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Before you ask, no, that isn’t my current backyard, nor is it a current photo. Circa 2007, actually. And, no, I don’t miss the snow. But, yes, I still wear that coat — even in San Diego. It was 32 degrees over the weekend. Yikes!

In other news….

  • We’re having a cookie exchange this week on Ultimate Recipe Swap. I hope you’ll come and bring your favorite recipes with you.
  • This weekend is Freezer Cooking Days. Bring your cooking plan on Friday and share what you actually made on Monday.
  • Next Tuesday we’ll be booking it. Come share what you’ve been reading.
  • Lastly, big, Big, BIG news coming later week. Wait for it….

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  1. Great news all around:-)

  2. Cheryl M says

    Looking forward to Frugal Fridays….& I was going through my iGoogle stuff & DS came in to ask a question & saw your picture. !st he thought you were my BFF but then noticed the different hair color & really big houses & realized it wasn’t BFF but didn’t care cuz the snowman has a Darth Vader light saber.
    Now that it on our schedule when we get snow. (:
    We also tie dyed cause he saw your picture in my feed…..think I need to start reading my feed after they go to sleep LOL

  3. oooooooooo lot’s of good stuff coming up! Hooray! I hope some folks will include some freezer cookies in their recipes. I’m hoping to premake some dough so I can resist the siren calls of the pillsbury doughboy.

  4. Danielle Bradbury says

    Hmmmm…….big BIG news…..BABY?????? ;-D

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