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One of our holiday traditions is to fill our kids’ Christmas stockings with breakfast. Not only is this an inexpensive way to fill out those big bags with edible loot, but it is also a great way to get kids to eat something healthy on Christmas morning.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I start stashing pre-packaged snacks, crackers, bars, and drinks so that I can put good stuff in their socks on Christmas Eve. This year, I’ve got a little stockpile of GoGoSqueeZ to add to the mix.

GoGoSqueeZ is pure, unsweetened applesauce in astronaut-like packaging. Each pouch contains a serving of fruit with no sugar added. It’s 100% fruit. Yeah! And you don’t need to worry about spoons.

I did let the FishKids try a flavor or two before I hit the rest away. And they really liked them. Really liked them. I’ve had to fight them off with a stick so that they don’t eat the six I’ve carefully hoarded for Christmas morning.

Yeah, I’m a geek like that.

Anyway, this applesauce is a “go” around here. The kids love the taste and I love it that there’s no junk in it. FishKid tested, FishMama approved. As they say, well, around here.

This week five LifeasMOM readers will each win a box of GoGoSqueeZ.

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Tell us your favorite thing to fill a stocking with.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, November 21st at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours in order to claim your prize.

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  1. We love to fill stockings with stickers, underwear and socks! Craft supplies and a snack or two often fill out the mix!

  2. To me, candy canes are a must in stockings!

  3. I have stocking just like the ones in your photo and would love to have them made for my husband and kids. Any leads for me?
    Much appreciated!

    noellebrow (at)

  4. We always include a toothbrush…makes me feel better about all the candy!

  5. We like to fill the stockings with stickers, pencils, jacks, etc. Stuff that will keep them busy while they are waiting for us to put together their big Christmas presents!

  6. This year I’ll be filling the stockings with Matchbox cars along with probably an orange or apple in the toe of the stocking. My mom always did that. I guess I’ll carry on the tradition. 🙂

  7. Chocolate & peanut-butter cups! Mmmmmm 🙂

  8. An orange is in everybody’s stocking.

  9. The kids love getting coins in their stockings- real ones 🙂

  10. the kids get new toothbrushes, and clearance halloween pez!! socks, batteries for their battery operated toys, misc. candy, I go to five below and get a bunch of little things. It takes them a good 10 minutes to go through their stockings!!

  11. Molly's Mom says:

    We fill our daughter’s stocking with little trinkets like mini dice, jacks, tiny stationery sets (I used to LOVE Hello Kitty myself, long ago), and candy canes. I love the idea of breakfast in the stocking, though! We love GoGoSqueez at our house too…freeze them and they are perfect for lunch boxes!

  12. Stickers, small toiletries (toothbrush / paste), a book and there’s always some sort of sweet treat.

  13. Jessica Richman-Edwards says:

    A few small toys and candy!

  14. We didn’t do a stocking for my daughter last year as she was only 6 weeks old so this is the first run for us… I have no idea what I”m going to do!

  15. mmm…candy, games, and always a toothbrush. 🙂

  16. This is the 1st year I’ll be stuffing a stocking for my son. But I’ll be putting in M&M’s b/c that his favorite, a coloring book & crayons.

  17. We always have stickers or tatoos, a book or magazine they like, candy and a new toothbrush.

  18. We like to do whatever cute small stuff we find at the dollar store. 🙂 Coloring book, toy cars, candy canes… Shopping for the stockings is one of my fave parts of the season’s planning.

  19. I always got a lifesaver “book” so I always try to find the same for my kids.

  20. I like to put something small that goes with one of their bigger gifts. This year my 3 year old is getting a Little People Farm. So in the stocking it will have some of the Little People animals in it.
    Plus Candy Canes!!!

  21. A toothbrush of course! This year…Thomas.

  22. This year I get to fill a stocking for the first time… and it’s going to be a stocking full of bouncy balls! My little one will be so excited!

  23. We normally do apples, bananas,& oranges a few sweet treats & a toy of some sort, but I am gonna go look for some of these gogoSqueeZ for sure! PERFECT Idea!!!

  24. Toothbrushes, candy, & a small trinket/toy. This year, my daughter will probably get some hair accessories.

  25. Last year it was his favorite stuffed animal since he was too little to know what was going on and so happy to see his sweet lambie pop out of a sock. I think finger puppets will go in this year.

  26. AllieZirkle says:

    there are always stickers and a CD in my stockings 🙂

  27. we like to put little small lego figures in the stockings

  28. A favorite shampoo/body wash/ toothpaste/ soap that is typically too expensive to stock up on during the year – that how my Mom did it! 🙂

  29. Annette Holbrook says:

    I usually put some playdough in their stockings and then treats/toys selected with each individual kid in mind but this sounds like a fun idea, especially since my Christmas budget is pretty limited this year.

  30. I always make sure the kids have a new book in their stockings.

  31. We always end up going heavy on the crafty stuff…pipe cleaners, beads to string, etc. Not much of course, but they’re inexpensive, fun, colorful, and not more candy 🙂

  32. Tara LaPierre says:

    we do a new toothbrush and lots of candy and small trinkets.

  33. We always have “fun” socks and underware & buckeye candies!

  34. Chocolate! =)

  35. Julie Breshears says:

    A coloring book 😉

  36. Wow, I thought my mom was the only one that put apples and oranges in the stockings!! 🙂 I now do this for my kids and it brings back wonderful memories, that is my favorite thing to stuff the stockings with.

  37. We always put a toothbrush and toothpaste, a movie, coloring book and crayons and of course candy 🙂 That’s why they get a toothbrush. We do the same thing at Easter in their baskets.

  38. We always have lip balm in fun flavors. Perfect for winter!

  39. We don’t fill stockings, as we usually spend Christmas Eve at either my parent’s house or my in-law’s. My favorite stocking stuffer growing up was toiletries. Very practical, and they always went to good use!

  40. Coal! It’s painted, so it’s pretty, but it’s a family tradition.

  41. We usually stick an ornament and some candy in the kids’ stockings, along with various odds and ends.

  42. Stockings are always so fun!!! We put small toys, hair clips, and jewelry in our kids stockings. Of course there is always the toothbrushes, bath supplies, and chapstick. Candy is a MUST too!!!

  43. oranges!

  44. We always put an apple or orange in the toe-tradition, then the stocking is filled with everything small, lip gloss, chocolate, pencils, socks -lots of practical items, and often consumable 🙂

  45. We usually put a small stuffed animal, toothbrush and toothpaste, bubble bath (for my daughter), crayons, coloring book, and candy.

  46. I usually put a new toothbrush and some fun bath soaps in my stockings.

  47. Toothbrushes- I always got a new one every year in my stocking as a kid and my kids get one too!
    I put a new pair of boxers in my husbands stocking every year- it’s become a running joke and I’m not sure what would happen if I forgot the boxers!!

  48. I think it’s hilarious how many people say “toothbrush!” Never thought of it… Chocolate at our house, for sure. And my husband gets boxers too! I guess they just fit well in there! 🙂

  49. The boys get stickers, lip balm, a toothbrush, candy (yikes, I know!) and a small item like toy cars. This year they’re also getting their own flashlights and I’ll put in an orange and some nuts-my grandparents did this and it always brings back happy childhood memories.

  50. My favorite stocking stuffer is Hershey’s kisses. My mama always put them in our stockings when I was a kid.

  51. I love to fill my kids and husband’s stockings with all the free things I collect throughout the year. So far I have tons of candy bars, gum, a Trio car set, and a Mello Yello t-shirt. I’ll hit CVS on Black Friday to find some more free things to stick in there. It’s my own little game to see how cheap I can fill all three stockings.

  52. I generally fill the stocking with things that we need: socks, panties, toothbrush, etc.

  53. Claire Pulsifer says:

    Always find some fun candy and trinkets, even though my boys are 14 and 17, but a tradition i continue from when i was little is a quarter and a small orange or clementine!

  54. Giftcards-just small amounts to a few different places.

  55. This year there will be a treat, a small toy, hair clips, a Christmas tree ornament (Always!) and whatever else the grandparents send to put in!

  56. Can’t stand them myself, but candy canes.

  57. I always like to include cute socks or tights in the girls’ stockings. And of course, you have to include a new toothbrush and toothpaste!

  58. We always put a silly gift in each of our kid’s stockings. This year, for example, our son that is 14 and nicknamed Buddy is getting a toy Buddy from some kids’ tv show that talks and says, “Hi, my name is Buddy.” Stuff like that.

  59. Mom always did little cosmetic items or stationery-type things. I’m just getting started on my own family’s stocking traditions, so I’m not sure yet — except that we always have chocolate!

  60. I love filling stocking, the dollar section at Target is a great place for me to find goodies at.

  61. We fill the stockings with underwear and socks and some toys I buy throughout the year.

  62. My hubby and his sister always received their own box of cereal for Christmas. We changed his tradition a little – the kids each get their own mini-box of cereal in their stockings. I skip giving them the candy that I always received in mine. I like your idea of granola bars or some healthy breakfast treat – thanks!

  63. We always put a special ornament in each of the kid’s stockings that is unique to them.

  64. Ribbon candy and fudge, among other things. I may have to try the breakfast idea

  65. We do stockings Christmas Eve, and we put a new set of matching jammies for the girls to wear to bed. On Christmas morning, they look so cute opening presents in their new jammies!

  66. New toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, undies, candies that each person likes.

  67. We always include a few clementines… speaking of which – is it clementine season yet???

  68. We like to put the usual things in our stockings–small snacks and treats, art supplies, matchbox cars. What makes our stockings different from most is that we leave them by the kids’ bedroom door on St Nicholas Day (Dec 6). It helps spread the love through the whole season.

    • We always fill shoes with peanuts and apples or oranges on St. Nick day around here. My hubby never had that growing up and LOVES doing it for our kiddos!

  69. We like to put gift cards and some toiletries in the kids stockings.

  70. We always fill our stockings with fun stuff like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mints. 🙂

  71. We have carried on a tradition that my parent’s started with my brother and I. We make a scavenger hunt with around 6 or 7 clues that are hidden around the house. The first clue is in the stocking and at the end of the hunt is their ‘big present’. This is great for many reasons. One reason is sometimes you have that one present that is too big to wrap? Hide it in the shower or in a closet at the end of the hunt. No wrapping needed! My personal favorite reason to send the kids on a wild hunt first thing in the morning? I get to lay in bed while they are entertained for at least an hour (depending on the difficulty of the clues). I love listening to them run all over the house and my husband and I lay in bed trying to figure out which clue has the kids stumped! 🙂

  72. Candy!

  73. Toothbrush, socks, underwear, and candy are always in stockings. Other items change based on ages and the year.

  74. toothbrush, bubble bath, candy

  75. We fill ours up with necessities: socks, toothbrushes, bubble bath, etc. And there always has to be an orange stuck in the toe.

  76. There’s always some small trickets and candy – most of the time Pez refills.

  77. We have always put oranges in stockings.

  78. We fill stockings with at least one favorite treat for each person. We open them on Christmas Eve night, so I don’t feel too badly about letting them indulge in one sweet item at night.

  79. books!

  80. My kids love salted peanuts in the shell. I also put in a fun cartoon character bubble bath–something I don’t buy the rest of the year.

  81. robyn meyers says:

    we usually do a few snacks, toothbrushes and a small toy or two!

  82. I like to put small bags/boxes of their favorite candy in the stockings.

  83. a fun book – my kids use the library so its big to have one to keep

  84. We always had an orange or a clementine in the toe of our stockings. And we have the same stockings! And we tied ours to our stairs just like that last year too.

  85. We always have an orange in the toe of the stocking and a large chocolate bar.

  86. We purchase a Christmas ornament for each child, one that represents them– something they like or a special event experienced in the past year. I like the idea of breakfast! We may have to try that!

  87. Last year I started filling my kids’ stockings with breakfast, also. HUGE hit! The kids loved it. I’ll do it again this year, but I think I’ll add a tiny box of chocolates, just for fun!

  88. I am just getting my groove on since my oldest is only 4. I usually fill stockings with little toys and a treat or two. My favorite growing up though was the stocking we would get from our grandparents (my grandpa loved filling stockings!). They would always be filed with drugstore candy that I never saw anywhere else, like long packs of giant Rain-Blow bubblegum! Anyone else have fond memories of chocolate coins and Lifesaver Books??

  89. toothbrushes, little toys, shampoo and an orange – the same thing my mom filled my stocking with 🙂

  90. It differs from year to year. Always a little candy and something fun for them. When I was little, no matter what else, I always got an apple, an orange and some un-shelled walnuts. My mom always took them back for fruit salad, lol.

  91. Gotta have a toothbrush…gotta have a banana and orange…candy…little toys.

  92. My kids get excited about Tic Tacs and $5 Target giftcards.

  93. My favorite thing, growing up, was the orange my parents would stick in the toe of my stocking. I think they did it so that they would all hang, nice and full, from the mantle. To this day, my favorite Christmas foods are still oranges and tangerines and all because of a family tradition my parents didn’t know they were really starting!

  94. A clementine in the toe. And this year there will be Matchbox cars and bath toys for my son.

  95. I like to put in some practical items like socks, toothbrushes, etc. and some fun stuff too…of course, there’s always some candy!

  96. Tiny boxes of cereal

  97. Growing up we always got apples and oranges in our stockings. I’m all for the practical stuff- toothbrush, toothpaste, school supplies, etc.

  98. I like to fill my daughter’s stocking with lip gloss, stickers and this year I’m including a mini snowglobe!

  99. Jennifer Scharba says:

    My favorite thing to fill my kids’ stockings with is fun food like spaghetti o’s and individual mac and cheese… they love it! 🙂

  100. Oddly enough, when I was a kid, we always had a can of olives and a jar of maraschino cherries. 🙂 We really like those, but at Christmastime we got a whole container of each to ourselves. The olives went quickly, but the cherries usually lasted a few months in the fridge, with our initial marked on the lid.

    No, there isn’t a certain thing that is always in the stockings, although I like the giant Hershey bar idea a lot. I do know there will be a ZouZou (sp?) pet and clothes in there this year.

  101. The staples are socks, candy canes and match box car. I have all boys so there is always a car in there.

  102. I like to put in a big old-fashioned lollipop in there- the big flat circle or a tall swirly stick!

  103. Lesley Prochaska says:

    Jumo Candy Cane’s

  104. Sheila Bailey says:

    Fingernail polish, earrings, stickers, toothbrush, oranges, candy, anything small and under $10 that my daughters like.

  105. In our house, Santa brings the stockings toys (the rest of gifts under tree are from Mom & Dad). So we make sure at least one gift that they asked Santa for is in the stocking. This year all 3 asked for Webkinz. Other gifts Santa brings include socks, candy, lip gloss, crafts, and pencils or crayons! (“Santa” collects these little gifts all year long, especially in Sept. with back-to-school sales!

  106. barettes, head bands, nail polish, cards, balls, chocolate coins, pencils, markers, tops

  107. Oranges will always be the best thing to fill out the toe, and will probably always remind me of when I was little and an orange was a special, magical, glowing thing on the gray winter days in New England.

    And special art pencils. I don’t know what my kids will be into, but I’m still a little disappointed when I get up on Christmas morning and there are no special art supplies in my stocking (since I fill them myself and can buy my own art supplies when I need them, it never occurs to me to stuff them in there).

  108. We usually do HBA/bath products, a paperback book, and stocking stuffer toys from World Market. I have a good coupon from there every year, and the toys *look* like something Santa would have made.

  109. for the kids, its small toys, socks, new toothbrush, toothpaste, stickers, maybe a treat (kids love m&m’s)
    Would love my kids to try this!

  110. Having all boys, a pack of baseball cards always is a hit…along with gum, fruit, art supplies….a paperback book….it varies from year to year!
    Would LOVE to try the “astronaut” food! LOL!

  111. I like to find some funny, funky socks to put in each kids’ stocking. That way they put them on right away and I don’t need to keep telling them to get their feet covered. I would love to add that cool applesauce to the stockings too. My kids would approve!

  112. I love trying to find unique cute little things for the stockings. But every year I have to get the book of lifesafers! My parents did it with ours. It’s not anything super but it’s tradition.

  113. My mom always put an orange in our stocking!

  114. Katie Scott says:

    We fill our stockings with things that we “need” like socks, toothpaste, razors, mouthwash, etc. Not always fun but a good way to get those items!
    BTW, my daughter LOVES this applesauce!

  115. My son sampled this applesauce at Costco and loved it. Our stockings usually include toothbrushes and small notebooks. For some reason those items seem to be favorites.

  116. Always try to fill it with at least one thing that is heavy like a bag of M&M’s then have candy canes sticking out the top.

  117. We’re practtical around here too- toothbrush, socks and some snacks 🙂

  118. Chocolate Santas

  119. For my 15yo daughter, I like to give a gift certificate to Joann’s or Hobby Lobby. Those are always appreciated!

  120. I like to stuff their stockings with extra crayons, markers, and colored pencils that I purchase during back-to-school sales.

  121. I love putting beef jerky in stockings.

  122. I do practical items, socks, toothbrushes, tooth paste!

  123. Jessica Fox says:

    We buy our boys new pajamas that match, and we let them open their stockings on Christmas Eve. They go to bed wearing them, so that they are picture ready for Christmas Day!!! 🙂 We also include a few little toys, and snacks. Nothing big, but they always look forward to opening them early!

  124. our must stuff’s: lifesaver book, orange, matchbox car or small doll/stuffed animal depending on gender, something personalized whether pencils/stickers/ornament, wiki sticks, small puzzle or sticker books, small lego kit (the under $3 ones), comic book or magazine, usually a spin toothbrush, chapstick/lipgloss. for the adults, batteries, lint brush, ice scraper, magazine, mints/gum, deodorant, tbrush, tpaste.

  125. I only have a two year old – so STICKERS, STICKERS, STICKERS! And small cars.

  126. I save my free samples all year and fill their stockings with those and some candy.

  127. I like to fill stockings with hygiene items – toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, fun bath items, etc.

  128. My kids love little packages of bug bites or scooby snacks (stuff that they only other time they recieve is in the their easter basket) I also do a Christmas Tree cake, and an apple or an orange, just because that is what we always had when I was growing up. The rule was you had to eat your fruit BEFORE any other candy was in there. My hubby and I fill each others stockings and I love the sugar free gum that is usually in there!

  129. an orange and small toys

  130. Stockings always hold three gifts – to remind us that Jesus got three gifts on his birthday from the three wisemen.

    An orange – and we have fun with it isn silly sayings like “orange you glad we are together.”, “orange you glad we get to go to Grandma’s today…”, etc

    Lip gloss package – this helps protect little lips in the nasty Wisconsin winter and comes in a bajillion fun flavors (Santa bought them last year, after Christmas for 75% off…)

    Fuzzy Socks – So we remember to try new things for the year ahead and, if we ever get “cold feet”, Santa has their back along with their parents.

    Happy Holidays!

  131. A can of cake frosting….funny, I know, but my husband adores the stuff and so he always has a can waiting for him in his stocking 🙂

  132. Always a new toothbrush, I guess because that is what my mom did. And, a couple sweet treats and other little toys.

  133. This is my 1st Christmas to really stuff my sons stockings up! I will be putting his favorites, cars and trucks!

  134. I always throw in a few pieces of candy. I also go to $ tree or the like and get those party favor packs (ex. 6 small toys in one pack). I give him one and save the others for party favors at his January birthday party.

  135. we do the standard socks & underwear around here!

  136. Reese’s PB cups! The best!
    A bunch of little things we gather up over time. Floss, toothbrush, little games, etc.
    Stocking stuffers are one of the best parts of our Christmas.

  137. An orange, of course! And whatever I can get for free – using coupons, ECBs, etc., This year it is Mentos gum and lip balm, so far. Hope they start rollin’ out the good deals next week!

  138. candy and small trinkets

  139. My favorite thing to put in my kids stocking is pez!

  140. I love to put an orange in the toe, chocolate coins, and chapstick…along with other little things that make me think of my family as I’m shopping.

  141. Bath toys!

  142. I just buy small treats for the stocking, depending on what the kids are into that year. 🙂

  143. I love putting my dd’s favorite fruit, lifesaver book (thank goodness they make gummy saver books since she is too young to have lifesavers) and a new toothbrush in the stocking. Those are all the things I remember getting in my stocking growing up. Don’t think a year will go by without at least those things in the stocking. The other items tend to change based on how old she is.

  144. Barbara Serna says:

    A candy cane or course and a orange.

  145. My daughter is 3 and we always go out of state to visit family during Christmas. She has a stocking but has never had it filled. Maybe I should take it with us this year and fill it full of stickers and squeezy applesauce (that’s what she calls the gogo squeez).

  146. We like to put toothbrushes, candy, etc!

  147. We always get new personal care items in our stockings – toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants, etc.

  148. Jessica Svitak says:

    Soem BabyLegs, fruit (my kids are HUGE fruit freaks), and a small toy & coloring book.

  149. I like to put a box of Pringles in stockings. Its a fond memory of home 🙂

  150. BATTERIES!!! My parents did it, and now I do it – kind of a tradition. I also put treats that they don’t usually get – candy, etc.


  151. I will put a cherry flavored candy cane in each of my kids stocking along with a couple of other things!

  152. The family tradition I grew up with – toiletry items like toothpaste, toothbrush etc were always in the stockings plus Tic-Tacs… and I continue the same with my kids.

  153. Stocking stuffer must have: an orange in the toe!

  154. Erika Crowl says:

    Candy, gum, little toys, books, and now…GoGoSqueez!

  155. Comfy socks, Lip Gloss, candy!

  156. I like stickers, snacks/candy we don’t normally get, little cars and fun socks.

  157. Small toys, candy and books.

  158. I like to fill the stockings with small gift cards and some assorted candy.

  159. My daughter loves books, so I always try to find a few small books for her stocking.

  160. Tammy Lindner says:

    I fill our stockings with candy, pencils, magazines (rolled up), socks, sunglasses, and other fun things. Thanks for the chance to win.

  161. I like filling stockings with Bath and Body Works freebies.

  162. Fruit, candy, and maybe this year some GoGo SqeeZ.

  163. We fill our stocking with puzzles and other small toys.

  164. small toys and xmas candy

  165. Legos!

  166. My kids get a holiday scratcher. They love seeing if they’ve “won.” They each also get a box of their favorite theatre candy and a 3 pack of sugarless gum, and toothbrushes. The older ones get stinky stuff(cologne/perfume and deodorant) and paperbacks as well as a gift card to their favorite food joint. The younger ones get lego packs and LPS pets. They also each get a chocolate santa.


  167. we usually put in things that are needed and we would have to buy anyway…socks, underwear, toothbrushes, crayons, waterpaint

  168. I fill the stockings with new toothbrushes, batteries for toys that they will be opening (great filler and they love to wonder what they will be for!), candy from Halloween (yes, I am cheap!!) and any small toys that don’t wrap well.

  169. We fill our girls’ stockings with little books, fruit snacks, and dress up jewelry.

  170. Everyone always gets a new chapstick, and the older “kids” always get a small tool or kitchen gadget, too.

  171. Danielle Highley says:

    We always get new toothbrushes, and a few Gift cards. Usually 5 dollars to starbucks

  172. Craft supplies and candies

  173. chocolate…in my stocking at least!

  174. My favorite thing to put in our stocking is crayons.

  175. Would love for my kids to try these!! For some reason we always do underwear??

  176. Chapstick! Winter months always bring on dry lips, it seems, so it’s a great time to stock up. I’m thinking about making my own this year. 😀

  177. we love chocolate oranges.

  178. Definitely candy canes go in the stocking.

  179. Candy and/or anything edible that I don’t have to find room for later!

  180. We always like to put in stickers and hot wheels cars.

  181. Stacie Frost says:

    We love to fill the stockings with hard candy, chocolate, match box cars, candy canes and little goodies. Thanks for entering me!

    Stacie F.

  182. Clementines, chocolate, & toothbrushes! You have a lot of bright minds posting 🙂

  183. I like to stuff my daughters stockings with small containers of playdo.

  184. I like to fill stockings with apples, oranges, and m&m’s.

  185. I love to fill stockings with gift cards, and chocolate

  186. I usually fill the stockings with an apple and orange, plus candy and a few small items.

  187. I like to fill their stockins with healthy snacks, lip gloss,jewelry and socks!

  188. Candy, candy, & more candy (and a toothbrush!). Christmas & Easter are the only 2 days they are allowed to eat candy for breakfast, but applesauce would be good too!

  189. Always CANDY CANES !

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