A Giveaway from Hallmark

Hallmark ornaments are a traditional part of the Holidays. And my mom very diligently saved each of our ornaments from our childhood so that we would have a collection for our trees once we left home. I’ve done the same with my own kids.

Each of the grandmothers has added to their collections every year. It’s a special tradition for us — and maybe for you, too.

This week Hallmark wants to add to your collections!

Four LifeasMOM readers will each win one of the these ornaments.

  • “Our Christmas Together”
  • “Play Family School”
  • “Our Family” Photoholder
  • “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”

To Enter:

Simply leave a comment telling us which ornament is your favorite.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, November 21st at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours in order to claim your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to winners: biszemom@, walkerfamily4@, christystansbury@, presprizes@

Disclosure: Hallmark has contributed these ornaments for giveaway as part of the the Holiday Happiness series. I have not been compensated in any way. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. I like the “Our Family” photoholder.

  2. Charli Brown .. he still is my fav no matter how old I get .. I enjoy them now with my Grandkids !!!

  3. I love the “Our Family” Photoholder!

  4. I love the schoolhouse one

  5. I love the Peanuts ornament. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  6. I already have our family 🙂 My kids would LOVE Charlie Brown!! I adore Hallmark Ornaments I always grab WAY to many each year but they are amazing!!

  7. I love the Peanut’s ornament.

  8. the charlie brown one!

  9. Joellen Foster says:

    We love the Charlie Brown one.

  10. Brenda Andrews says:

    I love the Our Christmas Together ornament. I just got married in July so it will be my first Christmas as a wife (and step mom!)

  11. I like the Peanuts one. 🙂

    I also save my kids ornaments, as my mom did for me. Each year the kids get to pick out one at the Hallmark store. It’s interesting to see how their tastes have changed over the years.

  12. Kristi Dalberg says:

    The “Our Family” photoholder is my favorite ornament! We love having something on our tree to represent each year together! This would be so perfect!

  13. It is a hard choice. But I think I like the “Our Family” Photoholder the best.

  14. Jennifer Williams says:

    I love the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown ornament….I love Peanuts!!!

  15. Great giveaway! Love the Our Family Photo Holder one!

  16. I LOVE family picture frame one!! We love the hallmark ornaments. We get a new one each year! The kids enjoy it, we let them pick their own and I admit they have thought up some very interesting combination!! =)

  17. I really like the school ornament. It has several significant meanings for me. First, I had one of these little schools as a child and remember playing for hours at the time with it, and as I outgrew it, I loved “playing school” for hours with my cousins. I would empty out my school desk the last day before Christmas break and we would play the entire break. This year, my youngest of 6 started kindergarten(in a public school) after homeschooling my others for the past 10 years. Bittersweet!!

  18. I love the Charlie Brown ornament! It’s almost time for the Christmas special, and my family and I watch it together every year!

  19. I love the Charlie Brown one, but the “Our Family” photoholder is perfect for my family since this is our first Christmas with a little one!

  20. Can’t get better than Charlie Brown

  21. I LOVE the Peanuts ornament!!

  22. My favorite is “Our Christmas Together”. I love to find a special ornament each year to celebrate my time together with my wonderful Hubby.

  23. Everything is beautiful but if I have to choose one, I love “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”…. ^^v

  24. Therese Rogan says:

    I would love to win the play family school house! Our family gets new hallmark ornaments every year and we love them!

  25. our family photoholder

  26. Sara Bastings says:

    My favorite is the “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”. It has always been a tradition w/my family to watch this movie every year since I was a little kid and it is a tradition I carry on w/my kids.

  27. Oh so hard to pick a favorite, but I am going to say the Peanuts ornament! Such a classic reminder of the Christmas season.

  28. I like the school one!

  29. Susan Holliday says:

    “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” The movie is one of our family traditions!

  30. I love the “Our Christmas Together” ornament. My husband and I have been married 2 years and we started the tradition of buying an ornament each year. Kind of our own tradition we started. That ornament would be very fitting.

  31. My favorite is Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!!

  32. I like the schoolhouse

  33. photo holder!

  34. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown….too cute! Gotta’ watch it every year!

  35. I like “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”. I’ve always loved the Peanuts.

  36. The School House one! My son just started preschool this year.

  37. Amy Puckett says:

    Charlie Brown!!! Love it!!

  38. I love the Play Family School. As a Homeschooling Mom with a love for Fisher Price Little People – it’s definitely a favorite!

  39. Charlie Brown and crew! Thanks so much.

  40. I love the Our Christmas Together. Each year we have been together my husband and I get a new ornament for our tree.

  41. I love Charlie Brown!

  42. I love the family photo ornament!

  43. Charlie Brown!

  44. My son is in school for the first time this year, so I would love the school house one 🙂

  45. CHARLIE BROWN wins,hands down.We want that one if not I will be visiting Hallmark to purchase.

  46. My 4yo son and I love the Play Family School one. It’s so fun and cute!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  47. I like the schoolhouse ornament. Lots of fun memeories playing with that toy. 🙂

  48. I think I like the Our Family photoholder the best!

  49. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

  50. My favorite is the snoopy one b/c my mother-in-law collects all things snoopy and it would go to her. 🙂

  51. I love the “Our Christmas Together” ornament. I buy one of these every year from Hallmark.

  52. I love the “our Family” ornament! We get a photo family ornament every year. Our CVS didn’t have this one in stock last week!

  53. I love the “Our Family” photo frame!

  54. Michele Laramay says:

    I love the Our Christmas Together one. My mom buys the daughter and son ones every year, and it’s a bit of a running joke, as she always reminds us “not to lose the boxes, as they will be worth money someday” if we have the original box. Funny.

  55. I have saved Hallmark ornaments for years and would love to add “Our Family Photoholder” to our collection.

  56. I like the play family school. Didn’t I have a toy like that when I was small?

  57. I like the Peanut characters ornament.

  58. We watch the “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” movie every year… I love that one!

  59. our family photoholder. This will be our first year with our adopted son(he is 3 and a shaken baby) and I would like to have the ornament to get a picture of us all(me, hubby, 12 year old daughter, 8 year old daughter, and 3 year old.

  60. Claire Pulsifer says:

    I have collected Peanuts/Snoopy ornaments since i was a child! Would love that new one!!!

  61. Charlie Brown!

  62. Our Christmas Together

  63. From these for me I’d have to say the Peanuts one, but in looking at the ornaments this year I so want the Tweety Angel one for my angel in heaven that was always called Tweety by her physical therapist.

  64. I love the Charlie Brown ornament, though they are all quite lovely. 🙂

  65. My favorite is the “Our Family” photo ornament!

  66. Without a doubt, “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”! 🙂

  67. My hubby loves Snoopy so I would love to win the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown for him.

  68. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas one! Its one of the few Christmas specials I absolutely have to watch every year!

  69. I really like the “Our Christmas Together” ornament but since we homeschool I also like the schoolhouse one. My 6 year old would absolutely LOVE the Snoopy ornament, though. They are all very nice!

  70. To be honest, I can’t decide between the “Our Family” Photoholder and the “Charlie Brown” ornament! They are both great!

  71. I love Charlie Brown so, of course, that is my favorite! 🙂

  72. I like the family photo holder.

  73. love the schoolhouse…reminds me of the one I used to play with as a kid.

  74. Cynthia Coffey says:

    Charlie Brown, we love Peanuts.

  75. I love the Charlie Brown ornament!

  76. the family one is my fave. 🙂 i can see it now!!! 🙂

  77. OH! The Play Family School is perfect! I scored one from Goodwill a few years ago for my own kids. It was one of my favorite toys when I was younger. 🙂

  78. I like the “Our Family One”. We became 1st time parents in January 2010. We finally have our “own” little family for the holidays. Our holidays will be extra special this year.

  79. Love the Charlie Brown!

  80. Charlie Brown

  81. Shelly Powell says:

    Love the “Play Family School”

  82. Melissa Lowrie says:

    Play family school is my favorite!! 🙂

  83. I like the Play Family School ornament. We started home preschool this year, so it would be fitting for my 3 year old!

  84. I like the little schoolhouse.

  85. the Charlie Brown – one of the best holiday specials out there. I get teary every year when it’s on when Linus tells the Christmas story.

  86. Sarah Cornett says:

    We have the same tradition in our family. My Mom always let us pick out our special ornament for the year, and I continue with my own children. I also try and pick an ornament consistent with what ‘thing’ they’re into that year, and write the year on the bottom.

    My favorite is the Peanuts ornament. So classic!

  87. I like Charlie Brown 🙂

  88. “Play Family School” since I started Kindergarten with my daughter this year.

  89. I love the photo holder ornament. They are all really cute!

  90. I LOVE the Charlie Brown one!!

  91. I love the Charlie Brown ornament.

  92. With a husband and a daughter who love Snoopy, I would have to pick the Charlie Brown one. (But for next year, it would be the school…our little one starts kindergarten.)

  93. Well of course my favorite is Charlie Brown! Who doesn’t love his poor, sad little Christmas tree?

  94. Charlie Brown is a family favorite around here!

  95. I like the school ornament. I hadn’t seen that one yet.

  96. The Charlie Brown Ornament for sure. We’ve been watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown for months now, LOL.

  97. Play Family School!

  98. I like the our christmas together~

  99. Charlie Brown is my favorite! Adorable!

  100. Love the peanuts ornament

  101. I like the Merry Christmas Charlie brown!

  102. Love the Charlie Brown ornament!

  103. That’s a tough one to pick. I love the photo frame because I can look back and see how the family has grown. The school house reminds me of my childhood.
    Hallmark ornaments are great.

  104. I really like the schoolhouse ornament!

  105. I love the Charlie Brown one. Peanuts is such a classic!

  106. I like the little schoolhouse!

  107. My husband & kids would love the peanuts one since we have my husband’s peanuts ornaments from when he was a kid. I like the school house one. It brings back childhood memories.

  108. I love the play family school one!

  109. I love the Play Family School. I still have my “real” one and my kids still play with it!

  110. Amy Korstange says:

    Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.

  111. It would be such fun to hang Merry Christmas Charlie Brown on our tree! (I have such fond memories of Play Family School with my younger sister!)

  112. My kids would love the Charlie Brown one – they think it is soooo funny when the Charlie Brown shows use the word “blockhead” :/ But I would pick the schoolhouse

  113. They are all so pretty! But my favorite is definitely the Charlie Brown!! :0)

  114. Charlie Brown is great!

  115. My favorite would be the family photo ornament. I love pictures.

  116. I really like the “Our Christmas Together” one. I love Hallmark ornaments. I think they do them the best.

  117. schoolhouse one!

  118. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas. My baby is one and I am just starting with this tradition! Hallmark Ornaments are my fav!

  119. I love the school house ornament. 🙂

  120. I heart the school house! ~C

  121. I like the “Our Christmas Together” 2010; we try to get one family ornament per year to remember that year. We’ve been on a tight budget this year, and that one is simple, describing our year! =)

  122. Our Family” Photoholder

  123. Aidee Hernandez says:

    Hi, let me just tell you that I love all the ideas that you have on your website. I love the Play Family School

  124. I really like the Charlie Brown on though they are all great. I have Charlie Brown stuff from when I was little and I was born on the 25th anniversary of the first strip so it is special to me.

  125. Charlie Brown is my favorite!

  126. I like the Peanuts one because when my son was a baby he always carried a blanket around with him. We took to calling him Linus, he’s 24 now and I still call him Linus. I also like the School one beacause it reminds of all the years I taught my children at home.


  127. Renae McElroy says:

    I like the our family photoholder

  128. I like the Charlie Brown ornament.

  129. I love the school house one, it has special meaning since my oldest started kindergarten this year.

  130. I love Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. Reminds me of wonderful Christmas”s of past.

  131. I like the Playschool Family


  133. The schoolhouse. It matches the one my kids are still playing with.

  134. Leslie Jacobs says:

    Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

  135. I love the play school ornament.

  136. I like the family one. *True confession: When I read the list I read it as “potholder”. I scrolled back up to look at the ornaments and could not figure out why none looked like a potholder. I went back down and re-read the list a little more carefully. 🙂

  137. Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown is my fav!

  138. I love the Little People Schoolhouse!

  139. I love the play family school one!

  140. either the frame or the school

  141. I like the Charlie Brown one or the Family Photo Holder. Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. rebekah bautista says:

    love the family 2010 one. its beautiful!

  143. photo holder

  144. Charlie Brown has always been my favorite! The Peanuts saw me through some hard times during my childhood and I will always hold a special place for them in my heart.

  145. The “Our Family” photo holder is beautiful.

  146. Our family photoholder

  147. I saw the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown last weekend at the store and almost got it. We are huge Charlie Brown fans.

  148. I like the family one and the Charlie Brown – it’d be hard to choose between the two!

  149. I love the school one – we started homeschooling our oldest this year, so it’s very appropriate!

  150. “Our family” is my favorite.

  151. I love the peanuts one… I am hoping my dh will get it for mr for christmas!

  152. Charity Shapiro says:

    Love the Charlie Brown ornament!

  153. Our family photo frame

  154. I love the “Our Family photoholder ornament and the Charlie Brown one as well.

  155. My girls and I love the little school house one 🙂 It’s adorable!!

  156. “Play Family School”

  157. I love the Charile brown merry christmas one!!.

  158. Charlie Brown is my favorite!

  159. I’m such a Peanuts fan. I’d have to go with the Charlie Brown one.

  160. Tammy Lindner says:

    I love the “Our Family” photo ornament. Thanks for the chance to win.

  161. For this year I love the school one since I have just started homeschooling my oldest this year.

  162. Play Family School reminds me of going to my grandparents house when we were little. Love that one.

  163. LOVE the Peanuts one!!

  164. I love the Charlie Brown ornament. Their Christmas special is just so precious and I love that scripture is read in the movie. What a light to those that watch it!

  165. I like the Charlie Brown Christmas one!

  166. I love the Peanuts ornament. I can picture my two-year old son starring at it in awe!

  167. I like the Our Family photoholder.

  168. I love the Little People Schoolhouse. I have fond memeories of playing with that as a child. 🙂 Thanks, Cheryl

  169. oops sorry for typo of memories lol

  170. The family photo ornament is my favorite.

  171. The Charlie Brown one!! It’s awesome!!

  172. I love their lighthouse ornaments.

  173. I love the “Our Family” Photoholder. Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. Our Family photo holder!!

  175. Oooooo! I love the play family school. So retro, nostalgic!

  176. Sue Rogers says:

    I love the Charlie Brown one! This special just warns my heart. I get teary every time I hear Linus tell Charlie ” what Christmas is really all about”. Thanks for a great give away!

  177. I love the photo family ornament!

  178. I love the play family school ornament! It is fitting for our family this year. Thanks!

  179. I like the play school ornament, perfect for my daughter who used to love playing with toy like that

  180. I love the family photo ornament!

  181. We do the exact same thing! I love the family picture holder ornament.

  182. gabrielle ahearn says:

    love love love…. charlie brown…….

  183. Charlie Brown is part of my Christmas tradition along with the ornaments that I brought from home.

  184. I love the Charlie Brown one.

  185. Sheila Johnson says:

    Definitely the Charlie Brown one. This year I made Christmas pillowcases for my family, and the fabric I chose for my pillowcase was the Charlie Brown fabric. I’ll always be a fan!

  186. I am partial to the play family school one. I wonder if it’s cat proof? LOL Our fuzzy friends specialize in climbing and knocking over the tree so ornaments have sturdiness requirements in this household.


  187. christmas togethr

  188. The Peanuts ornament is my favorite. We love the Peanuts gang in our house!

  189. I played with my sisters all the time with the Fisher Price Schoolhouse – that one brings back so many good memories

  190. Merry Christmas Charlie Brown is my favorite. They are all beautiful.

  191. My grandma did the same thing for us when we were kids. I need to sort out our Christmas decorations and start separate boxes for each child before their ornaments are too jumbled up!

  192. I used to live in Kansas City, and the ornament debuts were such a big deal then. We’d go every year at midnight!!

    I love Charlie Brown ornaments and have collected them through the years – they’ve just been out of my budget the last few!

  193. I like the Our Family photoholder. Maybe I could even get a picture in it before next Christmas. 🙂

  194. Margaret K says:

    The Charlie Brown ornament is my favorite. The Charlie Brown Christmas cd is one of our favorites this time of year. Great memories!

  195. I LOVE the “Play Family School” ornament. It would be a perfect “gift” for my dd(3) who just started school this fall.

    Ornament gifts are a huge part of our Family Tradition. My Christmas Tree is adorned with tons of ornaments from my childhood in clearly labeled boxes showing the year and who it was from. One of my Aunts buys us all Silver Ornaments that are part of a collection. My dd LOVES hanging my ornaments on the tree and hearing about each one and who they are from. Especially people who passed away before she was born. She gets more excited about my ornaments then she does her own.

  196. My favorite is the “Our Christmas together” decoration, it’s so simple yet so beautiful.
    Thanks for this chance!

  197. Anne Marie says:

    Charlie Brown by all means!

  198. The Charlie Brown ornament. Peanuts is my favorite!

  199. my favorite is “our Christmas together”

  200. My favorite is the “Play family school”. I remember ny brother having one like this when he was little.

  201. I really like the “Our Family” photo holder, even though I am really partial to Charlie Brown during the holidays!

  202. The photoholder would be so neat! Of course, then I would need to get a picture of all of us. 🙂

  203. Play family school!

  204. My husband would love the Peanuts Christmas….he is a huge fan and makes sure we watch every time the special seasonal episode is on tv. I like the family picture ornament.

  205. I like the ‘Our Family’ photo ornament.

  206. Aww, I love the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown ornament!

  207. i love the “Our Family” photo holder!

  208. Please enter me!~
    clarksrfun at gmail dot com

  209. bridget coker says:

    charlie brown of course!

  210. Charlie Brown! My three year old son is obsessed with watching Charlie Brown movies. We are currently watching the Christmas and Thanksgiving movies on a daily basis!

  211. I love family photo holder!!! But my 16 year old son is a huge Charlie Brown fan… decisions, decisions!

  212. Jennifer M says:

    I love “Play Family School” since we homeschool. 🙂

  213. I Looove Charlie Brown

  214. I love the Charlie Brown one!!

  215. Definitely the Peanuts. I was in the store last night and much to my delight they have many Peanuts ornaments this year! Love it!

  216. Charlie Brown. My DH would love it!

  217. I like the charlie brown one.

  218. They are all adorable, but I would choose the photoholder.

  219. I like the photo holder.

  220. Erin Ringwald says:

    I like the Peanuts one

  221. I love the “Our Family” Ornament! So cute!!

  222. I love the “Our Christmas Together”. It was really hard to choose. I like all of them for different reasons.

  223. So hard to choose, but my most favorite is “Our Family.”

  224. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    Our family photoholder definitely!

  225. Michelle Murphy says:

    I like the Our Family photo holder

  226. The “Our Family” photo holder is my favorite.

  227. Danielle Highley says:

    I love the charlie brown one. Its such a good family memory for me, can’t wait to share it with my son!

  228. I like the family ornament!

  229. I would chose the Our Family photoholder. I love it!

  230. Jessica Fox says:

    I think my favorite is the schoolhouse one. 🙂

  231. I really like the Our family Photoholder.

  232. I love the “play family school” but would actually be happy with any of them! So cute!

  233. I love the picture frame ornament, but the charlie brown one is pretty cute, too!

  234. Shawna Daniels says:

    I like the Our Family photo holder one. That’s what Christmas is all about right? Being together as a family.

  235. I really like the “Our Christmas Together 2010”. We have started a tradition when my hubby and I started dating of getting an ornament every year that reflected what was going on in our lives. The year we got married it was a bride and groom ornament. They year our daughter and my mom passes away it was a grinch ornament!

  236. katie thompson says:

    My mother did that for us, too! I love the Charlie Brown one…brings back good memories watching the Christmas special with my brother growing up.

  237. The Charlie Brown! It goes with our tree theme which is basically, “early third grade”. Also, two of my daughters are playing “Charlie Brown Christmas” for their concerts with their high school bands this year. Fun!

  238. I like all of them and Charlie Brown Christmas has always been one of my fav Christmas shows but the schoolhouse really caught my eye–I remember my sister playing with it as a kid and now my granddaughter plays with the same one.

  239. I love all of them! The schoolhouse one reminds me of a toy I had as a child. I am trying to get ornaments for my boys, also. Great ideas!

  240. Definately the Charlie Brown one.

  241. I love the our family photoholder.

  242. My favorite is the “Our Family” photo holder. We’re due to add TWO more babies (yep, twins) to our family in the next couple weeks. Our first photo as a family of 5 would be perfect in that ornament!

  243. I like the Our Family ornament.

  244. Kim Nichols says:

    “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” is our family favorite!

  245. I definately would pick “Our Family” Photoholder. I Love Hallmark ornaments.

  246. Our family likes to use ornaments at part of the bow on a gift. We date it so each person has their own ornament collection. This is easy….we’re are nuts for Peanuts in this house! Thanks!

  247. Without a doubt, my favorite is the schoolhouse!

  248. I like the Family Photoholder.

  249. I really love the “Our Family” photoholder!

  250. The our family is my favorite!

  251. Julie Young says:

    Love the little school house!!

  252. I love the Play Family School House. I had one growing up and my children play with it too. What wonderful memories.

  253. I like the play family school ornament.

  254. i love the “Our Family” ornament. what a sweet tradition.

  255. sandra pagoria says:

    I just LOVE the Fisher Price Little Schoolhouse ornament! My grandmother worked for the Fisher Price Factory when I was little and I adore anything from the original Fisher Price Little people collection. It brings back fond memories of when my grandmother was still with us.

  256. The Play Family School is unique…it brings back many memories.

  257. I like the Charlie Brown one!

  258. My favorite is the photoholder. I love ornaments that are unique and personalized.

  259. I love the peanuts ornament. I love Charlie Brown

  260. Charlie Brown!

  261. Charlie Brown, of course!

    jensteed dot 08 at gmail dot com

  262. I love the little people school ornament! I had this toy when I was young & my son now plays with it.

  263. I love the family photo ornament. We get one every year!

  264. My family would enjoy the Charlie Brown ornament! I enjoyed your post, my mother kept out Hallmark ornaments also, my favorite being a merry go round from the year I was born(1976).

  265. The play family school ornament is adorable. I remember playing with that toy as a kid. Thanks for the chance to win!

  266. Go Charlie, Go Charlie, Go Go Go Charlie!

    Seeing the Peanuts gang brings back so many Christmas memories and I want to share those with my own daughter!

    My mother still has some Hallmark ornaments but she’s not ready to part with them yet!

  267. I like the our family ornament. Love to collect a new ornament each year.

  268. I like the our family 2010 ornament. I’ve bought a ornament with the date on it every year since I moved out on my own.I haven’t bought this years ornament yet so maybe I’ll win this one.

  269. LOVE the “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” Ornament!

  270. I like the photo holder.

  271. My favorite ornament is one given to me as a baby of a teddy bear in pink pajamas holding a stuffed bear.

  272. Our Christmas Together is my pick.

  273. The schoolhouse is great!

  274. I love the photoholder because you can personalize it.

    My daughter is only 1, but we have already started a tradition of buying her an ornament every year. We have a family tree-trimming party where we unwrap the new ornament and put together the tree with all the ornaments, including the ones from my childhood.

  275. Family ornament!

  276. Boy it’s so hard to choose, I guess my pick would be the ‘Peanuts’ ornament because they are a family fave! However, I’d love to put a photo of our vacation to Disney World this year in the Our Family Photo Holder ornament. I also really like Play Family School because we homeschool. What a great giveaway, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  277. I love the Charlie Brown ornament

  278. Ah, for us, the Charlie Brown ornament. We are BIG Peanuts fans in this house!

  279. It would have to be Charlie Brown. Susan

  280. I love the Charlie Brown one – perfect for my brother in law who always plays the Christmas song for us on the piano every holiday!

  281. Our family is nice, but the Charlie Brown reminds me of the ornaments my grandpa would give me every year as a child!

  282. I like the photo holder because we just got a terrific family picture taken and I’d put that picture in it.

  283. My mom always got us hallmark ornaments growing up and now she gets one for hubby and i to share that fits us and then gets them for the boys too!
    While I totally love the Charlie brown christmas one the family photo holder would be a great one for this year because we got some awesome family pics done last weekend!!

  284. The Peanuts is my favorite.

  285. Telena Reynolds says:

    My favorite is the “Our Christmans Together”.

  286. I really like “Our Family” Photoholder.

  287. I like Our Christmas Together, but I know the rest of the family would love Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.

  288. We are adding to our family in a few days so I like the family one!

  289. I like the “Our Family”!

  290. I *love* the schoolhouse ornament! Both my husband and I are getting our Masters degrees to be elementary educators.

  291. Love the Peanuts ornament!

  292. our family

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