A Simple Candle Gift

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Looking for a simple, inexpensive gift that still says you care? How ’bout this?

I found a bunch of candles on clearance at Target and thought they would be really cute on small dishes, wrapped up with cellophane and a bow. Salad plates are really inexpensive. I bought this blue one at IKEA for a few dollars. When I started the project, however, my big visions fell flat. See above?

OK. But kinda boring.

So then I looked around the house to see how I could make it look more elegant. I found a pine cone (free) and a little sprig of fake fall foliage (probably cost about a quarter). Much better! Wrap that baby in clear cellophane and tie with real ribbon.

A cute token of affection that would make a nice teacher or hostess gift. And it only cost about $4 or $5.

What else could you add to a candle on a plate to make it more?

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  1. Maybe some bath soaps, then you have a little spa kit. Or some chocolates & a pen then you have a “sit down & pay the bills” kit.

  2. I love this gift idea.. I did it last year for Diwali (the Indian festival of lights) and paired it with home made sweets. An almost-free gift and looked so awesome, wrapped in some mesh-like fabric I had lying at home and tied with a gold ribbon:-)

  3. Great idea! I think this would be a perfect gift for my neighbor 🙂
    I need to come up with prizes for games at a baby shower and also a door prize, does anyone have any suggestions?? The mom is younger, so I’m assuming the guests are young (18ish) I don’t really don’t know much about the mom, I was just asked to help out throw the shower. I’d love any suggestions!! Thanks!

    1. @keli,
      For my shower, we got a $5 Blockbuster gift card, a box of theater candy, and a pack of popcorn and tied that together as one prize. We also did a $5 starbucks gift card and a $1 coffee mug.

    2. @keli, For some showers I have thrown we went to the dollar store and bought some bud vases and then bought a big poofy white (color of choice) flower to put in it. This way they get a little bud vase and a nice flower for a week or so. They loved it. I always hate giving out soaps and stuff. I get tired of having those around. Have fun.

  4. If they are a little older, the last shower I went to gave wine as prizes! If its winter, I would say give fun scarves or gloves. No one wants useless baby themed stuff if they aren’t moms and so I’m assuming a bunch of 18 year olds aren’t all mothers and wouldn’t find children’s themed picture frames useful.

  5. In my bathroom I took some ribbon and wrapped it around the candle. Two colors in two widths layered on top of each other and just glued them together. Really dresses up the candle.

    One of my favorite and cheap gifts is homemade sugar scrub. I buy coconut oil on sale (usually under $6 for a 16 oz jar), get a cute container ($1 store) and add some sugar to melted oil to make it thick. Works as a great exfoliator before showering. I can usually make 2-3 containers full out of one jar of oil…depends on the size of container you store it in.

  6. If you paired it with some seasonal chocolates or candies, this would make an awesome hostess gift. Don’t forget to check the thrift stores for cute plates or cute baskets.

  7. Keli–everyone loves Bath and Body works hand soaps and you can usually find them for $3. Otherwise, dollar store nail files/polish (they typically have Maybelline or a similar name brand) are always fun. OR you can really do a “shower” theme and get really nice razors (Venus, Schick), body washes, shampoos, conditioners for really cheap or free with coupons.

  8. Also, at my bridal shower, my bridesmaids used the centerpieces as prizes. It was a teaparty theme, so the winners each won a teapot! You could do this with floral arrangements or other fun centerpieces.

  9. I was thinking about those pretty little cranberry wreaths they sell in craft stores that are made with bendable wire. That would be cute wrapped around the candle.

    Also, little scrapbooking charms tucked into the candle with some fun scrapbooking pens for a friend who is into that.

  10. Thanks so much for the ideas guys! I love the “shower” theme and the blockbuster & starbucks ideas. I think I’m going to head to the thrift store tomorrow to see what I can find there, I know they’ll have tons of coffee mugs 🙂 Thanks!!