Are You Still Bookin’ It?

Back in January, a group of us decided to be more intentional in our reading this year and developed some reading plans for 2010. My list was a little sparse back on Jan 1, but thanks to my readers’ book reviews, I have a huge list of books that sound interesting to me that I can draw from over the coming months. I’ve requested many of them from the library. One of them has 102 holds on it, so I think I’ll be reading that one in December.

Currently, I’m working on not one, but two – TWO! non-fiction books. Totally jumping out of my comfort zone here, folks. I’ll be sharing about them next week. So, think about what you’re reading and what you can tell us about it and come link up next week.

And can I just say, Thank you! Thank you all, for participating in this conversation of books. Carla pointed out last month the importance of reading each other’s posts and leaving comments if we are able. I really appreciated that encouragement. If you’ve got some time this week, maybe you’ll want to browse the collection of linky’s from the past few months and get a glimpse of the different kind of bookworms we’ve got around here. And say, “Hey!” while you’re there. 😉

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  1. I’m still reading! I just posted about a book I loved last night actually — Sarah’s Quilt. It was so good! I’ve been bad about leaving comments for others — thanks for the reminder.

  2. I’m still bookin’ it and loving it! I had a little lull lately due to girls basketball and some other diversions, but reading when I can! Currently reading “Look Again” by Lisa Scottoline – its an interesting dilemma, although I don’t really like the main character but I’m sticking with it.

    What the heck book has 102 holds on it? wow that’s a popular one isn’t it? I have had a couple books on hold for ages – I’m afraid to ask how many holds there are! My daughter just put a couple books on hold and its been fun getting the messages and betting whose book is ready (yes we are book geeks??) – so far I’ve lost both times, but if she is that excited to read a book to put it on hold, perhaps I’ve really won? 🙂

  3. Still reading here! I love this Bookin’ It – as its helped me get back in the habit of reading. Before, I loved to read, but if a book didn’t hold my attention, I would often go a month or two before I would actually finish it and read something else. Then, I’d read like a fiend for a month or so, only to repeat the process. So far this year – that hasn’t been a problem. I set a goal to read 42 books this year, and I think the goal has really helped me stay focused!

  4. I’m excited to participate in this. I can’t wait to share about books that I have been reading.

  5. I’m still reading, ableit much more slowly than the beginning of the year. 🙂 Baby is due next week so I’m trying not to start anything new. But I too have amassed a large list of “must reads” after scanning over others’ book lists. It’s been SO helpful and inspiring!

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      @Janine, I did a lot of my best reading sitting in a rocking chair with a baby. Keep your stack nearby.

    • @Janine, I actually did a TON of reading with all of my babies – you would find me nursing with a book propped up (yes, I’ll admit by baby 2 I was using them to prop up the book – bad mommy I am!) With all that nursing, I did a TON of reading!

  6. When I put “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day” on hold I was about number 200! I put it on hold in September and got it in December. It’s always a nice surprise, though, when I get a call from the library that one of my books has come in. In fact, I got one today, but it’s for my daughter who is in a book club.

    I, too, love reading everyone’s suggestions. I’ve already checked out two of them – liked one, not the other. Now I’m off to check out “Sarah’s Quilt” from the first commentor’s suggestion!

  7. The last 2 books I’ve finishes are Still Alice (amazing) and The Sharper Your Knife The Less You Cry (such a good foodie book). I recommend both of them. Right now I am reading The Help. I am about 1/3 into it and I love it. I am really feeling a connection with the characters on this one and that’s always a great thing. The Help had tons of holds on it, but it was worth the wait. Finally after 3 months on hold it is my turn!

    From the library I also have The Secret of Everything, Confections of a Closet Master Baker, and The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and will read one of those next.

    Still waiting for you to join GoodReads….! 😉

  8. I am not officially “bookin’ it” but I have found time to read quite a few books. I never understood why people would want to read more than one fiction at a time though. My mind usually gets so engulfed in the “world” of a fiction book that it invades my everyday life and thoughts! I don’t see how you could do this with two at a time and keep them straight! You should share how it is working for you 🙂 i guess I also don’t see the benefit since you would finish them in the same amount of time anyway. I am just to ordered to try crazy things like that 🙂

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      @Sheri, I’m not sure if that question is directed at me? But, I don’t think I can read more than one fiction book at a time, unless one is a read-aloud for our homeschool. I do read more than one non-fiction at a time and they usually take me a long time because non-fiction is more work. I feel like I have to filter what the author is saying and make sure that what goes in my brain is right. Critical thinking isn’t as necessary with fiction. lol.

  9. Yes, I am still booking it! I have read three books and am on my fourth. This is an excellent challenge, especially for those of us who don’t usually read. Also, you have to finish a book to tell if you liked it or not! 😉 (I don’t usually finish books!)

    Thanks for the reminder, I will check out the other participants’ blogs.

  10. I just finished “The Total Money Makeover” and it’s great! I’m usually more of a fiction or biography reader so I’m trying to mix some more variety in there. 🙂

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      @Jaime, I’m stretching myself a little this year as well. Looking forward to trying some of those fictions I have on hold, though. This nonfiction stuff is challenging. I have to think!

      • @Jessica Fisher, So true! My husband thinks I’m crazy but I have to go in a separate room with no distractions if it takes too much thinking. Otherwise I just mindlessly read it and then get done and realize I got nothing from it. I’m slowly working on an engineering degree so I try to mix in books that are related and they take major focus! 🙂

  11. I’m still bookin’ it! It’s been slow going, though–I am in the middle of “Honey for a Child’s Heart” and “The Well-Trained Mind.” I think that when I finish “Honey…” I will start a fiction book–the first in the Percy Jackson series–just to have something a bit lighter. “The Well-Trained Mind” kind of has me feeling overwhelming un-intellectual and inadequate in the area of teaching my toddler! But such a good book, anyway!

    I love reading everyone’s comments–I have added so many books to my must-read list from them!:)

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      @Hattie, as much as I love the WTM stuff, it isn’t the Bible. Don’t feel like you have to start teaching him calculus. Depending on what edition you have, I don’t think their preschool recommendations are all that great. Instead, just read good books, play playdough, explore at the park, etc. I have several posts on this in the planning stages that will hopefully reach “publish.” Preschool is SO fun. Don’t worry about intellectualizing it. Life is learning.

      • @Jessica Fisher, Don’t ever feel inadequate about how you teach your toddler! As long as you are interacting and doing things that will be stimulating, your child is going to benefit so much! It’s amazing the difference between kids who have had that kind of interaction and those who haven’t! 🙂

  12. Okay, I just put “The Help” on hold at my library and I am number 1, 027th in line for the book! That is a new record for me. The auther is Kathryn Stockett for the commentor who asked.

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      @Michele @ Saving Money In Real Life, that is hilarious! I thought I had requested it already since SOOOOOOO many people have talked about it the last few months. But, I guess I didn’t. I just requested it and am #332. But there are 109 copies of the book, so I should get it pretty quickly. I better get reading so I’m ready!

      • @Jessica Fisher,

        109 copies!? Of one book? That’s crazy! Our little library might carry three or four of one book. I’m interested to see now if there is a waiting list for it. I’ll be back when I find out to share my number in line!

        • Jessica Fisher says:

          That is through the county library system. There are dozens of member libraries throughout San Diego county. If I want a book, if any of the member libraries have it, they will deliver it to my library of choice — free of charge. Very cool!

        • @Casie, Ha! Our little library only carries one of each book……

  13. I’m still Booking-It! I love reading and I like making goals so this is perfect for me. I try to read books about parenting, marriage, good fiction and non-fiction. Take a look at my list for this month: So fun to read!!! Thanks, Jessica for motivating me again. 🙂

  14. I definitely am! Just finished the Outliers by Malcolm Galdwell. It was a great and fast read, my post is here if you’d like to check it out:

  15. I am finding that my reading has slowed down — too many family events, and school activities, and LIFE happening 🙂 I’m sure for the next month or so I won’t get much read, but come summer — I love sitting on the front deck reading.

    Here’s my post for this month:
    I’m hosting a book give-away again this month. Hope you’ll drop by for a visit 🙂

  16. I am still reading and loving it! I just posted my new book list. I can’t believe how much reading I have gotten done so far this year! Thank you for the inspiration!

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