thawed and it being fully cooked in the middle without drying it out.

  148. My biggest challenge is getting it thawed. I can’t seem to get it thawed quickly enough.

  149. Thawing out the bird is my first big challenge!

  150. turkey troubles…the turkey was frozen at my house and yet it needed to get to my mom’s place 1 1/2 hours away where the gathering would be…so this week, we met in the middle, enjoyed a Starbucks and passed off the turkey 🙂

  151. defrosting. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. i can’t wait to host thanksgiving for my family one day. until then, i will just help my mom 🙂

  152. My biggest challenge is cooking the turkey too long – until it is too dry.

  153. My biggest problem cooking turkey is cooking it long enough without drying it out.

  154. Definately making sure the turkey is completely thawed in time!

  155. I don’t know wht my biggest challenge is…since I’ve never actually cooked a turkey! The whole process makes me nervous! 🙂

  156. My biggest problem is keeping the turkey from getting dry. I avoid this by letting someone else make the turkey!

  157. My biggest problem is making sure the turkey is not over cooked. My oven over heats by 100* and flucuates all the time.

  158. My biggest challenge is cooking the turkey evenly.

  159. Charity Shapiro says:

    My biggest challenge is overcooking the turkey!

  160. My biggest challenge is waiting for it to be done and then wondering if it really is done. I think practice makes perfect. I’ve only made two turkeys ever! Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. Remembering to take it out of the freezer in time!

  162. My big challenge is overcooking the turkey. I just really want to make sure it’s not raw inside.

  163. to stuff it or not…

  164. Tammy Lindner says:

    The last two turkeys I have made have been kind of dry. I cant seem to get it exactly right. Thank goodness for gravy!

  165. My biggest challenge is what to do with the leftovers. I usually just get the breast, since that is usually all that is eaten.

    But I am really starting to get into the freezer cooking thing, so I am going to try to use the leftovers to make into new meals, not just “leftover” meals.

  166. The thawing is a challenge. I started to thaw one last month, but our fridge stays too cold. It was in there three days and still frozen.

  167. My biggest challenge is making sure it is cooked properly. My dad’s rule is to take it out just before it reaches final temp. and let it finish cooking out of the oven under foil. I think it works, but I am always terrified to try it.

  168. Our biggest challenge is finding a roaster big enough/sturdy enough to roast the big bird in. 🙂

  169. What to baste the turkey with is always the question for us. Too many choices!

  170. I have a hard time getting the turkey moist.

  171. Bake it or fry it??? That is what I have to decide. There are advantages to both, so no clear cut decision.

  172. My biggest challenge is carving it.

  173. gravy!

  174. My biggest turkey challenge is carving the thing and getting every last morsel of beat off the bones. It’s a messy job, but someone’s gotta do it.

  175. Hope Mitchner says:

    My biggest turkey challenge is to remember to get it out of the freezer in time to thaw totally.

  176. My biggest challenge is keeping the bird juicy

  177. Don’t laugh, but my biggest turkey problem is finding the bag of gibblets. On two separate occasions, I couldn’t find them before I cooked the turkey. I scrapped with a spoon. I even looked with a flashlight. Both times, they were wedged behind a bone and were found once the bird was carved.

  178. The biggest problem I have, along with the fear of actually not screwing up that bird, is timing the meal to ensure that everything is done together on time and not cold when we actually sit down to eat it! Thanks for the offer…my fingers are crossed!

  179. My biggest challenge would be being the one that had to make the turkey!! Im doing it this year, and have never in the past:)

  180. I don’t have a roasting pan. Clearly, that’s an easy difficulty to remedy, even if I just went the disposable route, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

  181. My biggest turkey challenge this year is actually getting a turkey- there are so many good sales right now but we’re conserving our money.

    (But don’t worry, we’re visiting relatives for thanksgiving. I’m just wishing we could get one to use for broth and regular cooking.)

  182. sandra pagoria says:

    My biggest Turkey challenge is probably trying not to do so much that I end up totally frazzled and anxious making it impossible to actually enjoy myself and my family. It has been a lifelong process of learning to realize that I don’t have to cook every single treat I think people would enjoy. After all, a group of people can only eat so much.

  183. Deciding how to season – traditional or something more out there, say doing a Food Network/Martha Stewart type of turkey.

  184. I love cooking a big, stuffed turkey just like my mom used to. Oh, and the gravy, I love the gravy. My biggest problems are thawing, moving the turkey to a platter, and basic consistency (since I only do this once a year). But it’s soooooooooo worth it. Love that bird!

  185. Hmm, my biggest challenge is actually AFTER the meal: getting up enough “want to”‘ to process the leftovers instead of wasting them.

  186. Cindy Miller says:

    My biggest challenge is always making it sure the turkey stays moist.

  187. Definitely thawing it completely in time!

  188. My biggest turkey challenge is knowing that the bird is completely done–i hate cutting into it and it’s still pink. UGH!! 🙂

    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

  189. The thawing time and the cooking time. I tend to overcook them, even when I try to really watch how long they are in the oven.

  190. Allowing the turkey enough time to thaw & knowing when I’ve cooked it long enough.

  191. Koren Oldham says:

    here’s a big problem…i have no pan big enough to cook such a delicious turkey 🙁

  192. What spices do I use in the brine?

  193. Thawing it, for sure.

  194. My biggest challenge is no full sized oven. We had a fire in the wall behind the oven and are waiting for a replacement oven. In the mean time, we’re making due with my neighbor’s countertop convection oven she is letting us borrow.

  195. My biggest problem is knowing when its done. I want a nice, moist turkey not overbaked or undercooked.

  196. My biggest challenge is thawing it out. I have to have enough room and then keeping the girls out if it in the fridge. Yikes!

  197. Thawing the turkey is a big challenge. It seems to take forever.

  198. I think thawing the turkey is the biggest struggle.

  199. my biggest problem is basting it so it is juicy

  200. Timing is my biggest challenge!

  201. My biggest challenge is keeping it moist without undercooking it.

  202. My biggest challenge in my fear that f I ruin the bird, I will ruin the entire meal and day.

  203. dry….dry….dry!!!!!

  204. my biggest challenge is being intimidated to get it right. Thanks for the chance to win!

  205. Lifting a heavy bird out of the oven…..but I can usually find help from those who are there for the meal.

  206. My biggest challenge is having enough of the crunchy stuffing from the turkey to fill everyone. Thanks for the chance.

  207. How in the world do I get the perfectly browned exterior on my turkey?

  208. I have a bit of trouble trying to get all the giblets and stuff out. It seems a year of two ago I left a little bit in. It was interesting!

  209. I have never cooked a turkey! Since graduating from college, I’ve gone to my mom’s every year. I’d love to try one!

  210. My challenge is to get the turkey done but still have it moist and not dry as dust.

  211. My biggest challenge is making the gravy…always have a problem with it – why can’t it turn out?

  212. My biggest challenge is finding the perfect size to fill up my family with just the right amount of leftovers…but not too big, as my oven is a crazy non-standard (read: old) size!

  213. Hmmm…making it last a long time. I freeze leftover meat and use it in place of chicken for all kinds of things – in dumplings, chicken pot pie, on pizza, in soups, etc.

  214. This will be strange to many, but my biggest bird challenge is that I enjoy the turkey on the dry side and everyone else likes it moist (which is normal I guess).

  215. My biggest challenge is keeping the bird moist and not dry as the desert :/

  216. My biggest problem is getting everything else cooked while he turkey is cooking.

  217. C A Swanson says:

    Thawing the turkey is always a challenge! Seems like when you think the bird is good to go you find frozen giblets, etc.!

  218. My biggest turkey challenge is making room for it to thaw in the refrigerator.

  219. Angie Carter says:

    Yes, the biggest thing for me is getting it thawed out on time, also, keeping it from drying out while baking.

  220. Thawing. Definitely.

  221. I really don’t have one because my husband is always the one that does the turkey 🙂 I just do the side dishes.

  222. what to do with all the yummy leftovers, since we usually get one after the holidays just to have the good priced meat to put in the freezer. We eat on the actual holiday at my in-laws and they provide the bird that day!

  223. Elizabeth buckner says:

    Mine would be making sure it’s done, but not dry and overdone. 🙂

  224. Lifting one big enough for my family! Thankfully, DH loves to help 🙂

  225. I have two challenges; making room in the fridge and how to slice it! I can’t figure out how to make those pretty slices of meat. I end up serving big chunks or bitty pieces…

  226. Definitely thawing. I always end up having to put it in water in the sink.

  227. Making sure it is thawed

  228. Knowing how long to thaw it out! 🙂

  229. My biggest challenge is thawing it out- apparently I keep the fridge cooler than average because I always take it out on the morning I’m going to cook it only to find it still partially frozen- oh well!

  230. It used to be thawing until I started buying fresh. Then it’s trying to keep it moist and not dried out. I usually do pretty well with it.

  231. Dry white meat.

  232. Telena Reynolds says:

    My biggest challenge is getting it thawed-I always end up putting it in the oven partially frozen!

  233. Making sure it is thawed

  234. I agree with thawing but also with a smaller over this yr it’s going to be cooking the turkey while cooking everything else.
    Maybe we should deep fry it…….

  235. I have to say I have no turkey issues because no one in our family of five really likes it – so I don’t make one!

  236. my biggest challenge is carving it. i’m not a fan of meat that looks like the animal, if ya know what i mean…

  237. My biggest challenge is finding a bird big enough for our family at a great sale price! Only the cheapest and the biggest for us!

  238. My biggest turkey challenge is getting my children to eat it. 🙂

  239. Keeping it moist inside.

  240. KNowing when the bird is done, I am so scared of cutting into that bird and seeing blood!

  241. My biggest challenge is carving it – so I leave it to my husband!

  242. If I don’t have a pop up button we might be eating dry turkey because I have over cooked it.

  243. thawing it

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