Are You an April Fool?

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breakfast birthday cake small

Years ago I used to host a Birthday Cake Challenge twice a year. Readers would challenge me to create a birthday cake with a certain theme. This was probably the doozy: Breakfast on a Cake. 

I still love it. I think it’s perfect for April Fool’s Day. It’s all sweet and edible. I used a coconut meringue concoction for the hashbrowns,  bubble gum hot dogs for the sausages, and candy popcorn for the scrambled eggs.

Yes, I’m pretty proud.

That’s where my pranks end. I am not a 4/1 prankster.

I don’t know that I really like April Fool’s Day. And I know that if I pranked my kids, it would back fire on me somehow. I tried to serve them dessert before dinner once and I had a revolt on my hands. So, no, I keep things low key around here.

How about you?

Do you play the April Fool? What have you got planned for the day?



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  1. Haha I serve dessert for dinner and dinner for dessert. I think I got the idea from you. They look forward to it every year now. The trick is while I am cooking I tell them I am making things they don’t like.

    1. I like the idea of saying we’re having thing they don’t like. LOL!

  2. Right now I’m feeling too tired for anything like April Fool’s. I’m just hoping my kids don’t catch on what day it is! LOL At noon I’ll breathe a sigh of relief, probably.