A Giveaway from Safeway and Betty Crocker

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A Jesus Cake from Easter Past

The kids and I came up with a great creative Easter cake idea this past week. And, no, it’s not bunnies and chicks. It’s Easter as in Resurrection-Sunday-kind-of-Easter. We’re trolling the Playmobil collection this weekend in the hopes of finding all the necessary components. I hope to share our Jesus-inspired cake in the next week, hopefully in time for you to make one of your own for Easter should you so desire.

And even though I’m really big on baking from scratch, when it comes to cakes, I generally cheat. Yes, I looove boxed cake mixes. Go ahead and judge me. So, when I heard about the latest sale at Safeway stores, I was particularly stoked. (That’s 1980’s CA talk for “really happy.”) When you buy 4 Betty Crocker cake mixes, you get them for $0.69 each. And since I have a mess of cake-making occasions coming up, I don’t mind stockpiling.

Betty Crocker has put together a baking site, called There are all sorts of ideas for Spring and Easter fun with the kids as well as coupon offers that download right to your Safeway Club card via Cellfire. It’s the first time I’ve tried digital coupons, but with a sale this good, how could I not?

This weekend, Betty Crocker and Safeway have put together a great giveaway for one LifeasMOM reader. The Baking basket they’ve provided includes a silicon baking pan, stainless steel mixing bowl, oven mitt, Betty Crocker mixing spoon, and a $25 Safeway gift card.

To enter, tell us your favorite baking memory. Leave it in the comment section below along with your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner. Contest will be open until Sunday night at 8 pm PST. Winner to be chosen at random.

Hope you win!

Congratulations to Mari who was chosen at random. Thanks for playing, everyone!

Disclosure: I was given a Betty Crocker product coupon and a basket like the one described above by Safeway and Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark. My opinions are my own.

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  1. What an awesome giveaway!! 🙂 I am also a big time “from scratch” baker who prefers the taste of box mix cakes. It’s hard to beat how moist they come out.

    My favorite baking memory isn’t really just one memory – it’s the combined memories of all the birthday cakes I have made for my boys. I love searching for the perfect cake idea and then putting it all together on the big day. Making their birthdays special will always be a top memory in my book.

  2. Christina says:

    Favorite Baking memory – Baking the same Christmas cookies with my son and his cousins this year that my cousins and I baked every year with my grandma.

  3. What a great give away!

    I love making my boys birthday cakes! Suprising them with a special cake is always fun for them and me!

  4. My favorite baking memory is from a few years back. I baked and decorated a barbie cake for my girls’ birthday. When I brought out the cake my younger daughter said, “mommy it looks great and you didn’t even burn it.”

  5. I remember my mom baking cookies but we never did it together. I’m enjoying creating new memories with my 2 sons and 2 daughters!

  6. HAHA I cheat on cakes too. Despite being a more than competent baker, I think that scratch cakes just are not worth the work and mess, and its hard to replicate the stable-yet-fluffy texture of a box cake. I even separate my eggs and whip the whites separately, and then fold them into the (boxed) cake batter.

    umm so my fave baking memory was taking cake decorating class with my little old arthritic teacher who could pipe some mean flowers despite pushing 87.

  7. Well, actually…..I am in the midst of making baking memories. I don’t really have any baking memories from when I was young. I am determined to change that for my kids. I have 4 kids, all under the age of 7 and I love to have them in the kitchen. My daughter loves to cook and even creates her own recipes. I love having that time with her and even if she makes big messes in the kitchen, I try to let her creativity flow. I think……wait, I KNOW that God gave her the gift of creativity. I don’t want to be the one to hold her back from that. Plus, we get to spend some time together in the kitchen, which is so much fun!

  8. Stephanie says:

    My favorite memory is when my sister and I used to set up cooking shows with all the ingredients in seperate bowls and bake in front of my parents for a show. We loved to make snickerdoodles.

    My mom is a wonderful cook and loved to bake and cook from scratch. I have a lot of wonderful baking memories with her.

    My daughter and I are waiting for carmel rolls to rise right now. What great times to be had in the kitchen and such a gift to be able to share with the next generation.

  9. My favorite baking memory is any time I bake with my boys! They always do most of the baking and I’ve learned they are better bakers than I am (and they’re 5 and 18 months!) They make baking so much fun and honestly, I can remember every single time we’ve baked together. They get all messy when they lick the bowl. 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. My favorite baking memory is making Christmas cookies with my son to leave out for Santa. He’s such a great kid and he took lots of time decorating (in his great two year old way) the cookies so that Santa would really enjoy them!
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  11. Awesome giveaway!
    My favorite baking memory was this past Christmas – my daughter is four now and finally old enough to be really excited about helping in the kitchen. We went home to my parents’ house and my 83-year-old grandma baked cookies with my daughter. It was so precious to watch them together, and my daughter loved it because she let her sneak a million tastes of everything! I took so many pictures of it, because I don’t know how many Christmases that these two will get to share together and their baking experience this year was definitely one to remember.

  12. My mom always made my birthday cake and creatively decorated it. Now I get to do that for my kids.

    My husband’s family also has a tradition of making a gingerbread house for Christmas.

  13. My favorite baking memories are from when I was a little girl I would stand on the chair next to the counter and help my 80+ year old great-grandmother bake cookies from scratch. She was always willing to take the time to let me “help” her. Even though she has been dead for 20 years everytime I bake I think of her.

  14. Kim in AZ says:

    My favorite baking memory? Making cookies with my kiddos – or any other baking project! We recently made indian fry bread and they helped roll out the dough – it was amazingly fun. Even though that is not technically baking, I think I will remember that particular dinner prep for quite a while! 🙂 I’m also excited to stock up on the cake sale this week!!!

  15. I love to bake! And some of past memories are making cakes for my parents on their birthdays. And in the past month I have made cookies with my children – in fact we have fresh chocolate chip cookies as of yesterday.

  16. Christy B. says:

    I’ve recently taken up baking Artisan bread with my husband. We don’t usually spend time together in the kitchen (unless we’re eating!). After our first successful baking session we sat down satisfied and impressed with our efforts. My favorite part was doing it with him. 🙂

  17. making Christmas cookies with my grandma was always a highlight of the holiday!

  18. My favorite baking memory is making Black Cat cookies for Halloween with my Mom and Sister. This past fall I enjoyed this tradition with my Mother in Law and my newborn daughter! So much fun!

    Thanks for sharing this contest. 🙂

  19. Making & decorating sugar cookies with my mom every Christmas. Very special time!

  20. Cool giveaway!
    My favorite baking memory goes back about 20 years, when I was about 9, and my older brother was about 16. Parents were gone for the evening, and we decided to make cookies. Don’t know what happened with the product: too much flour, not enough, too sticky one time, too firm the next. We just kept adding flour to stiffen it, then it would get to stiff, and we’d add water to thin it out, continuous! Mom came home to find a HUGE mess of her kitchen! When in all actuality, all we wanted to do was surprise her with homemade cookies! What a fun time with older bro! We’ve both learned LOTS since then!

  21. Most of my favorite memories are where I’d bake most of the day while my Mom was out grocery shopping…She’d be so surprised to find all the “nice little extras”.
    My brothers would(And still to this day) vacuum up several doz. cookies in a few mins. but I love to see them go!

  22. My favorite baking memory is baking cookies with my mom. We always baked about 10 different kinds of cookies at Christmas. Several years we did a marathon and baked cookies all day long. It was fabulous. Now, I’m having fun, passing this memory on to my daughter. She loves to help in the kitchen.

  23. I have so many great baking moments because it’s what I love to do. I also love using cake mixes especially the new reduced sugar ones. My favorite memory I was 5 years old & baked my first box cake mix all by myself! It tasted terrific & really creamy inside when you cut into the vanilla cake. I had mistakenly put the tub of vanilla frosting into the cake batter bowl & baked it inside the cake! My mom was afraid of tasting it at first but we all really liked it! We didn’t have to frost it at all but it was really sweet!

  24. For every birthday and holiday, my sister and I would decorate cupcakes or cakes for the occasion. I always remember having a great time, but looking back at photos I always wonder why we received so many compliments! Well, regardless of the talent, they were each decorated with a ton of Love!!!

  25. My memories are more of those that are “in the making” – as in….whenever my girls ask : mom can we bake……(fill in the blank! They love to bake anything!!)

  26. Some of my favorite memories are ones we’ve been making lately. I’ve been letting my 7 year old daughter help in the kitchen. We homeschool, so this is also a big help in the math department!

  27. The first thing my mom let me cook all on my own was a no-bake cheesecake from the box. The crust called for 1 T of sugar. I used 1 T of salt! We proceeded to serve it to the whole family when my grandma came over for a visit that night. It wasn’t very good. 😉

  28. I love baking with my children. All the way from when they were so little they just sat on my counter to now, where they bake sometimes completely on their own. I’ve taught them to love it! I love the idea of a Jesus cake. We may just need to do this ourselves for Easter!

  29. I had a great, yet tiring time making my twins 4th birthday cakes. My daughter wanted a Cinderella cake and my son asked for a cars cake. I had a lot of fun and I loved their expressions when they saw the cakes on their birthday morning!

  30. Carmen Goddard says:

    My boys love making there own bday cakes so every year it has become a tradition for them to pick out there flavor of cake and frosting and we make it together – Precious moments. Thank you – I love reading and getting great ideas on your blog. Carmen Goddard

  31. What a great gift! My favorite baking memory is our yearly cookie day with my mom, aunt, and whatever other family member could come. Every December we get together to make sugar cookies, rum balls, spritz cookies, and many others. There was usually some sort of food fight involving flour that I always loved. We now do cookie day with my 2 boys and my mom.

  32. I can’t wait to see your cake!
    My favorite baking memory was when I made my daughter’s 1st birthday cake in December. It didn’t turn out real well, but it was a fun time in the kitchen with my mom and sister.

  33. anne marie says:

    What a great giveaway! I think I have to great memories. My daughters and I along with my sister-in-law and niece get together every December for a full day of holiday baking. My girls love it! I also love coming up with creative birthday cakes for my kids too. They’ve told me they like Mom’s cakes better than the ones from the store 😉 (I use boxed mixes too, shhh)

  34. My favorite baking memory is my grandmother’s amazing from-scratch rolls and breakfast cinnamon rolls. The smell of the kitchen is forever etched in my brain and I wish I could can it for those moments when I miss her most.


  35. My favorite baking memories are from my childhood and making and decorating cookies for Santa. I love that I get to continue that tradition with my own children now…. this past Christmas was so much fun watching my older boys (4 and 2) decorate or is that DUMP sprinkles on their cookies while my newborn twins napped by the tree.

  36. It’s so hard to choose just one! I love all kinds of baking with my kids. They are just the cutest and have to take turns pouring in the ingredients. 🙂 My favorite memory is probably baking our favorite Christmas cookies last year – peanut butter blossoms!

  37. My mom always made a bunny cake with me for Easter, and I loved. I’ve now continued on the tradition myself, and have fun making a bunny cake with my kiddos too!

  38. For our half birthdays, my mom would always make us half a cake. Just one cake pan worth of cake, then cut it in half and frost it.

  39. I think my favorite baking memory is when I tried to make a pineapple upside down cake for the first time. I called my grandma for her recipe and laughed the whole time as I was writing it down because she would only say well I put in a pinch of this and a handful of that and didn’t have any measurements. Well I made it and left it on the counter to cool and our dog ate half of it.

    I also enjoy all the ones I have been doing with my son. Our favorite by far was making Hugry Caterpillar cookies after reading his favorite book.

  40. I admit it, I love boxes cake mixes too. I love it when people ask me for my cake recipes. LOL I’m stocking up on cake mixes and brownie mixes at Safeway this week with their awesome deal too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. My favorite baking memory is that for as long as I can remember, we have spent a whole day around Christmas at my grandmother’s house baking a zillion Christmas cookies. I’m now 28 years old and take my daughter with me, only now its to her great-grandmothers house! We make it a point to always get there…it’s a special tradition to me.

  42. Gosh, favorite baking memory??? Just a collection of memories of working in the kitchen with my boys. But if I had to say one, the other day, my little boy (just shy of five), said “Mom, you’re a good cooker!”

  43. I don’t want to enter the giveaway (I have never even heard of Safeway) but I had to tell you I laughed out loud for 5 minutes when the above picture popped up in my Google Reader!

    I have that very Jesus figurine and have seen him all over our house this week as my son is studying Palm Sunday at school. Oh the places he has been! And then to see him atop a cake was just too much.


  44. My favorite baking memory from childhood is watching/helping my mom make my birthday cake. Now my favorite memories are from when I’m baking with my own kids.

  45. Debbie in PA says:

    One of my favorite baking memories is baking gingerbread cookies (cut outs) with my kids, then taking them over to my Mom’s house to decorate. good cookies, and a lot of fun to make!

  46. My favorite baking memory would be baking Christmas cookies with my 2 year old daughter helping/eating all of the toppings and icing!

  47. What a great give away!! My favorite baking memory happened just this past Christmas when my 2 year old and I baked Christmas treats together for the first time. 🙂

  48. My favorite cooking memory was baking Christmas cookies with my three sisters and mom and ending up having a flour fight. Looking back now, I realize my mom was really gracious and let us have our moment of fun even though the house was trashed in the process. 🙂

  49. My favorite baking memory is making Easter bunny cookies/cakes with Mom and sisters when we were kids.

  50. My favorite memory is from when I was little, helping my mother bake. Usually for a holiday, but on occasion we’d need baked goods for school or other functions. She’d wear a handkerchief over her hair to keep it up and out of the way, naturally I HAD to have one too. So we’d go through her collection so I could find the perfect scarf/handkerchief and she’d help tuck all my hair under it and then I’d climb up on the stool or chair to help…..and by help I mean lick the beaters. lol Even though I hardly ever got the chance to actually participate in the actual mixing/baking part just spending the time chatting (like any child would about nothing in particular) and just being with my mom was the best! And I can’t wait to have a daughter to do the same with. 🙂

  51. My most recent favorite baking memory was last Easter, watching my mom and my kids make ‘resurrection rolls’ together!

  52. My favorite baking memory was just last year – my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She wanted a Barbie cake. The kind where you use a bowl to make the cake, then put a barbie in standing up. It was a total disaster and I had to use a smaller doll. Good memories though!

  53. Stephanie P. says:

    Baking sugar cookies with the kids whether it’s for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or Halloween (or any other holiday that I have cookies cutters) is always fun!

  54. My favorite baking memory is during a ‘home ec’ class here in my kitchen. I home school my three girls, and my two oldest were working on history, so I brought my then 6 yr. old into the kitchen for home ec. We got out all of the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies (her fave). I began to help her, and she said, “No mom, I can do it by myself.” I sat back and watched my 6 yr old make from scratch cookies by herself, including using the Kitchen Aid mixer like a pro! Don’t underestimate the times you bring your kids in the kitchen with you…my little ‘sous chefs’ are taking over the ‘head chef’ role, and I love it!


  55. My mom never let me in the kitchen, so my favorite baking memory was making a carrot cake with my Grandma for her birthday. I can’t eat a carrot cake to this day without thinking of her and being grateful that she let me work in her kitchen.

  56. Baking for a cake decorating class my daughter and I took together. It was a good mother/daughter time, even if I still can’t decorate cakes!

  57. My favorite baking memory — Christmas cookies . . . as a little girl it was on Christmas Eve and then we would take a ride to look at lights and then come home to make Santa’s plate.
    The recipe is my mother’s great grandmothers recipe. For many years the cookies were part of the Christmas left by Santa for my mom and her sisters. Then the passed on the tradition when they were married. Now my children and I make these cookies a few days before Christmas and deliver plates of goodies on Christmas Eve.

  58. I made an apple cake a few years ago and forgot to put in the flour. The pan could not be rescued. Anyway, that’s not my favorite baking memory, but my most memorable baking experience. My favorite would be the year my then 13yo-son made his own birthday cake. He did a fabulous job and he was (justifiably) so proud of himself!

    rgbarron01 at yahoo dot com

  59. My fav baking memory is also my most disastrous…
    I was around 11 or 12 and I decided to make apple pie….from SCRATCH…complete with a custard sauce.
    I made it, my family of 6 other people ate it–happy day.
    But a few days later, my mom asked me, “Alicia, is this the flour you used?” I nodded yes.
    “It’s full of bugs!” she replied.
    And I had thought it was just some sort of whole wheat flour…:(


  60. All the memories i have of baking ,have to be mine,coz have been loving to baking before i was a teen…my mom wasnt much into baking though she did bake traditional goodies ,but when im married and have babies ,i sure plan to bake loads with my angels…\
    THat said i love the memory of the first time i discovered i could make eggs at home :-)))
    And i dont have the recipe but am trying to replicate it :-))))
    and here’s my id ,coz i wanna win so so badly :-))0

  61. I love to bake! I have tons of memories of making cakes, cookies, and much more with both my grandmother and my mom. My favorite baking memory is probably the time that my sister and I made my mom a birthday cake all by ourselves. We cut it down to a heart shape, and then proceeded to frosting it using 2 cans of frosting. My lovely mother bravely ate her cake in spite of the 2 inch layer of frosting!

  62. My favorite baking memory would have to be making Easter cookies with my boys. It is a recipe were you read a verse and the kids do all of the mixing, adding of ingredients. They enjoyed helping & the meaning behind what we were doing lasted.

  63. We made cookies with my grandma one day. There were 3 adults and 2 2-year olds, and then a 6, 8, & 9 year old.

    My grandma didn’t care one bit about the flour that was

    My goal in life is to be that relaxed about messes!

  64. Sometimes my daughter (3) and I make brownies to surprise my husband when he comes home from work. She gets soooo excited to make him guess what we did during the day and he can never get it until she tells him (even though the whole house smells like brownies 🙂 – and then we all eat them for dessert. A win/win for us all!

  65. Even though I bake my cakes from scratch, my favorite baking memory is from when I was a little girl and watching my mom mix up a cake mix, from a box, and letting me lick the spoon if I was a good helper. What a sweet memory.

  66. Our favorite memories our baking together at Christmas; we always bake cookies on Christmas Eve, and we make triple ginger cookies, fennel-cornmeal cookies, and sugar cookies for decorating.

  67. My favourite memory is making Christmas cookies with my mom and grandma, and now my daughter.

  68. My favorite baking memory is my Moms Easter cake.

  69. Heather A says:

    I love baking and have many fond memories of baking with my mom and sister as a child. We would bake cookies and pies, but my mom never taught me how to make a homemade pie crust. I loved making lemon meringue pie. I think my meringue turned out better when I was a kids than it does as and adult! My neighbor says that she has an easy pie crust recipe so I’m going to try that. I love baking with my two kids. We have fun whipping up treats for family, friends, neighbors, and teachers.

  70. i’d love to win this!
    My favorite baking memories are of making Christmas cookies with my mom and sisters, and now, with my nieces and nephews. Lots of fun shapes, colored icing, sprinkles, and just a ton of fun!

  71. My favorite baking memory is having a friend over to teach me and my daughters how to properly frost and decorate a cake. Needless to say, hers was perfect and ours needed lots of practice! It was a lot of fun!

  72. My favorite Easter Memory is quite recent. When I was a child my parents never gave us Easter Baskets as gifts. They hosted a dinner for the family, and felt that it was inappropriate to gift baskets full of candy to us kids. So, I felt a little left out that I was the only kid I knew that didn’t get a gift on Easter.
    When I told my dh about this traumatic event (ha) he just listened…and then he surprised me by MAKING me a very special Easter basket the first year we were together and every year after that. It was so sweet and kind it brought tears to my eyes. That is how I knew he was the ONE!

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  73. I am a baking fanatic, so I have many memories. One of my most “profitable” baking experiences was when I made fudge for my sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. He was 17 or 18 at the time, and I was 19 or 20 (can’t remember off the top of my head!). A few years later he asked me to marry him, and now we’ve been married 4 years and just had our 3rd sweet baby a week ago today!

  74. What a fun giveaway!

    My memory in baking goes back to my early teenage years when my parents assisted me in starting my very own cottage bread-baking business. What a brilliant idea on their part! I learned so much about business, networking, responsibility in keeping my word, etc. I especially learned how to persevere when I accidentally ruined my whole week’s worth of work by incorrectly measuring and adding way too much salt! Had to make the whole batch over again. Blah!

  75. I always remember making chocolate chip cookies with no chocolate chips with my granny. She saved the recipe (with my fingerprints on it) and gave it to me as part of my wedding day cookbook

  76. A memory that comes to mind… whenever we would bake cookies with honey, my dad would always say “it’s not made with love”- in other words…he wanted cookies made the ‘right’ way with sugar!

  77. I like baking from scratch too but I despise homemade brownies. Cakes are ok.

    Favorite Memory…. every Thanksgiving/Easter my mom makes her Hungarian Coffee Cake.

    We usually end up making 4-5 of these suckers for church, neighbors, dad’s co-workers etc. cause EVERYONE LOVES my mom’s Hungarian Coffee Cake. 😀

  78. Woo!

    I sure wish to win! My baking memories are the time I spent with my Mom at every holidays and family member’s birthdays. I have 60 years worth of memories.


  79. rhonda smith says:

    Definitely my Grandma… she loved to cook for a crowd and would spend the time and energy to show us young gals how to help. I love and miss her soo….. she loved having everyone for Easter…

  80. Becky Ann says:

    I am in the midst of making my favorite baking memories. I’m letting my kiddos pick a different kind of cookies each week, and we are making them together. We love to discuss the recipe and how we would change it or decide if it is a keeper!

  81. I’d have to say my favorite baking memory was my son’s 4th birthday our 1st year overseas in Turkey. Having no means to the usual store bought cake, I had to decorate one myself so w/ cake mix, homemade frosting, and some ziploc bags, I pulled off a great Spider-Man cake that everyone loved. The month after this my other son turned 1 and I had enough confidence to give him a great cake too! Sesame Street of course 🙂

  82. Yum! I am totally excited about this giveaway!

    My favorite baking memory was making birthday cakes with my mom. She and I would look through cake decorating books for hours until I selected just the right cake, and together we would make the cake. She then decorated it as I requested. My favorite birthday cake ever was a dollhouse cake covered in all my favorite candies…

  83. Elizabeth R says:

    My favorite baking memory is baking Swedish flatbread with my mom and sister on holidays.

  84. Connie Corey says:

    I was around 12 and decided to attempt making bread for the first time. We lived in a small, rural town and apparently the yeast I got was expired and well beyond it’s prime. To say the bread was bad was an understatement!

  85. my favorite baking memory was probably this past Thanksgiving… a fellow Army wife and myself made dozens upon dozens of cookies to send to our husbands’ company overseas for Christmas (yes, we had to send them at Thanksgiving so they’d get there in time for Christmas) not only was it for a great cause, it was a week of great bonding memories hehe

  86. My favorite baking memory is probably when I made my first wedding cake. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. After hours and hours (and hours) of work, it all came together. 5 tiers of delicousness with fresh rose petals cascading down each tier. It was beautiful and I was so relieved it turned out well because it was my now sister-in-law’s cake 🙂

  87. My favorite baking memory is making donuts on Halloween everyyear. We continue this tradition at our home now, and we love it.

  88. Wow, I honestly do not have a favorite. I have to say that everytime I bake with the kids it makes a new favorite I love watching them enjoy baking and eating their creations! Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. My favorite baking memory has been in the past few years. I have been hosting thanksgiving at my house, and my mom and I will spend all day baking different goods….pies, bread, etc for thanksgiving. Its fun doing it with my mom.

  90. My favorite baking memories….even at 15 my ds comes running whenever I’m baking a cake or brownies…so he can lick the bowl!

  91. I remember icing Christmas cookies with my mom and dad each year! Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. My favorite memory is making peanut butter cookies with my Mom. She let me use the fork to make design on top of the cookies.

  93. My favorite baking memories are the ones I’m making with my daughter. We just made Oatmeal Raisin cookies today.

    Jonquill101 (at) aol (dot) com

  94. Anne Marie says:

    My favorite baking memories are baking with my grandmother when I was just a little tot – she had patience of gold – such fond memories.

  95. My favorite and most funny baking moment is when my now 18 year old daughter was 3 years old and we were baking some home made sugar cookies. She was sitting on the kitchen floor while I began putting the ingredients in the bowl. I went to add the cube of butter, but it had disappeared. I looked over at my daughter Taylor and there she was on the floor eating the entire cube!

  96. My favorite baking memories are of watching grandma bake pies after we picked the blackberries.

  97. Crystal Hankey says:

    Baking is awesome! I love to make Oatbran muffins with applesause. Good for us and freeze really well.

  98. My favorite baking memory is from years past. I had baked a pie for dessert when having my grandmother over. I used all the techniques I was taught in Home Ec. and the pie turned out great. When my grandmother cut into the pie she commented on how flaky the crust was. Every time I roll out pie crust I think of that moment and how proud I was that my grandmother noticed and appreciated all of my efforts when baking for her.

  99. Christina Burrell says:

    My favorite baking memory is of making and decorating cookie monster cupcakes with my mom for childrens parties. They are so fun to make and so very delicious!!

  100. My favorite baking memories all come from my sister, who was always baking and decorating cakes when she was in high school and I was in junior high. When she shaved off the tops to make her layer cakes perfectly level, she’d always set aside the scraps and save them for me, knowing I actually preferred cake withOUT the frosting. (Yes, I was a strange child.) I loved coming into the kitchen and finding a plate full of freshly baked (yes, store-bought) cake shavings.

    Thanks for this giveaway! I don’t consider myself a baker; but I am a mom! And my 7yo daughter LOVES to bake, so I do try to do it with her. I think she got her aunt’s genes 😉

  101. My favorite cooking memory is baking my son’s first birthday cakes (baseballs)!!! My mother was in town and helped and one of my best friends help decorate with icing and licor. for laces! They turned out great and were way cheap!

  102. One of my favorite baking memories is making Christmas cookies with my children when they were little

  103. My favorite baking memory is making chocolate chip cookies with my mother. The taste of a warm, just-baked cookie, made with real butter and fresh from the oven, is pure nostalgia for me. My children and I bake cookies about once a month, but we use Guitard semi sweet chips now. The cookies (5 dozen!) never last longer than 24 hours. It’s a miracle we aren’t overweight!

  104. when i was a child i loved to help my mom to make cakes

  105. One of my favorite baking memories was making a “Jell0 Cake” with my mom. She let me poke the holes in the vanilla cake, while she would pour in the strawberry Jello. To this day, it is still my favorite cake 🙂

    mdlangmead at gmail dot com

  106. I have so many it’s hard to pick just one. I guess it would just be baking in the kitchen with my mom my whole life. It has allowed us to talk and bond. Now we are still very close and bake together for holidays and family get togethers.

  107. My favorite baking memory is making cookies with my sister, who was then in high school. Every so often she would indulge little me. I remember eating enough cookie dough to not want any warm cookies because my belly was so full, and my sister saying that if we ate ALL the dough it would be enough calories for a whole week!

  108. I was about 10 years old and had learned how to make French Breakfast Puffs . .. . these great muffins that you roll in butter and cinnamon sugar after you bake. I would get up early on Saturday mornings to “surprise” my family every week. A couple of months later I went in to “surprise” my mom having made my favorite breakfast . .. she thanked me but suggested I may not want to make them again because everyone was really, really tired of them.

    And I didn’t make them again! A few years ago, however, I started dreaming about them. But I couldn’t remember the name of the recipe and my mom has since passed away. A few weeks later, the name suddenly popped into my head and found the recipe online.

    I made them for my son that weekend and shared my sad story . . he said that he wouldn’t mind if I wanted to make them every Saturday for him! Such a good boy!

  109. One of my favorite baking memories is when I was learning to bake and cook before I got married. I was making something for my dad and instead of 1 tsp of Salt I used 1 Tblsp. Let’s just say it didn’t taste so good, but he was still very kind about it=)

  110. The horrible two layer cake I attempted to make my hubby for his birthday our first year married.

  111. I saved on Betty Crocker cake mixes today with Cellfire and Safeway. I always forget I have ecoupons on my card and they come as a nice surprise bonus to me.

    My favorite cake baking was actually part cake baking and part freezing. I wanted an ice cream cake for my ds’s birthday but they were really expensive! Instead I made a two layer cake. After removing the cake from the pan, I washed it and put plastic wrap smoothly on the inside with the edges extending. Then I softened some vanilla ice cream, broke up some Oreos into it, then packed the ice cream into the cake pan. After it was frozen solid I unmolded it and put the ice cream layer between the cake layers and frosted the whole thing with whipped topping. It was a really great cake and my ds loved it.

  112. One of my favorite memories is from when I was a young Mum. I was quickly putting together a batch of muffins for a church event while my one month old daughter was sleeping. My 18 month old was sitting up on the counter watching and helping me. I was just about to pour the batter into the muffin tins when my dd said “eggs Mummy?” I had forgotten the eggs! She is now 21 and cooking together is something we still really enjoy!

  113. My “favorite” baking memory is the first birthday cake I baked for my fiance. It was horrible. Somehow ants got to it and even they all climbed to safety on top of the candles and didn’t want to eat it. I’ve improved somewhat since then cause my fiance is now my husband!

  114. My favorite baking memory is of my childhood tradition of baking cookies with my mom at Christmastime. I would take a day off from school and we would bake all day, making cookies for all our friends.

  115. My favorite memory is the smell of homemade fresh baked bread

  116. My favorite baking memory is making cookies with my 3 year old. She loves to help in the kitchen and it is fun to teach her the basics.

  117. Mindy Holt says:

    My Favorite baking memory is a cake I made for 4-H competition.. or the three cakes that is. I didn’t use baking powder and so they didn’t rise, I was 13 and I guess clueless, so I stacked each of three I had TRIED to make on top of each other and entered it anyway. They thought it was supposed to be a stack and I won a blue ribbon for my Applesauce cake!

  118. Some of my favorite baking memories are from my teen years, helping my grandma (who passed away 12 years ago) bake the traditional Christmas goodies – peanut brittle, buckeyes, fudge, divinity, and cookies. She was such a patient teacher and such a joy to be with, in the kitchen and out. I miss her!

  119. My favorite baking memory is a recent one making pizza with my 2 year old daughter! She loves to help make and eat the dough!

  120. My favorite baking moments are baking with my son. He loves to bake and now he is learning to cook.

  121. Rachel Manley says:

    My favorite baking memory is making chocolate chip cookies with my grandma, thanks grandma!

  122. I LOVE cake mix from the box as well, I have a few from-scratch that I do (Italian creme cake and Mississippi Mud Cake) but Duncan Hines can’t be beat around here. My favorite cake baking always occurs when my daughters jump in and do the work and decorating. I love to watch them!

  123. Ruth Hill says:

    Let’s see. My favorite baking memory. I took over all Christmas baking when I was a teenager, and that is how I learned to bake bread as well as other things. Never mastered the find art of pastry, but I guess there’s always hope!

  124. One of my favorite baking memories is an on-going one- every year I bake a birthday cake for my stepmom when she comes for a visit. I’ve made a castle, a garden, a gumdrop candy mountain cake!!! Sometimes it’s an outrageous shape; sometimes it’s just outrageously good (like this year’s cannoli cake)- but we all look forward to the annual unveiling.

  125. Favorite baking memory is my oldest daughter licking the sugar off the countertops after helping her Grandma bake Cinnamon Rolls! I think my mom “spilled” some on purpose!

  126. monica baker says:

    My favorite baking memory is making cupcakes as a kid with my sister to surprise my mom. We made a huge mess in the kitchen. Batter was everywhere!

  127. I actually don’t have any baking memories from my childhood. My mom was not a baker. I am, and I have 4 little ones that I love creating memories with. On their birthday that child alone comes un the kitchen with me and bakes their cake. They get to pick how it is decorated. They love it and I love seeing the proud joy on their face.

  128. My favorite baking memory is the time that my aunt made an Easter bunny cake for my birthday. She let me help make it and it was so much fun. She was a very gruff, tough woman. The only time she and I related well was in the kitchen. I also have very fond memories of peeling potatoes with her. She always let me help in the kitchen when I wanted to.

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