April’s Good Cheap Eats

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Need some good cheap eats? I gotcha covered.

May is here already! It’s my favorite month of the year, actually. My birthday. My anniversary. Mother’s Day. We call it the FishMama Trifecta. My poor husband.

I get loads of attention for three days in a fifteen day period. Bwahaha. But, that’s neither here nor there, since this post is supposed to be about April.

As you might know, I’ve got this double life as a food blogger. I’m working on the photog skills….. someday I’ll learn a bit more about food styling and lighting and all that. In the meantime, though, I’m focusing on food that is tasty, affordable, and on the healthier side. I share some of those ideas here on Life as MOM, but the lion’s share is over on Good Cheap Eats.

Wondering what you’re missing?

Here’s what:

Meal Planning:

Grocery Geek:

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets:

Good Cheap Eats:

Ham and Egg Salad

Carrot Apple Juice with Ginger

Chicken Salad Wraps

Jamie’s Spice Mix

Pulled Chicken Sliders

Last Minute Pizza Sauce

Popeye Burgers with Spinach

Kale and Mushroom Pizza

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  1. Pam F. says

    You left out Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7!

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