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This week on LifeasMOM is all about Loving Life — finding ways to help each of us enjoy life a little more. And one way to enjoy life more is to eat the foods you love.

One thing I love is hummus. Yes, really. Five years ago I couldn’t stand the stuff. But I had friends who were crazy over it, so eventually I conceded to try it.

What I realized was that not all hummus varieties are created equal. While they might all have garbanzo beans as a base, some are more heavily flavored than others or they can vary in texture which is a huge part of hummus’ appeal.

One hummus that is always a hit at our house is the Tribe brand. For awhile our Costco sold individually sized packages of Tribe original in a bulk box. Since I was the only hummus fan in the family, I loved that since I could easily drop a container into the cooler to take on a picnic.

Nowadays, there are more Hummus eaters — the enthusiasm is catching, so a full container works for us. So delicious in a wrap, on a veggie tray or with potato or pita chips.

This weekend three LifeasMOM readers will win coupons for Tribe Origins.

There are four flavors: original, spicy red pepper, zesty spice and garlic, and tomato and veggie. The “flavor” component is in the very center of the container, so you can taste it first and then decide if you want to mix it all in. I like this option because it really makes it convenient to flavor it or not.

To enter, simply share your favorite use of hummus in a comment below.

Comments will be accepted until 8 pm, PST on Sunday, February 13. Winner will notified via email and has 48 hours to respond in order to claim the prize.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners: m.schwartzkopf@, brook_prescott@, rsjrocks@

Disclosure: I received coupons for Tribe Origins for review purposes.

This week is all about Loving Life. Check out the wealth of ideas for making the most of every minute.

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  1. I love hummus on a sandwich instead of mayo! Also love to dip veggies in it. Yum!

  2. I love to eat hummus with chips 🙂 It’s great as a dip! Two of my favorite flavors are spinach artichoke hummus and the red pepper hummus!

  3. I love using it for veggies and dip and hummus and cheese sandwiches.

  4. I like it as dip for baby carrots.
    My toddler likes to eat it strait with a spoon

  5. I love hummus and pita chips, or as a dip for baby carrots, or as a sandwich spread. My very picky toddler loves hummus, so that’s a big bonus.

  6. I love eating hummus as a dip and also as a spread in pita for a sandwich. So yummy!

  7. Wow, there are so many ways I love to use hummus. What is my favorite? I am not sure if I would say my favorite is on a sandwich or with pita chips. My kids like the pita chips most.

  8. I’ve never actually used it but last weekend my husband tried some at Sams and really liked it so we might be branching out soon. 🙂

  9. We like it with baked pita chips.

  10. I love any kind of hummus on the mini pita breads from Trader Joe’s. Yum!

  11. I love hummus with Wheat Thins & peppers–green, red, orange, yellow.

  12. a friend who lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years introduced me to hummus….I like it best the way she made it, with cut up pitas around the edge of a platter of hummus for dipping!

  13. I like dipping preztels and carrot sticks into hummus. I also like spreading it on a wrap and loading it with veggies! Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. I like it with crisp breadsticks (cracker type) or on a sandwich or with crackers or on a spoon. I LOVE hummus! 🙂 It’s a staple for me.

  15. I love hummus with toasted pita bread–throw in some figs, olives, and a glass of wine and it’s a great snack for date night with my husband!

  16. Seriously, I could eat hummus everyday! Its great with veggies, pita chips, tortilla chips, as a spread on sandwiches, wraps, and more!

  17. I’ve never really tried hummus so I’d like to try it with some chips.

  18. Debbie Grace says:

    I love hummus on homemade pita chips and carrots!

  19. Love it best as a dip with baked pita chps! Thanks so much!!

  20. I usually just use my fingers! But sometimes I use Pita baked with Cinnamon & Sugar…

  21. I guess you’d say the way that this would benefit me is that I’ve never tried hummus! Never had the desiree to make it from homemade or give it a whirl. However, with some free coupons I’d easily try this stuff out – especially since your recommendation made it sound so yummy!Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. pita chips!! yummmm

  23. We really like hummus with vegetables.

  24. Veggies, chips, pitas, sandwiches, or if I am feeling rather glutinous, just by the spoonful!

  25. Love it in homemade falafels!

  26. Jennifer Foutch says:

    I like it as a dip with melba toast.

  27. Love hummus on pizza! I use tortillas and put sauce, sundried tomatoes and any other toppings, cook in the oven for a few minutes and then top with hummus and arugula. So yummy!

  28. Laura Quirk says:

    My 15 year old will eat hummus and pita for any meal or snack. She enjoys eating the hummus right out of the container – from the center out. This usually guarantees that she gets the whole thing to herself ; )

  29. We love to dip cucumber slices on hummus.

  30. We like it on pita bread.

  31. My three year old and I eat it with veggies and pita chips. I also like putting a little on my salad and tossing it together with some italian dressing. Yum!

  32. Charity Shapiro says:

    We love to use hummus as a dip for veggies.

  33. Hummus with carrots! YUM!

  34. I pretty much use it with chips.

  35. We love hummus on wraps or as a dip. (It’s incredibly easy and much less expensive to make it homemade.)

  36. With a veggie tray!

  37. I love eating hummus and carrots!

  38. Pita chips, carrots, wraps, potato chips, I just LOVE hummus!

  39. love to dip fresh veggies in hummus (wish i had some right now). also great with pita chips. i love that its base is garbanzo beans – so satisfying.

  40. I have never tried hummus, so I don’t have a favorite way to eat it. But my favorite way to try hummus for the first time would be with a coupon. 🙂

  41. I love hummus with pita chips, baby carrots or straight from the container 😉

  42. hummus and pita bread, delicious!

  43. Shelia Coffman says:

    I have never tried hummus but would like to!

  44. Hummus with carrots! YUM!

  45. Love to dip pita chips in it.

  46. Oh! Love hummus…ate an entire container this week (with some kids helping too) and ate it with chips, cucumbers, carrots and peppers 🙂

  47. Lea Stormhammer says:

    Definitely cut veggies and hummus – filling, low cal snack! Love that! I especially love green peppers and celery for dipping….

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  48. I like hummus as a dip for raw vegetables.

  49. I hope this still counts because I’ve never have actually tried hummus but want to. 🙂 My oldest son has nut allergies and we recently discovered he’s not getting enough protein. We’ve been looking at hummus but it’s either made in a facility with nuts or too expensive. But I would love a freebie coupon just to see if we like it!

  50. hummus on veggies. smooth and creamy combined with crispy.

  51. I have actually never tried hummus, but I know a lot of people who rave about it, so I would definitely be interested in giving it a try!

  52. Straight out of the container with wheat thins! YUM!

  53. i love it on wraps and sandwiches or simply with veggies and pita!

  54. I like hummus with just about anything.

  55. I like hummus on crackers or with raw veggies. Would love a chance to try this brand!

  56. Just hummus and pita – yummy lunch.

  57. I just found out that my 2 year old son LOVES hummus! YEAH! He really likes it on whole grain wheat thins. Yummy! And it makes a quick lunch for us.

  58. I love hummus on carrots and red or yellow pepper strips – yum!

  59. I like hummus with pita chips!

  60. I love hummus with pita bread and cucumbers, or as a dip with carrots and celery.

  61. I love using hummus as a dip for either fresh veggies or crackers. YUM!!

  62. Hummus and pita chips are our favorite!

  63. Hummus with tortilla chips is my favorite lunch

  64. For dipping carrots.

  65. I have never had hummus. I have picked it up to try a couple times, but keep putting it back.

  66. With pita chips or in sandwhichs!

  67. I LOVE to use hummus on sandwiches. Sometimes I have it for breakfast on toast instead of peanut butter. YUM!

  68. Hummus and pita chips!

  69. I love it for dipping, but it is great in a shwarma at some Mediterranean restaurants we go to.

  70. We’ve never tried hummus, BUT I got a good deal on it this week, so there’s now a carton in my fridge. I’m planning to serve it with homemade pita bread & veggies, here’s hoping it’s a favorite 😉

  71. Veggie sounds great!

  72. I love hummus with wheat thins.

  73. I like it with pita chips.

  74. I like hummus with carrot sticks.

  75. i loved roasted pepper hummus with pita chips as a snack. YUM YUM!!

  76. I love using it in wraps

  77. Mmmm, we all love hummus, on pita chips, assorted veggies, and have even been know to eat a spoonful just by itself!

  78. Hummus is lunch at least 3x a week here! I spread it on bread for sandwiches, we use it as a dip for vegs and pita. So good! I will agree though those flavored heavily with tahini are a no go here!

  79. Hummus with On the Border chips is so yummy. On the Border chips are the preferred brand at our house. I like to eat hummus with corn chips as opposed to pita chips because corn chips are lighter.

  80. I like it best as a dip.

  81. As a veggie and chip dip.

  82. Jessica M. says:

    My favorite way is spread on a warm pita with greek salad on top- delicious!

  83. LOVE hummus! I use it as a chip or veggie dip, on wraps, and on sandwiches.

  84. I’ve never tried hummus.

  85. with veggies of course!

  86. as a veggie or pita chip dip…yum

  87. yum, hummus! Great on crackers…or justa bout anything!

  88. I think I like hummus best as a dip for veggies or crackers.

  89. I like to dip pretzels in it!

  90. i like hummus with wheat thins

  91. I love it with baby carrots or pita chips.

  92. Annette Cumins says:

    As a new mom, I attended a mom’s group where we learned about and tried out healthy foods and new recipes. I have had a love affair with hummus ever since. My favorite way to eat hummus is as a replacement for mayoniase and dressings on sandwiches and wraps and of course I like to dip all varites of vegtables and chips in to red pepper hummus.

  93. I just like it with some whole wheat pita chips.

  94. The kids and I like to use hummus as a dip with our homemade pitas. So Delish!

  95. hummus and dip

  96. Jennifer M says:

    I love mine with wheat crackers.

  97. My pre-schoolers eat hummus on whole wheat toast almost every day for lunch! I eat it on a mini pita. We love it! I’m not sure I’ve tried Tribe brand before.

  98. I like hummus with pita chips and carrot sticks.

  99. HaLee Webster says:

    I love it on the wheat Ritz crackers!!!

  100. Just love to eat Hummus with vegetables.

  101. We like our hummus with carrots or crackers.

  102. I love to dip pita bread into creamy hummus. The flavors go together so well!

  103. I don’t reallly care for hummus so I would pay it forward to a friend who absolutely loves it.

  104. With Pitas and olives as a dip or spread 🙂

  105. I have never tried it but would like to try as a dip.

  106. I like to spread hummus on whole wheat crackers.

  107. Charity L. says:

    I would use the hummus for dipping with pita chips.

  108. I really enjoy it on a wrap.

  109. I love dipping my veggies in it!

  110. Using it as a dip for pita chip, mmmmm!

  111. Usually with pita chips or veggies, but I could eat it just by itself. So yummy!

  112. Pita bread wedges and hummus!

  113. Tammy Lindner says:

    We use hummus as a dip for veggies and crackers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. I love hummus with celery – and interestingly enough I don’t really like celery plain.

  115. I love dipping red peppers or pita chips in hummus

  116. I have never tried it, I didn’t know if I’d like it so it would be great to win and try it for free.

  117. I love to eat Hummus with Pita Chips.

  118. I love hummus with pita bread! Sooooo yummy 🙂 It is also yummy with Stacy’s Pita chips.

  119. Marlena U. says:

    I love hummus with pretzel crisps!

  120. I usually dip my carrots and red pepper strips in it. However, I also love it on crackers or bread.

  121. We love wraps with hummus, sundried tomatoes, carrots, grated cheese, radishes, lettuce, scallions, turkey pepperoni, and a touch of ranch dressing to glue it closed. We heat the hummus, tomatoes, wrap, and cheese and the cold & hot contrast are great together.

  122. Rebecca W. says:

    I have never really tried Hummus.

  123. Crystal Hankey says:

    Love Hummus on rice cakes, veggies, chips, crackers or just right out of the tub (with a spoon -lol) Love me some Hummus, especially Tribe Lemon!!!

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