An Easter Menu (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

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Plan now for your Easter dinner and save a bit on groceries when you catch the early sales.

Empty Tomb Resurrection Cake

The Empty Tomb Cake

I know, yes, I’m planning ahead a bit by posting this. But, really? Easter is only about two weeks away. So, if we want to catch some good sales to prep a nice meal, now’s the time to start thinking about it.

This year I’m not sure who will be coming, but even if it’s “just our fam”, I like to prepare a nicer meal. This menu features some of our favorites over the years. I can’t wait!

Lime-Mint Cooler

Seven Layer Dip

Really Homemade Seven Layer Dip

Ham Scalloped Potatoes Asparagus Cauliflower sm

Ham in the Slow Cooker

Tastiest Scalloped Potatoes

Steamed Asparagus

Cajun Spiced Broccoli


Carrot Cake

An Empty Tomb Cake

Ultimate Recipe Swap

URS Guidelines

Remember: Each month at Ultimate Recipe Swap, there is a posted theme. You are welcome to share any recipe that fits the theme and contains a link back to Life as MOM. If you’re curious about the upcoming themes, I have a calendar here. This month’s theme is Fancy Food.

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And don’t make me the bad guy! ;)

What is an Easter favorite at your house?

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