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I remember back in the days of dial-up and squirrel speed internet connections. FishPapa came home and told me about this place called Amazon that sold books for less money than the stores.

Since we’ve always been bookworms, we were intrigued. We’ve been extremely happy Amazon customers since 1998.

In recent years, I’ve seen their service only improve with age.

Next thing you know the books will be free, too.

Yeah, well, probably not, but a girl can always hope.

This year somehow, I’ve left my boys’ gift shopping to much later than usual. So, I have a date with Amazon this weekend to get their presents chosen and shipped. I did most of my shopping this way last year and found the prices to be comparable — if not better — than stores like Target and Walmart.

Plus, I can shop in my pajamas! And with free 2-Day Shipping, I’m not too worried about it getting here on time.

How does Amazon work for you?

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  1. I have heard that if you are an avid Amazon shopper, then, there Amazon Prime is a BONUS. Of course, we aren’t in a financial place to be able to use Amazon all time, but, if I could, I would sign up for it. There is a fee, but, you get super fast shipping on anything you order. That is way cool!

  2. Did you know Amazon moms (which is free) also has free 2 day shipping for the month?

  3. Rachel K says

    This past summer Amazon had if you signed up for a student account you got free Amazon Prime for a whole year!! I actually thought about not getting it, but I am SO happy I decided to go ahead and sign up! I love not having to pay for shipping and getting my things faster!

  4. We LOVE Amazon. Have done nearly all of our holiday shopping there this year. Its so nice to shop in my pjs, then have it show up on the door step two days later.

  5. jennifer says

    We LOVE Amazon.
    Lots of our household things come from there, as we live in a small town and Wal-Mart is our closest selection.
    Hubby bought his tv through Amazon last Christmas-free shipping, no tax and better priced than anywhere local!
    LOVE Amazon Prime too!

  6. Jenette says

    I LOVE amazon. I do 90% of our Christmas shopping on there and have for the last few years. Just this week I bought a 2 gifts on Thursday afternoon around 2pm and both arrived the next morning around 9:30am! I earn points by using my debit card as a credit card throughout the year and choose to redeem them for amazon gift cards too. I’ve even gotten our double jogger stroller, car seats, so many things from there. 🙂

  7. I joined Prime just after I delivered baby 4 in March. So convenient for so many things, including hard to find organic grocery items. I will say that it spoils you a bit, but what a great mother’s helper!

  8. Actually, Amazon did have a free paper book for a bit last week. 🙂 And, Amazon moms had free prime for 3 months (extending up to a year) when I signed up for it. Not sure if that’s still available. 🙂

  9. Jessica B says

    amazon DOES have free books (aside from the cost of the kindle). all their classics are free to download to kindles. 🙂

  10. Amazon Rocks! I have done the bulk of our Christmas shopping through Amazon this year.

  11. I get tons of books through Amazon, and I like to look towards the bottom where they list how many used ones they have and what the lowest price is.

  12. We LOVE Amazon!! This Christmas we did most of our shopping for free using the Amazon cards we earned through Swagbucks, for me writing reviews for Viewpoints, and through points earned by taking Opinion Outpost surveys. As a stay at home wife, I was very happy to be able to buy the hubby his Christmas gifts without using his hard-earned cash to do it. Woo hoo! 😀

    On the freebie book note: Not only can you download free e-books, they even have a free reader you can use on your computer, or better still, hubby can use on his Droid for FREE. So…FREE e-books + FREE reader for Droid (no need to purchase the Kindle – though we’d still like one someday) = {happy dance} 🙂

  13. charlotte says

    I did over half of my shopping there this Christmas. I did not know about Amazon moms I have to go check that out next.

  14. I still use brick stores because to me nothing beats looking and spying the perfect gift but Amazon is pretty cool too. Last year my 2 youngest got their DS lites from there and this year my daughter will be getting a netbook purchased from there. With points programs and some gift cards I won my out of pocket was $20.(I save all year for the Amazon to be Christmas shopping money) Still I do try to support some of the local stores that kindly host free pics with Santa or do a trick or treat carnival because I want to keep them open and available.

  15. I agree, and ironically, when this post arrived in my inbox, I was online doing exactly that – finishing up kids’ Christmas shopping at Amazon!

  16. Most of my shopping was done online this year, with Amazon being my top place to shop. I used Amazon gift cards earned from Swagbucks to make my Christmas money stretch a little farther. All of the items I purchased had free shipping, and one item was delivered in less than 24 hours after ordering. My sis and mom said next year, they are shopping the Amazon way, too!

  17. Ive done the majority of my shopping online, except for a few items that needed to be purchased at smaller local stores. Most of my items came from amazon. I am also a book nut and order through them all the time.

  18. Lindsey says

    You’ve hacked my computer?!?! I’ve gotten a great deal of stuff from Amazon lately and my cart has 5 things in it now, waiting on hubby’s approval. If only they sold and delivered milk, I might never leave the house again. 😉

  19. Racheal says

    I have bought lots of neat Chritmas gifts on Amazon, but my all time favorite things are all the gluten free stuff I am able to purchase at less than half the cost. Of course I’m buying a whole case but it sure beats the stores prices…and my boys love getting stuff in the mail especially all the shipping boxes, to make fun stuff with. Who knew that would be the best part?

  20. Eh. I really don’t get the love for them. Their prices are often good, but change at whim (for example, I had an item I wanted to buy, but needed to wait 2 days until I got paid. Two days later, they raised their price by $40. It stayed that way for a little over a week and then dropped $30. At least I was patient on that purchase).

  21. I LOVE Amazon! It’s so easy to use and so much better than going to a store…and most of the time it’s a better price too! And now I do get things for free (sometimes) thanks to Swagbucks!

  22. I did the majority of our Christmas shopping on Amazon this year. I found things that I wanted to buy my children in the pricey children’s catalogs that were delivered to my house. Then I went online and compared prices and found the best price each time at Amazon.

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