Afternoon Reading: Good Cheap Eats in October

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Tortellini Soup with Sausage and Vegetables

A couple years ago I realized that food was one of our family’s great joys and pasttimes. I started experimenting in the kitchen, trying to make the most of our limited budget and still enjoy great food. In our newlywed days, we often spent $250/week to feed the TWO of us. Yes, we lived high on the hog.

Now, we live on less than that to feed eight of us! The result of my food obsession is Good Cheap Eats, my little corner on the web where I dish out delicious ways to act your wage.

Here are my adventures of the last month:

Warm and Spicy Fish Rub

Meals to Give as Gifts

Make Soup Night a Success!

Sauteed Yu Choy with Mushrooms, Onions and Squash

Too Many Pumpkins? Never!

Soups and Stews to Love

Malted Hot Cocoa Mix

Rustic Basil Sauce

Operation Pomegranate Jelly 1.0

Tarragon Balsamic Salad Dressing

Get the Slow Cooker to Work for You

Grocery Geek and Good Cheap Eats

Meal Planning for November

Tortellini Soup with Sausage and Vegetables

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I believe you can get great meals on the table -- and still keep that pretty smile on your face.

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  1. This has nothing to do with this, but I couldn’t find an email address for you…
    Do you have any books you would recommend for preschoolers that explain Thanksgiving? I was thinking that I could use a post about that soon… =)

  2. The tortellini soup looks and sounds delicious. I have chicken tort soup I make that is always a huge hit with my family. The rest of your recipes look great too 🙂

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