A Very Green Giveaway from Crayola

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One of my highlights of going back to school — as a child and as an adult — has been having a stash of fresh, clean supplies. When I handed my kids new crayons and colored pencils this last week, I saw that they, too, have an affinity for unbroken crayons still in their wrappers.

Well, everyone does, except the Baby. She proceeded to break a few in half and to start peeling off paper. But that is a post for another day….

On a more artistic and infinitely less messy note, FishBoy8 made this recreation of “modern art” by Wassily Kandinsky. He read a book about the artist and then got busy. All. on. his. own. Be still my heart.

While I’m not “brand loyal” about many things, I do love me some Crayola. I have tried the bargain brands. I’m sorry. But, they just don’t compare. And even though we don’t need one, I was sorely tempted to buy a box of 64 this past weekend when I saw them in the store. Oh! How I loved all those wonderful colors.

Crayola and me go way back — at least 38 years. But, what I did not know was that Crayola has been going green for quite some time, beyond just Asparagus, Magic Mint, and Shamrock.

Here are some ways that Crayola is working to reduce, reuse, recycle:

* Crayola Markers – Thanks to new, innovative ways to manufacture Crayola markers from recycled bottle caps, “black” is the new “green!” Crayola markers will now have black barrels instead of white, which allows for more recycled plastic to be used and gives a second life to more than 1 million pounds of plastic bottle caps. Plus, switching to black barrels keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills each year. Available in 10-ct. Broadline Classic Colors, 10-ct. Broadline Assorted Colors, 10-ct. Fineline Classic Colors, 8-ct. Washable Broadline and 8-ct. Washable Fineline.

* Crayola Green 24-ct. Crayons – The quintessential school supply found in virtually every elementary classroom will be made with the power of the sun. More than 26,200 solar panels will convert sunlight into electricity, generating the energy required to make 1 billion of the 3 billion crayons Crayola makes each year, which equals 60 million 24-ct. boxes. Mother Earth will be smiling down on every forest green, pine green and jungle green crayon that rolls off the assembly line!

* Crayola Green Colored Pencils – Committed to protecting the rain forests since 1987, all Crayola colored pencils have been made from reforested wood instead of wood sourced from tropical rainforest or endangered species. For every tree used, a new tree of the same species is planted. The 12-, 24-, 36-, and 50-ct. boxes of Crayola Colored Pencils will be among the first to carry the “Eco-Evolution” callout on their packaging.

This week one reader will receive a Crayola “Green Back-to-School Essentials” prize pack that includes Crayola Green Markers, Crayola Green Crayons and Crayola Green Colored Pencils.

How to Enter to Win:

Simply leave a comment, telling us your favorite crayola color.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, August 29th, at 8 pm. PST. Winner to be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours or risk forfeiting your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winners have been announced.

Disclosure: I received a Crayola “Green Back to School Essentials” pack for review from Crayola and My Blog Spark. The information about Crayola practices is also provided by Crayola and My Blog Spark. I was not compensated to make positive comments. My opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. I love me some blue. blue-green, green-blue, sky blue, navy…..

  2. My favorite has always been red. I love how vibrate and rich Crayola red is!

  3. That’s easy….any shade of green. 🙂

  4. I work at a Boys and Girls Club and we got our new art supplies in a month ago for fall yay! But one thing we are doing is taking the old crayons and melting them down to create those cool mixed crayons. I’ve found the kids like those more at times than just normal crayons! They would also make cute gifts- maybe around christmas melt them down in shapes and put them in stockings?

  5. AllieZirkle says:

    Cerulean. You can’t go wrong!

  6. Green. 🙂

  7. I have been brand loyal to Crayola since I was a kid. Like you, I don’t find any other brand that compares. My favorite Crayola color is Red Violet.

  8. Crayola is the best! My favorite color yellow-green!

  9. That’s great! I didn’t know they were doing that. I’m partial to “melon.”

  10. Any shade of purple….

  11. definitely the blues!

  12. I am a big fan of Tickle Me Pink 🙂

  13. I’ve always been partial to brick red.

  14. We love Cyan!

  15. red is the color :} love it!

  16. Tickle Me Pink!!!!

  17. marcia streefkerk says:

    I like any of the blues. Love the crayola products!

  18. Red is my favorite color 🙂

  19. It would have to be robin’s egg blue.

  20. I love Jazzberry Jam and Razzmatazz, anything pink.

  21. My favorite Crayola color is red. It has always been my favorite color.

    You are right, no other crayons compare to Crayola!

  22. Amy Garner says:

    No ifs, ands or buts about it – Crayola makes the best crayons! I LOVE ORANGE!!!

  23. I love any shade of green.

  24. All shades of purple (and pink!!). I believe there is a strawberry one I love 😉

  25. My favorite would be yellow.

  26. My favorite is green.

  27. My favorite is red-orange.

  28. I always liked grass green!!

  29. We like the metallic colors.

  30. ‘Cornflower’ it’s such a pretty, soft color.

  31. Sky blue, especially brand new!

  32. Another blue lover here, any shade!

    But on name alone, I’d have to say “burnt umber,” simply because as I youngster I had no idea what “umber” was or why it would be burnt, which made the color so much more exotic and alluring. 🙂 Do they still make burnt umber?

  33. midnight blue or periwinkle. I am a total crayon brand snob especially when it comes to watercolors.

  34. Any of the aqua blues!

  35. We love Crayola in our house! 🙂 My favorite color has always been Tickle-Me-Pink!

  36. Oh how I love a new box of crayons! Tickle-me-pink is my favorite!

  37. Purple. I love purple.

  38. I have always loved the name “raw sienna”!

  39. Cerulean. Hands down.

  40. red

  41. That is easy…my favorite color crayon is and will always be…PINK!!!

  42. My favorite is blue-green. My daughter (5 years old) and I were coloring in a Sesame Street coloring book last night and I was just lost in the moment when she colored Ernie’s hat blue-green. It makes me think of the beach and beautiful water, I think of all kinds of beautiful jewelry in that shade…. it’s a relaxing color that can be worn in summer, spring, fall or winter. It’s just my favorite color, any way I look at it! 🙂

  43. conniemelancon says:

    My favorite color is green.

  44. I always loved (and still do) Cornflower Blue.

  45. I love crayola! Pink, Pink, and more Pink. My daughter and I love Pink!

  46. I love purple!

  47. I used to love the cornflower blue crayon. Such a lovely shade of blue!

  48. Burnt Sienna – just because of the name.

    But Macaroni and Cheese is a fun name, too.

  49. Blue is my favorite Crayola crayon color!

  50. I’m very much into orange right now.

  51. I love the color of “granny smith apples.” Reminds me of the actual color of the apples that I totally love 🙂

  52. Pink is my fav.

  53. Amy Lynn Drorbaugh says:

    Periwinkle…in addition to being a pretty color it’s just fun to say.

  54. Plum~

  55. Pink is my favorite as my son can tell you, his is Blue! BTW I tried the dollar store crayons….NEVER again! I will stick with Crayola!

  56. I love the color “mango tango”. And you are right Crayola is the best hands down!!

  57. I love green…any shade. And Crayola are the best by far. It’s one of very few brands that I’m brand loyal to.

  58. I love Green!

  59. All of the greens! But my boys love the blues and yellows too!

  60. I love Wild Watermelon. I am 37 and I still love to color. A new box of crayons is pure fun!

  61. I always liked their pink- I remember it had a catchy name, but I can’t remember the actual name.

  62. I love the color yellow. Yellow is so bright and cheerful. Yellow can always make me happy. During the winter my kids and I; I have 6 ages 9-15, get coloring books and a new box of crayola crayons. We spend time on Sat. afternon coloring a page or two to pass the cold days. I love the smell and feel of a fresh box of crayons, and they have to be crayola.

  63. I love all of the blues! I’m am not up on all the hip new names yet though. I love that they are going more green! i agree that bargain brands do not cut it, too waxy, chalky, and fragile. Go Crayola!

  64. I love love love crayola, there really is something so special about a brand new box! I wonder what makes it so inspiring? My fav color is periwinkle.

  65. Sarah @ The Domestic CEO says:

    I agree, Crayola is the best (especially because they are washable, lol!). My favorite color is…shoot, the paper is ripped off of it! It is a purple-ie pink color.

  66. I like salmon. 😀

  67. Cornflowers, darker reds are some of my favorites.

  68. I like orange!

  69. I like any yellow, but dandelion is a favorite!

  70. I like lots of colors ~ I’ve always LOVED the box of 64 too! 🙂 I like carnation pink, brick red, midnight blue, sepia, and tons of others. I’m a Crayola snob, too, by the way. 🙂 I stocked up on the 25-cent boxes (24-count) at Wal-Mart so we can make some muffin-tin crayons this year at Christmas!

  71. My favorite crayola color is dandelion. There’s just something about that rich yellow that puts a smile on my face, even on the dreariest of Ohio days!!

  72. Greens and Yellows 🙂

  73. Orange 🙂

  74. i would have to say a shade of green…i love greens. so soothing. i’d have to mak my way through the greens in a box of 64 to give you an exact shade but i do love the sound of asparagus 😉

  75. definately scarlet. but on a visit to the crayola factory in Easton, PA, I learned about a bunch of colors I had never seen in a box, such as “The Color Purple”

  76. What! Pick just one! I love all the colors but I guess if I have to choose….ummm…..ok…razzmic berry!

  77. Yeah, I’m brand loyal with Crayola, too. They really are better 95% of the time. I’m not up on my exact color names, but I like greens in general.

  78. Awesome giveaway! I love purple 🙂

  79. Macaroni and Cheese!

  80. I love any shade of green 🙂

  81. I used to love Maize, until they got rid of it!

  82. anyone else love the smell of a new box of crayons? I like the cornflower color myself…

  83. i seen now they have some crazy names now, which i think is so cute. i like robins egg blue.

  84. I love purple!

  85. Any Color Orange!!!!

  86. Inchworm and cornflower…If I could only pick one it would be cornflower.

    I so miss the yummy silly scents chocolate and cherry,though.

  87. There is something magical about a new box of crayons. I have always loved Cornflower Blue. Mac and Cheese makes me smile : )

  88. We buy the store brand for a ton of things BUT I agree, there is nothing out there like the Crayola brand! I love the color black! I love when it is brand new and all dressed up in its gray label. Beautiful!

  89. I love the name Burnt Siena.

  90. My favorite is purple!

  91. My favorite is red, because it is my son’s favorite. He loves everything red, and it is always the first color he reaches for.

  92. Probably watermelon!

  93. Cornflower

  94. I love purple!

  95. Good old classic ‘blue’.

  96. purple!

  97. Scarlet! Something about it just makes me happy 🙂

  98. blue-green.

  99. Radical red. Throw back, hehe, do they still make it? It was in a gigantic box I had 15 years ago.

  100. No question about it, Crayola is the only brand we use. Rose Art and those no-brand crayons they give kids in restaurants are just awful.
    My favorite color in general is blue. My favorite Crayola crayon color is blue green.

  101. orange

  102. My favorite color has always been cerulean!

  103. Green definitely – how appropriate for this giveaway!

  104. I love cornflower blue, but mostly I love those big 64 packs and looking at all those different shades together. So many choices! 🙂

  105. Think I gotta go with robin’s egg blue…

  106. all of the shades of purple!

  107. Melissa Smith says:

    Any type of blue! I just love the ocean and remaking it with crayons!

  108. Cornflower!

  109. RED, of course!

  110. Love me some crayola too! 🙂 Teal Blue

  111. I love sky blue!

  112. I love the white crayons, especially Crayola’s version, because they actually work when you use dark construction paper!

  113. Well, it used to always be called “Blue-Green”, but they probably have given it a fancy new name by now. 😉 And, btw, I’m with you… I’m brand loyal about very few things, but… crayons? We’ve gotta go with Crayola. 🙂

  114. Sally McQuaid says:


  115. My favorite color is blue, but I love crayola red!

  116. I really like Pacific Blue, though you only get it in the big boxes. It’s just so easy on the eyes. And with little ones coloring a thousand pages for the fridge, easy on the eyes is a good thing 😀

  117. There’s no point in buying anything other than Crayola. Nothing else ever measures up! I love all of the purples.

  118. Blue is my favorite!

  119. Would love to donate these to my daughter’s school. Favorite Crayola color — pink of course.

  120. All the greens 🙂

  121. I’m a fan of black paired with any other color.

  122. 1949’s Periwinkle! I guess that makes me oldschool. By the way, love your blog color! 😉

  123. I agree with you…Crayola is the best and I don’t buy anything else. As a child my very favorite colors were silver and gold. Those shiny, sparkly colors were more beautiful to me than anything else in the box. I’ve been a crayola fan for 45+ years.

  124. I love orchid and any shade of purple!

  125. My favorite from way back is periwinkle. Would love to win this prize to go with the coloring books I’m giving family little girls for Christmas this year.

  126. PINK!!!

  127. Blue…original blue.

  128. Any of the multiple shades of pink – and I agree, I am partial to Crayola too. No other brand compares!

  129. Cornflower!

  130. I LOVED periwinkle as a kid, & burnt umber & gold. & anything purple.

  131. I love the bright blues and greens.

  132. When I color with my girls I am often handed the pink/purple/red crayon as our oldest daughter says, “here is your favorite mommy!”

    But I am usually struck with indecision when she pulls out her box of 96 crayolas that was a present from Grandma.

    And I did buy the 64 packs when I saw them and stashed them for Christmas gifts because let’s face it, if it does not say crayola, it is really not a crayon.

  133. I love the bright yellows and greens.

  134. Not so much because I love the actual color but more so because I love the name my favorite is Macaroni and Cheese. 🙂

  135. Aquamarine/turquoise/teal.

  136. I love all of the rich blues…cyan especially!

  137. While I love the really bright colors of pink and yellow, I think the reason I love Crayola best is because a red crayon is true red – it isn’t wishy washy about it. It’s really red. And the same is true of blue and green too. So many other brands of crayon their primary colors are pale and wishy washy. Not the real colors.

  138. Plain and simple pink

  139. Blue!

  140. PURPLE!

  141. Preparedmom says:

    All of them! But if I had to pick just one, green.
    I didn’t know this (about the company going green) about Crayola, so thanks for blogging about it!

  142. Pink

  143. Deborah Buckingham says:


  144. Charity Shapiro says:

    I love all shades of blue and green.

  145. Yellow…it is bright and cheery!

  146. I like blue.

  147. Red!

  148. I’ve always been fond of green! I realized how much when my 3yr old boy professed his love of green!

  149. My favorite color is any shade of blue.

  150. My favorite color is Blue!

  151. I’m not brand loyal on many things but Crayola art supplies just seem to work better than less expensive brands. My favorite color is a blue-green called “happily ever after.”

  152. Indigo is my favorite color from Crayola.

  153. Raw Umber…. am I remembering that right? I just like the name!
    Give me a violet for coloring any old day!

  154. my favorite color is blizzard blue.

  155. As a child, I always liked the names of “burnt sienna”, “raw umber”, “periwinkle”, and “magenta”. Any shade of purple is my fave to color with, though!

  156. blue-green

  157. I like Razzmatazz!

  158. tickle me pink. I mean, who doesn’t love to laugh!!

  159. I like green!

  160. I love the blue and green colors because those are my 3-year old son’s favorite colors.
    – Ashley

  161. Granny Smith Apple!

  162. orange, orange, orange!

  163. i too love the blues and always find a blue when i see crayons!

  164. I cannot pick a favorite Crayola color that is like trying to pick your favorite child. Crayola is my favorite brand too there is just something about the way they feel & smell compared to the other brands.

  165. My favorite color is red.

  166. Any shade of pink!!!

  167. Shamrock…perfect shade of green!

  168. I love all 64 of them….too hard to choose just one color!

  169. All the shades of pink for sure. My daughter, Chloe, would agree too!

    jennifer @

  170. Green! We are fans of Crayola washable products.

  171. Tina Thomas says:

    Love the color “Purple Pizzazz” – it’s so pretty.

  172. I love all of their shades of purple!

  173. My favorite Crayola crayon is red. We painted our living room and dining room walls red 5 years ago and I took the red Crayola crayon to the paint store and said “I want this color.”

  174. Midnight blue for me, forest green for my son, and all things pink and purple for my daughter! Thanks.

  175. All of their shades of purple!

  176. Lea Stormhammer says:

    Typically I’m a green girl – pretty much any shade but especially the earthy tones. However, my favorite Crayola color (yep, we’re brand loyal too!) is cornflower blue – because it makes the perfect summer sky! 🙂 Weird, huh?

    Thanks for hosting this – it’s so much fun!

  177. My favorite color is and will always be cerulean. It’s a beautiful shade of blue that reminds me of the ocean.

  178. Red. Real red… not orange red or magenta. 🙂 I love coloring with fresh crayons!

  179. Any shade of green is our favorite!

  180. We too are Crayola loyal. We’ve tried the others, and they just don’t “feel” right! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  181. My fav is RED…

  182. My favorite is magenta! 🙂

  183. Love crayola crayons, Love Orange!

  184. Red! Just regular red is my favorite!

  185. Blue Green for sure!

    You’re totally right. Crayola rocks in the crayon business.

  186. Caribbean Green is the best

  187. Love Crayola crayons.. I remember as a kid we used to wait for our aunts in the U.S to send them to us. Today, we can buy them right here in India:-)
    My toddler and I love all the colors, especially Vivid Violet, because it reminds her of Barney!
    I don’t know if this is open to International readers but I just had to comment:-0
    Plus, this is something that as a green mom and writer, I will be talking about sometime soon!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  188. I like Plum.

  189. You are right – crayola is one of the few products that I am really brand loyal to… I like perwinkle the best – both the color and the fun name

  190. Indian Red, hands down. I don’t know if it’s even called that anymore, but that’s what it was called when I was little. Such a warm, earthy, lovely color!

    Happy back to school everyone!

  191. My favorite is Cornflower.

  192. Do I really have to pick just one? I love reds, blues, greens AND oranges.

  193. Heather Abbott says:

    Purple – all their shades of purple!!

  194. Any of the blues!

  195. Yellow has always been my favorite.

  196. My favorite Crayola color is Cornflower. I don’t really know why, but that name always stuck with me and because of that so did the color!

  197. I have always loved Crayola’s range of blue-green colours, from the light, almost aqua, right through to their teal.

  198. Elizabeth Faris says:

    Red is the color for me! 🙂

  199. Jennifer M. says:

    I love all of their shades of purple! =)

  200. Candy Steadman says:

    I also love Crayola. My mother n law bought crayons for the kids in some off brand and they were so dull, the kids had to press down really hard to get the color out of them. My favorite color is scarlet and of course just plain red is always wonderful!

  201. Blue or Purple – I never can remember the funky names but that makes for the memories too!

  202. I always loved blue-green and green-blue, even though and art student will tell you that green-blue isn’t really a color.

  203. I always loved cerulean and I never knew how to pronounce it until I was married and my hubby enlightened me! :0)

  204. any shade of purple! , or the blue-green!
    Love crayola… you are so right Nothing compares to crayola, off brands stink!

  205. Jennifer Foutch says:


  206. I like the Crayola color – ‘Daffodil’

  207. i like the color carnation pink 🙂

  208. Royal blue.

  209. I love the classic red!

  210. Elizabeth buckner says:

    I’m another blue lover! Crayola is the best, too!

  211. Pink!

  212. My favorite color is purple. But, I find that every time I open a box of crayons, I go for red! Basic, bright, red. It is definitely my favorite 🙂

  213. There is nothing like Crayola Crayons for brilliant, bright colors.

    My favorite color is green. I also love the Shamrock Color.

  214. I am brand-loyal to very few things, but as a teacher I always buy Crayola. No one can beat the quality!

    My favorite Crayola color is Jungle Green.


    ndisilvio @ gmail .com

  215. Blue-green and I can still remember my delight as a child when I figured out the second color listed was the primary color in the mix!

  216. As a kid, I loved the silver and gold crayons and guarded them closely! I would go with the blue green as my favorite these days!

  217. Burnt sienna.

  218. How could anyone ever choose just one color?!?!? I love the box of 64!!! This is a great giveaway!

  219. Blue, any color of blue is my favorite! Thanks for the great give-away!! Happy Homeschooling!

  220. Just one favorite? Oh, I would have to pick blue as one of my favorites.

  221. I’m definitely a green fan. Any shade. In the ‘dead’ part of winter up here I NEED something green in my home. It gives me a sense of calm to look at it.

  222. I agree – Crayola is the only brand we buy. And I LOVE washable crayons! I’d have to say my fav was always blue-green. Or fuschia. Or maybe magenta. Ha!

  223. One of my favorite colors is one that is now discontinued – Lemon Yellow. It was fun to say and was such a “good yellow”!

  224. I am a GREEN girl … granny apple green to be exact. Though I love almost all bright, cheery (but not too bright) colors.

  225. sky blue. Do they still put that one in the big pack?

  226. I like Violet & I love Crayola products!

  227. I have always liked cornflower blue.

  228. periwinkle

    Crayola has tons of colors but I think periwinkle will always be my fave!

  229. Any pastel color is my favorite.

  230. My favorite Crayola color is aquamarine.

  231. cerulian

  232. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    My favorite color is any of them with blue in it. I also agree with you on the unbroken crayons and definitely with the crayola brand. I won’t even consider another brand. I have actually gone to another store if the one I was at didn’t have any crayola left!

  233. I love Crayola! My faves have always been the metallics! My absolute favorite is Steel Blue! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  234. Jeaneane McCandless says:

    I actually like yellow!! So bright and lovely!!

  235. Aquamarine!!!

  236. I like cotton candy. Thanks for the chance.

  237. Koren Oldham says:

    Rasberry Squirt!

  238. Salmon is my fav!

  239. I’m going to have to go with red!

  240. Forrest GREEN!!

  241. My favorite crayola color? Peach – for coloring people’s faces!

  242. Purple is my fave!

  243. One family favorite color is robin egg blue! We also like inch worm green and macaroni and cheese!

  244. ANY shade of blue…I really love sky blue, but any blue will do! 🙂

  245. Any color with a fresh point and a wrapper that hasn’t been peeled off by my gaggle of munchkins. Fall colors to make melty Thanksgiving placemats with freshly fallen leaves. The Crayola Factory was one of our family’s trips this summer and I could have spent the whole day there playing – I mean watching my kids play!

  246. Mac and Cheese. I LOVE it!!!

  247. I love the basic red, always have, always will 🙂

  248. I was always amused by blue-green and green-blue, green-yellow and yellow-green, and the like. I always wondered why just switching around the name would make for a completely different colour.

  249. I’m a pink kindof girl

  250. Love all blues and I like red too.

  251. Favorite color: YELLOW!! Love it! Just makes me want to smile! **I didn’t know Crayola had green products – very exciting!

  252. My favorite color is Green, and then there is blue and then brown

  253. Sky blue. And there is nothing better than a shopping bag full of new pencils, crayons, and notebook paper. Can’t wait to start buying school supplies for my little ones (and a few for me!)

  254. I love orange!

  255. What a fun giveaway! We’re just getting ready for back-to-school up here in N. California.

    My favorite color of crayon is purple!

  256. I have to go with Green-as in Grass Green (closest to Emerald). Something about it’s crisp-ness makes me think of Spring even when it’s the dead of winter. 🙂

  257. I like Orange Red. Very pretty!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  258. Maroon!

  259. Periwinkle.

  260. i just love that there’s a color called “macaroni and cheese”. but my personal favorite is “olive green”.

  261. Cornflower blue has been a favorite forever.

  262. blue!

  263. It’s gotta be blue for me! Thanks!

  264. I love blue!

  265. green

  266. my fav color is ‘periwinkle’

  267. Normally, my favorite color is red. But in the world of Crayola, I have two favorites – cerulean and jungle green. So bright!

  268. periwinkle! I may be frugal and cut corners everywhere possible, but NEVER with crayons. ONLY Crayola in our house!

  269. cornflower blue

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