A Grocery Geek Giveaway: Add Up the Savings with Kroger

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You know me, I’m such a grocery geek! I love to find good deals at the grocery store. And this next week you may want to stop by your local Kroger store to take advantage of their latest sale.

Through August 21, when you buy 8 participating items from any Kroger store, you’ll receive $4 off of your purchase. Participating brands include: Cheerios, Yoplait Yogurt, Pillsbury Cookies & Biscuits, Kleenex, Huggies, Betty Crocker Brownies, Cottonelle, and Lucky Charms.

You can also take advantage of special Bonus Box Tops Offers and get a jumpstart on helping the participating school of your choice this year. Visit Reward Your School to register.

Before you go, don’t forget to spend some time browsing the coupon selection at Using coupons in conjunction with sales is a great way to maximize your savings.

Wanna add up the savings?

This weekend one reader will win a $25 Kroger Family of Stores gift card.

Simply leave a comment, telling us your main way to save money at the grocery store.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday night, August 15, at 8 pm. PST. Winners to be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours of the email being sent otherwise I may have to choose an alternate winner.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to the winner: it_miller@

— Disclosure: General Mills, Kimberly Clark and the Kroger Family of Stores provided me with a gift card, information, and this giveaway through MyBlogSpark. I was not compensated to publish positive comments. See my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. I look at the weekly ads, and buy the store brand or the brand name with coupons, whichever is cheaper!

  2. I save money at the grocery store by stocking up on coupons for sale items. I try to buy them at the lowest price I can find!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I save by combining coupons and sales. Plus,I record how much I spend each week to help me keep track of my grocery budget.

  4. I avoid going down the “main aisle” where they try to entice you with things you don’t really need. Instead I go around to the back side and find it easier to stick to my list.

  5. Coupons is the biggest way for our family…thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  6. I save by shopping the mega sales at Kroger. My stockpile usually last until another good sale. Our meats I usually by at Save A Lot, doing their 5 for $19.99.

  7. I save the most money by trying to buy most products we use when they are on sale, combining with coupons if applicable. Then I buy as many as I can afford to last us until the next sale.

  8. Our biggest savings come from buying basic ingredients to cook at home instead of convience foods. That is closely followed by stocking up with sales and coupons.

  9. My biggest cost-cutter is shopping the meat department for manager’s specials! Sure, it takes a few extra trips per month, but animal proteins are the costliest thing in our grocery budget, so cutting it by 50% while not cutting the actual amount we purchase is such a big help.

  10. I shop the “loss leaders” at the stores and stock up on items we use when they’re on sale. Combining that with coupons gives us the biggest bang for out buck.

  11. I save money by combing sales with coupons and stocking up on items when they are on sale, and I have a coupon, so I don’t have to buy them at full price.

  12. I buy sale items or store brand mostly, and buying locally saves money since we try to do natural/whole foods. Maybe a coupon once every few months.

  13. i price match at one store(saving gas $ and time) unless I can get a better deal(like double coupons, thank you Dillons!).

    I also stock up on the loss leaders as much as possible!

  14. I am a couponer – I buy what is on sale, matched with coupons to get the best deals.

  15. I follow a coupon blog that matches up sales w/ coupons. I have also been trying to make alot more from scratch to save money and be healthier.

  16. Combining the sales with coupons is definitely the way I save 🙂 Some weeks I don’t use too many coupons, but most weeks I do, and it makes a BIG difference in how far I’m able to stretch our dollars 🙂

  17. My main way to save money is to go by myself! I love having the kids go, too, but I can count on spending a good $10-15 more for each person who comes along. 🙂

  18. Amy Lynn Drorbaugh says:

    Best way to save money at the grocery store? Have a LIST! 🙂 Next to that I shop at stores that allow me to ad match all the other stores’ sales.

  19. We save the most money by cooking most everything at home.

  20. I would love to win!! We don’t eat out much, so that saves us bunches!

  21. The main way we save at the grocery store is that I menu plan according to the weekly ads and what we have in our freezer/cabinets. After I menu plan I match up the sales with coupons for even greater savings! And save some room in our budget for stockups, especially during these great Kroger sales!

  22. Planning a menu and creating a complete shopping list are my biggest savers. When I have those 2 things in place, I actually like going to the grocery store.

  23. I shop for the loss leaders and arrange my meal plan around those. I also stockpile items when I find a great deal.

  24. using the grocery game!

  25. Cindy Borer says:

    I save money on groceries by shoppin the best buys at three stores and using coupons.

  26. Samantha Cooper says:

    I am a Kroger Shopper and love my Kroger. I am always up early on Wednesday mornings to see their new ad. After I find their add I match all my coupons to their sale items. Then I check the coupon websites to find coupons that I might not necessarily have clipped yet and match those up. I organize all my coupons according to the aisles at my local Kroger and also put all the coupons of the product that I will be getting from that aisle. This way I save time by being organized. I also use coupons at Wal-Mart, but am always careful which ones I use. The reason being I can double my savings at Kroger on something rather than buying them at Wal-Mart. This past week I racked up at Kroger with their “Add Up The Savings” ad. I bought $306.51 in groceries-after coupons and tax I paid out of pocket only $68.19. That is a savings of $238.32!! My cupboards are now full for several months and I will only have to go back for the staples. Bread, Milk and Produce. We LOVE our coupons and our Kroger!!

  27. I’ve learned to go late at night when they slash the prices on all the meat and bakery items to get them gone before the next day when they have to throw them out. We’ve gotten some great deals that way!

  28. I combine coupons and sales. Yesterday I went to Meijer. Total befoere coupons was $36.01. After $3.13. Gotta love a good deal.

  29. Jenny Whetten says:

    I like to shop around the loss leaders and stick to my price points.

  30. Stephanie R says:

    I always take my coupon binder with me and check their clearance shelves, as well as keeping an eye out for manager’s special markdown stickers on products we use a lot. I have been able to snag some awesome deals this way!

  31. Betsy Crawford says:

    The main way I save money is to plan meals – allowing for flexiblity, course – then check on-line to see the specials before hitting the store. I buy virtually all my staples and household items at my local Wal-Mart, but other than chicken breasts, I buy all the other meats at Publix or Bi-Lo. For example, cubed steak is only $1.99 per lb at Bi-lo this week and since it’s not out of my way, I buy it there and pick up any loss-leaders or BOGOF’s. Another way I save is to AVOID CONVENIENCE FOODS like pre-packed small containers of applesauce, yogurt, pre-sliced cheese, etc, which are convenient, but wasteful. Reading “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan also made me aware of the pitfalls of convenience foods and some of the junk that’s marketed to us and our kids.

  32. Maritza C. says:

    I usually make a list of the items I need, and I plan meals for the week. Before I head out to the store I check my coupons, paper ones and loadable coupons Kroger’s has them where you can load them directly to your Kroger’s card! I also shop late when meats and baked good are mark down, I keep an eye out for clearance items/managers specials and definitely take advantage of mail in rebates as well, it’s always nice to get a check in the mail!

  33. I save by combining sales and coupons. I also like to shop for “loss leaders” and don’t mind stopping by 2 or 3 grocery stores in a week if they have really good prices on meat or produce. Fortunately, I don’t have to travel far (most of our grocery stores…including Kroger, are within 3 to 4 miles of each other).

  34. Cathy Tolentino says:

    Definately couponing + sales. My Kroger doubles coupons up to $1, so combine that with ecoupons, sales, rebates, etc…. it makes for some really awesome deals!

    On meats and produce, I tend to look for Manager specials. If you go during the week, an hour or two before close, you will find a lot of specials on things like pre-packaged salad mix (usually marked to 99 cents) or hamburger, steak, etc.

  35. Leslie Price says:

    I love to shop the Buy One, Get One Free deals and stock up.

  36. I try to use coupons and shop the discounts whenever I can!

  37. I make a menu and make a list from that menu. It keeps me from shopping too often (and therefore spending more) and also keeps me from buying things I’m not going to use.

  38. I combine sales with coupons! I check Kroger’s ad, then print/get together my coupons! I loved Kroger’s General Mills 50% off sale!! I bought as many Nature Valley Nut Clusters and Fiber One Bars as I had coupons for!

  39. Well – when I’m on my A game I do a combo of couponing and then using those to purchase what is on sale (to maximize my savings). Here the last few weeks though I’ve kinda fallen off the wagon and it has become – buy what is on sale only and hope for coupon match-ups. It definitely shows in my spending too. I need to get back on my A game!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Dr ElQadah says:

    I read couponing blods, store ads and combine coupons with sales and catalina deals to get the best deals possible

  41. Matching coupons to sales and stockpiling.

  42. I use coupons coupled with store sales and catalina deals to make our money go the furthest! I also buy produce at a local market for the best price. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. make a list…and try to stick to it!

  44. Sticking to my list and stocking up on loss leaders. This doesn’t take much time either.

  45. Great giveaway! I save the most money by matching coupons with sales and then stockpiling those great deals!!

  46. Coupons are the main way I save.

  47. I save a lot by stockpiling loss leaders. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Same as most, match store coupons, manufacturer coupons and sales and plan the menus around the sales.

  49. We cook ahead and use LOTS of coupons. I usually try to use rain checks, as well.

  50. I’m currently experimenting with shopping less frequently to save money. I’m working my way to freezer cooking, which I’ve done in the past, but not for a while. I’m also moving toward having a more standard menu for M-F. Having a smaller variety (temporarily) will save money because I can stock up on a smaller number of things.

  51. Like most my answer is combinig coupons with sales.

    This week Fiber One and fruit snacks are on sale and are providing a catalina. With coupons my purchase price for the fruit snacks work out to 24 cents a box.


  52. I think it is scanning the ads carefully, and making a list that is all sale items and combined with coupons wherever I can! There are some things my family loves that never go on sale (like spiced green beans) so those I learn to make myself or buy one at a time to stock the pantry so the expense is stretched out, that seems to help.

  53. The biggest way we save is to combine coupons(both paper and ecoupons) with sales and especially promotions like Kroger is running this week.

  54. Sales, Coupons and checking out my favorite sites for help. thank you

  55. I save at the grocery store by only buying what we need, shopping sales, and using coupons.

  56. I save the most when I manage to stay out of the stores. The more time I’m in a store & the more trips I make, the more money I spend.

    Sometimes to keep myself on track I’ll set a goal of completing my shopping trip within a set period of time. It keeps me moving and helps keep me from wonderring the isles picking up extras.

  57. I save money at the grocery store by going less often. We do a large trip every 4-6 weeks to stock up. We also have a big garden and do a lot of canning. Thanks!

  58. Melissa Lowrie says:

    Having a list keeps me on track….and matching that list to the sales and coupons that I have 🙂

  59. I use e-coupons added to my loyalty card, combined with paper coupons, and hopefully a sale, to find the lowest prices on the things we need. I also try to be flexible (not brand loyal) to get the best deal.

  60. My biggest way to save it not taking any of our 5 children with me! I make out our list of must haves from the ads then try not to get anything that isn’t on our list. If there’s a really good deal on something then I’ll pick up some of that.

  61. I love to combine coupons with store sales. We also eat lots of produce and try to limit our meat consumption!

  62. I use coupons and try to buy mostly sale items. I also make a list before I go shopping, so that I can avoid buying extra things as much as possible.

  63. I combine sales with coupons to save be at Kroger.

  64. I try to know my prices so I can stock up when things are a really good deal and not pay full price.

  65. I save by combining sales and coupons, and I stock up on sale items to avoid buying at full price later.

  66. I like to stockpile when I find a great sale. Works every time!

  67. I match coupons with sale items and always buy produce that is in season!

  68. Buying useful products with coupons when an item is on sale.

  69. I just try to combine coupons with sales to get the best price.

  70. Stick to the list and don’t be so brand loyal.

  71. I cook nearly everything from scratch.

  72. I try to shop the BOGO sales (rings at half price) and use a coupon. If I’m lucky, the coupon doubles!

  73. The best way I save money is by shopping the loss leaders and using coupons. I stock up when things are cheap so hopefully I don’t ever have to pay full price for most things!

  74. I save by shopping as little as possible, and stockpiling when I find great deals

  75. I match coupons to the ad and stock up on the GREAT bargains to save money!

  76. Coupons and sales have been helping me save money at the grocery. Comparison shopping and knowing my “best” price is super helpful as well.

  77. I buy what’s on a good sale, fresh in season and goes with what I have on hand!!

  78. I try to save money by stocking up when the price is low so I don’t have to pay full price. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. I buy store brands, and always take advantage of the “2 for 1” deals.

  80. Suzie Powers says:

    I make a menu for the week. I try to incorporate any sales items. If it is going to be hot weather out – we don’t eat “heavy” on those days so it is sandwiches, salad ect. We stock up on sale items. I also have a budgeted amount to spend and keep to it.

  81. Carri Siebenmark says:

    I love sales and coupons! Going by myself is a real joy too!

  82. I love matching coupons and store sales to stock up on commonly used items. When there’s a good deal, you can bet I buy in bulk and store or freeze whatever I can. It makes me cringe to think about buying something at full price!!! 🙂

  83. I make a list based on my meal plan so I’m only buying exactly what I need. I try to incorporate sale produce into my meal plan & I always pick up the loss leaders for the week to add to my stockpile. I add more savings by always using coupons.

  84. I save money at the grocery store through a combination method. I always plan my list around the sales ad, try to find manger reduced specials, use coupons, don’t mind trying new brands or generic products in they are the least expensive, and I stockpile when things are at rock bottom prices and then shop my pantry. I would love to win this gift card. Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  85. I save money by shopping from a list, including mainly items on sale & ideally with a coupon if possible. At Kroger, I use their reuseable bags – with the 4 cent credit per bag per trip, they pay for themselves very quickly.

  86. I use coupons to buy basics, we buy our meat at a locker, and we try to stock up on everything when it is cheap.

  87. I like to read alot of couponing blogs(my fave being and also meal planning with a little bit of stockpiling in between…it is actually fun to me to see how much I can save at the store!!!

  88. Stacking coupons with sales, cooking most things from scratch, and buying in bulk! Would love to win a gift card!

  89. I like to stack coupons with sales and stock up when things are on sale. I would love, LOVE to win this gift card!

  90. I plan my menus around the loss leaders.

  91. Loss leaders, coupons, and planning my menus based on what I already have at home and what is on sale makes us able to save a lot on groceries. Thanks for the contest!

  92. Match a sale with a coupon and stockup at rock bottom prices!

  93. I love to match coupons to sales to get free or almost free items!

  94. If it’s on sale and I use it, I stock up! Most of my groceries I purchase at sale price instead of regular price.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. Combine with coupons and even more with catalina promotion to max the budget.

  96. The best way for me to avoid spending a lot at the grocery store is to stay away from packaged foods. Shopping the edges really works!

  97. Freezer cooking – I’m a convert!

  98. RSS subscriber

  99. Cooking from scratch, buying produce that’s in season (easier in summer than winter!), following a blog that matches sales and coupons for “my” stores.

  100. I use coupons and money saving blogs to score free or cheap deals!

  101. Double coupons!

  102. Julie Gillen says:

    Stocking up with sales/coupons here too!

  103. Sarah Burke says:

    i love to shop the mega events and combine with coupons! love the e-coupons too!

  104. i try to combine coupons with sales for the best prices. for produce, i only buy what’s in season and on sale.

  105. Besides saving my coupons for when items go on sale, I love to combine coupons with catalinas. Right now our Fry’s (Kroger) is taking competitor coupons as well.

  106. I save money by buying only what we’ll really use, and by shopping at several different stores based on specials.

  107. I follow local blogs that help me find the best grocery deals.

  108. Karie McIntosh says:

    I follow money saving mom and pair coupons w/ sales.

  109. I save money by purchasing with sale cycles. When things are on sale, I purchase more than needed for that week, to help save money in future weeks.

  110. Elizabeth buckner says:

    I love Kroger and it’s my #1 store for great deals in our area. I love to save by using coupons when things are on sale and stocking up at low prices. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  111. Coupons + sales and stockpiling as others have mentioned. Plus taking advantage of meat & deli mark-downs. Wishing my state allowed dairy mark-downs!

  112. Coupons! Coupons! Coupons! and a good sale doesn’t hurt!

  113. I save money by using coupons and sticking to my list, which is based on the weeks sales.

  114. Stock up when on sale and look out for markdowns on produce 🙂

  115. mainly generics and sales. I am trying to get better about planning with menu and with coupons. I always clip the coupons but I don’t always have them with me.

  116. I read up on blogs like yours of course:)
    I also have a pricebook and get multiple copies of coupons.

  117. I HAVE to have a detailed list and do try my hardest not to waiver… meats are the only thing I’m negotiable on…searching the manager specials etc…and I try to stay on the perimeter of the store with the fresh goods! we also do a fruit and veggie co-op 2x/month and receive anywhere from 25-50 lbs of fresh produce so we make sure that is utilized to it’s fullest before buying more at the store!

  118. I shops sales matched with coupons. There are very few things that I will buy if they aren’t on sale. We can wait until most anything goes on sale.

  119. I think my main source of savings is by buying the simplest, purest, rawest ingredients and cooking from scratch!

  120. I combine coupons (from the Sunday paper, e-coupons, internet coupons, store coupons, etc.) with the sales going on each week.

  121. What an awesome giveaway! Yay…I totally shop at Ralphs and could sure use this! I read blogs like The Krazy Coupon Lady and Money Saving to Mom and stay up to date on the best deals. I clip coupons and stock up when prices are rock bottom.

  122. I use coupons, play the drugstore game (when covenient), and check blogs to see what deals other are getting. Thanks for the chance! Love your blog!!

  123. I save money by shopping sales at multiple stores and using coupons. I also try not to go to the grocery store hungry. An empty stomach can be a budget buster!!

  124. Shop with a list, and only buy what’s on that list! And buy for as many days as I can to limit how often I shop.

  125. I search online for coupons to match up to the hot sales of the week.

  126. I save by stocking up on the cheapest meats in the weekly ads.

  127. hi, thanks for hosting. we save money by clipping coupons

  128. Coupons! 🙂

  129. Anne Marie says:

    I combine coupons with the current ad to enhance my savings.

  130. I try to combine coupons and sales (under your and Money Saving Mom’s tutelage, of course)! 🙂 I also try to cook more from scratch to avoid expensive convenience products.

  131. I try to always use coupons and check the store ads for what we need.

  132. I save by using blogs that do the matchups for me, then I just follow their lead!

  133. Michelle Murphy says:

    The main way I save is coupons or stockpiling when something is on sale.

  134. I match up my coupons with sales & buy some off brands. I try not to impulse buy!

  135. My main way to save is IN the store is what I do to prepare OUT of the store before I go! Meal planning; taking inventory of my pantry and incorporating those items in meals; shopping with a list! You know, the obvious stuff. 🙂

  136. I use coupons and combine them with weekly sales. I also buy discounted veggies and meat and do freezer cooking.

  137. Match coupons with sales, make a meal plan, make a list and stick to it. Stock up while items are rock bottom prices. Make your meal plan around your stockpile. Be creative with recipes and ingredients that you already have!

  138. Telena Reynolds says:

    I make a list, take my coupon binder with me and never shop when I am hungry!

  139. My biggest way to save money is to menu plan and then shop with a list! While I do coupon and try and shop sales and markdowns, without the list, it would not work as well.

  140. I stack store and manufacturer coupons with sales and look at the weekly deals! Thanks for the giveaway!

  141. I make a list, and compare what I need to what’s on sale for the week. I also try to combine coupons, but I’m not yet a “coupon queen”!

  142. I’m not very original, I plan my menu based on sales and what I already have on hand and stock up when prices are the lowest. I have a number in my head that I will pay for certain products and when it hits that price I stock up.

    I also love the manager’s special items, especially in the meat department. We’ve not had a problem with it yet.

  143. I’m not a huge list shopper, but during these mega sales, I try to only go into the center aisles for items on my list of sale-coupon matchups, so I’m not too tempted to get other fun items.

  144. Katherine C. says:

    Coupons and sales, every week. Thanks!

  145. Definitely don’t walk through those Kroger doors without my coupons, price book, and the weekly sales ad! I useally have a monthly menu already planned (based on what I have in the freezer and have stockpiled in the pantry), but have learned to be flexible with what’s on sale.

  146. The main way I save money is to plan my meals around what is on sale that week.

  147. To save money at the grocery store, I buy from the loss leaders, match sales and coupons together. I try to only buy and stockpile when things are on sale. Love Kroger!!

  148. I can usually save alot when I combine coupons with sales and store deals (register rewards, extra bucks, mega sales, etc.).

  149. I just added coupons onto my rewards card – I plan on trying it today. Other than that, I check the weekly flyer and plan my shopping trip around it and the coupons I have in hand.

  150. Jennifer Foutch says:

    Coupons, and will power.

  151. Michelle Leichty says:

    By combining coupons ans sales.

  152. Megan Kinsey says:

    I save money by shopping the perimeter of the store and combining sales with coupons when possible. We try to make most of our food from scratch.

  153. I match coupons to sales, plan out our weekly menu, and shop with a grocery list. I also try to shop by myself, since shopping with kids normally means bringing home more junk food. 🙂

  154. My main way to save is to look for all the Manager’s Specials on meat, dairy,milk, yogurt, etc. I especially love to find an item with a manager’s markdown sticker that I *also* have a coupon for. :o)

  155. I’ve saved a lot of money by shopping at Aldi. We don’t have a grocery store that doubles or triples coupons like Kroger or Harris Teeter, so Aldi’s deals are the best! I also have found freezer cooking to help, too!

  156. I try to shop using the sale add and also by purchasing the weekly markdowns in the store. Our menu is usually decided upon once these purchases are made.

  157. I do my best to menu-plan based on sales and coupons, and I’m always scouring the manager’s specials and clearance racks!

  158. I shop on Friday mornings when the meats in that week’s sale ad go on discount in preparation for the next week’s meat specials.

  159. Jennifer C. says:

    I like to combine the orange stickered “manager’s specials” at Kroger with a coupon. I buy a lot of organic yogurt, etc. this way! I always feel like those stickers are like “blinking light specials” at the store!

  160. shopping the sales and using coupons!

  161. I’m a pretty hard-core couponer. I love to match sales with coupons with ecoupons, then stockpile what I’ve purchased so I don’t have to buy it until it’s on sale again. Makes me very happy indeed!

  162. I stick to a list pretty closely, look for great sales, and use my coupons.

  163. I always go to the store with a list and my coupon matchups ready. Being prepared helps me stay on my budget.

  164. I love shopping at Kroger/Gerbes. The main way I save on my grocery bill is through coupons and store deals. I get coupons through our newspaper, printable online coupons, and store savings coupons via my Gerbes card.

    Recently, our local Kroger/Gerbes offered $25 in free food for each prescription transferred. I transferred 2 and got a total of $50 in free food. I also saved $6 per script each month for a huge long term savings as well.

    Friday morning, I spent some time going through my coupons and the sale bill to find the best deals. With the $50 in free food, coupons, and sale items my husband was surprised when the final bill totaled only $12 and my receipt showed I saved $103 just in that one trip. Kroger/Gerbes is amazing!

  165. I look at the ad and match my coupons to the ad to save money.

  166. I love to use coupons to save at Kroger. When I go, I try to only purchase items that are currently on sale and that have a coupon to go with them. I also only purchase chicken when it goes on sale…whether that be on the bone or off.

  167. WordPress was being a little picky tonight, please forgive me if it is a duplicate entry…

    I love to use coupons when shopping at Kroger. I try to only purchase things that are on sale and also have a coupon to go with it.

  168. I combine sales with coupons and I love it when the stores double the coupons!

  169. I use coupons, shopping lists and I always try to check the “best buy” or “best deal” blog posts.

  170. Jennifer H. says:

    I combine grocery store sale ads with my coupons, but truly see the most savings just by shopping the sales and keeping up my stockpiles!

  171. My favorite way right now is to just compare prices between the name brand and store brand. For most items we are not brand specific and often the name brand is on sale for the same price as the store brand.

  172. I actually like to buy manager’s specials! Being that we have a second freezer, I can stock up on meats and other freezable items when they are at super low prices thanks to the bright orange manager’s special sticker. :O)

  173. I don’t buy something unless it is on sale and I have a coupon for it. Boy is that self control! It took me months to learn to wait even though I had a coupon.

  174. I am a couponer (not as good at as I’d like to be though!), as well as watching weekly ads and stockpiling items as I can.

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