Are You on Zone Defense?

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Some folks just intuitively keep their homes spotless. That would not be me. I try, though. I usually have the living areas picked up.

Thursday, however, was a crazy day. I was prepping for a photo shoot that involved a professional photog, SIX kids, and food. There was clothes and ingredients and equipment to pack up. So, I let the girls do whatever they wanted while I got us ready and out the door.

The house, particularly the entryway, was an absolute wreck. The girls had pulled out play table, play food, blankets, you name it. It was strewn all over the foyer. (I wish I had taken a picture.) We left in a rush with no time to tidy before we piled in the car.

Of course that would be the day a federal investigator came to the door.

Thankful, he was not investigating us! He was doing a background check on a neighbor applying for a job.

Either way, it took me a moment not to feel absolutely appalled at the mess behind. Apparently, he’d seen worse; he shrugged it off when I mentioned it.

It was a great reminder and encouragement about how good it is for me to be on Zone Defense.

Kids Can Clean the Bathrooms

Zone Defense

Zone Defense is a month-by-month plan to clean and organize the home. This is my second year following the plan. And while it doesn’t ensure that my house is immaculate 24/7, it does help us stay a little more picked up.

Each month we visit a different zone of the house and set it to rights. Or do some project. Or somehow leave it better than it was when the month started.

You can check out the Zone Defense archives here.

This month’s assignment: Bathrooms

Check out these posts for ideas on how you, too, can improve the utility of your bathrooms:

Are you with me on Zone Defense?

Tell us what you accomplished this month. (It doesn’t just have to be bathrooms.)

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  1. funny. i hate dusting. really and truly. and the accumulation of it around here is bringing me down.

    just last night my dear husband offered to help me attack the kitchen one weekend day. the greasy dust on fan blades and cabinets are going down! once the kitchen is done, i know i can attack each of the remaining rooms of the house, one room each day until the task is done. about an hour or so each day (after the kitchen) and then I can relax until next summer….gotcha!