Apple Cider Floats (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Apples)

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So, I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy Pinterest. One of the things I love about it is that I actually do some of the things that I discover there. Today’s recipe is inspired by one such discovery.

However it also reveals one of my faults. I don’t always read directions.

And so, when I saw this picture of Rachael Ray’s Apple Cider floats, I made a few assumptions, primarily that she used sparkling apple cider to create floats.

She didn’t.

She used hot spiced cider. Which is probably pretty good. I imagine the ice cream melts into the hot cider, creating a hot, creamy, yummy treat. But, I didn’t catch that when I scanned the recipe before making my grocery list.

Instead, we created cold, creamy yummy treats. And I’d like to point out that my lack of attention paid off!

These floats are delicious. Cold, bubbly apple cider, vanilla bean ice cream, drizzles of caramel sauce. Yeah, baby. It works.

Ok, yes, this isn’t exactly a recipe for apples. But, the roots of this dessert are found in apples. Apples make apple cider. If you make your own apple cider — though I have no idea who does — so much the better. Either way, these are delish!

Share your favorite apple-based recipes with us today!

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  1. A lot of folks are trying to cut back on the carbs so here’s a grain free apple cobbler recipe that is both delicious and low carb!

  2. Lynette W. says:

    Oh WOW! What a great mistake to make!!! Totally awesome flub! Thanks for sharing!

  3. In the words of Ms. Ray, “Yummo!” Definitely going to try these this weekend with my girls!

  4. Perfect swap. I can’t wait to see what others are cooking up with apples! Thanks for hosting.

  5. That looks so yummy!!!

  6. These floats look wonderful! Just pinned it 🙂

  7. YUM! Loving the apple recipes as I’ve got so many apples to get through right now. I shared a recipe for Fried Apples-n-Onions. The kids and I are reading Farmer Boy and Almonzo claimed in the book that this was his most favorite recipe! Fun stuff.

  8. All the recipes look amazing! I made a super simple slowcooker applesauce this past weekend. I am planning on posting it within the next couple days.

  9. Serendipitous delight!

  10. I don’t have a post up yet on it but I tried this Winter Squash Stew the other day and it was really good. This recipe calls for apple cider but I used apple juice. I like to keep a can of frozen apple juice concentrate in the freezer for times like this. Also. You may want to bake the squash whole first, it is a royal pain to try to cut a butternut squash into cubes etc. (Hard as a rock!) I had to enlist my dd28! : ) If you really want to go easy-breezy just use frozen yellow squash. Here is the recipe:

    Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, your floats look wonderful. My hubby would love them.

  11. Those floats look great. We’re having friends over for dinner Sunday and I think I just found my dessert — maybe with shortbread cookies (because I know my DH will say this is a drink, not a dessert 🙂 )

  12. Thanks for hosting! I posted a video on dehydrating apples along with cooking ideas for all of those apple chips.

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