Ask for that Discount So You Can Spend Less

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Ask for a discount and you might be surprised at a lower price.

Despite my inner desires to be a globe-trotter, we don’t really travel that much. We take a few big road trips each year, but flying isn’t something we do very often. In fact, I’ve been on six plane trips in the fifteen years I’ve been a mom.

However, I have two fun getaways planned for May. (More on that later!) And to celebrate, I decided that my 20-year old luggage set was a little too old school. Big, honking garment bag and ginormous suitcase were a little too large for the way I live, travel, and think about extra baggage fees. And the itty bitty Jeep duffel bag that hubs and I share is a little too small.

So, I’ve been shopping.

I looked at luggage at Kohls and almost choked on the prices. Luggage has gotten smaller in 20 years, but it certainly hasn’t gotten any cheaper! I knew that I wanted something small. I don’t like checking baggage — or waiting at the baggage claim. So, I wanted something that met air travel specifications.

NOT that I travel much. But, still….

I looked at luggage on Amazon and was thinking about this. I could choke down that price.

Earlier this week, however, I was at Target, picking up a couple things, and I decided to cruise their luggage aisle. I was NOT optimistic. The price tags I saw ranged from $49 to $109. Ick. The girls and I went up and down and around that aisle a few times until we saw this:

It’s a 4-piece set. But, wait! It’s missing the 4th piece, a package of travel bottles. I looked at the tag. The set was normally priced $65, and had been clearanced to $45. $45 didn’t sound horrible for three pieces. But, then I got a brain storm.

I would ask for a bigger markdown! I went to the fitting counter where they make price adjustments. The woman at the counter got out her fancy Target gun and guess what?!

It was already marked lower than $45. They just hadn’t gotten around to retagging it…. AND she marked it lower still! See?

I paid $13.61 plus tax for three pieces of luggage! Oh happy day!

So, next time you see something that isn’t in pristine condition or is missing a piece, go ask for the discount. You might be pleasantly surprised!

How do YOU save money?

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  1. Wahoo for a great deal on luggage! My daughter loves to scan prices at Target. Maybe I need to let her scan the clearance tags too. What a great find!!

  2. I am so happy for you on that luggage deal, I love it when that happens! One tip I came across this week is to check out stores that are going out of business for the shelving displays and shoe racks. Unfortunately a store is closing at a mall near us and we were able to get a huge bookcase that is super sturdy and a large shoe rack that will hold a massive amount of shoes for less than $100 for both pieces. I never thought that I could own a cool shoe display piece for my kiddos shoes or a sturdy ceiling high bookcase for all our books for such great prices. If you see a store closing sign and need any pieces like these, give it a try, you might get a great deal.

  3. What a great buy! I’m totally jealous! 🙂 We live overseas and our family of 6 travels a lot. We are very hard on luggage. I’m always looking for a great deal. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one suitcase for that price!

  4. You got to love Target! I got some smaller travel luggage with wheels probably 9 years ago now, from Target, for $10 a pieces when they were regularly $20, and they are still going strong. I hope you have great trips in May and can’t wait to hear about them.

  5. Great job! That makes travel a whole lot sweeter. 🙂

    I didn’t have any frugal posts this week, so I’m not linking up…but I’ll keep your luggage story in mind.

  6. My husband travels for work, and he loves the luggage we got at Target. That is an incredible deal! You’ll be happy you have a color other than black when you have to pick your luggage out on the carousel. I would never think to ask for a discount at a store like Target, but I always do everywhere else. Right now I’m searching for a deal on a chest freezer for the church kitchen.

  7. What a great deal! We just bought luggage for my husband and we sure didn’t get a deal like that! Awesome!

  8. That is awesome! And you are SO right!! Asking for a discount can never hurt. The worst they can say is “No.” I find it odd that most people are too scared to ask…I don’t have that problem. LOL
    It works GREAT at yard sales and buying things used off Craig’s List. 🙂

  9. Great tip! And great deal! I’ll often ask for a lower price if something is flawed – worst they will do is say no, right? I linked up to my post on saving money on greens, and this tip could easily be used there too – if you buy from a farmer’s market or CSA – ask for a discount! Especially if you can purchase in bulk.

  10. way to go on your new luggage you’ll enjoy for years; I know what you mean about upgrading; I had to upgrade my free polo luggage from cologne purchase when I went to She Speaks a fews years ago. You got an awesome buy!

  11. Awesome job way to go!! I asked when the sneakers my son wanted would go on sale and he told me 2 weeks but he would go ahead and give me the discount today. My son was shocked but became a believer, he’s 13 and wanting to learn how to make HIS buck stretch the farthest.

  12. My mom found a $200 crib (with new mattress!) at a local thrift store. It had originally been priced at $180 but had been around for awhile so they marked it down to $120. It had some scuff marks so we were going to offer $100. Instead they said to come back first thing Monday morning and it would be $80! Check with a thrift store on a Saturday afternoon to see if they’ll mark an item down early for you if it’s been in the store for awhile.

  13. One of the best places that I have found to “ask for a discount” is at garage/yard sales. People selling their excess don’t want to have to pack it back up for storage at the end of the day, or see a car load of it off to Goodwill if they could have made a little money from it.

    It took a couple years of garage-sale-ing with friends who were truly garage-sale pros for me to stop feeling embarrassed about haggling with a seller over a price. It can be done in a completely respectful and kind way, with no ill feelings either direction, even if the deal doesn’t go through! And I have found so many wonderful deals at garage sales.

    I even have my 4 year old son, who earns some of his own spending money, ask the seller politely if they will take less for some item that he wants but we think is over-priced. His track record for making a deal is probably better than mine, but that’s probably because he’s so darn cute that no one can stand to tell him “no.”

    Some of the items that I have found where I was able to talk the price down:

    *a like-new wrought iron and tile fire pit (found this literally the morning before my hubby and son were going to be “camping” in the backyard overnight–hello smores!)

    *a like-new tricycle (being sold by a grandma who had bought it for a grandchild to play with when they came over–the grandchild had outgrown it, and it had hardly seen any use!)

    *Melissa and Doug toys (such good quality, people often put a high tag on them initially, but are more than willing to come down, particularly if you are buying more than one item)

    *a like-new baby swing and jumparoo set that matched the bouncy seat I had received for a shower gift

    *baby and children’s clothes–if you are buying several pieces, many people won’t even blink about giving you a significant discount, especially if it makes adding up your total easier:)

    *maternity clothes–I’ve even had people just give me items without me even asking when I’ve been garage-sale-ing while pregnant-don’t know if I look like a need them, or if they’re just being nice!:)

    *a queen-size air mattress and air pump–we were actually given this-my husband just asked if there was anything to know about operating the pump-we weren’t going to haggle over the $5 price tag-and the lady said we could have both for free because she wasn’t sure if the mattress had any leaks and she didn’t want to sell something that was broken!:)

    *a complete Sony sound system only used twice, for $25! Woohoo!

    I could go on, but I probably shouldn’t…:)

  14. I did the same thing when I was looking for evening bags to go with the Princess’s prom dress. I found 3 that I thought might work. One was really sparkly with all of these crystal beads, but 3 of the beads were barely hanging on, but I knew I could fix it. I took it to the counter, and talked to the sales associate and she marked it down an additional 30% off. I ended up returning it the next day because it was “too sparkly” and focused attention on the bag instead of the dress, but it was definitely worth asking if it HAD worked out.

  15. That is such a super deal on luggage! I’ve often thought about getting my kids suitcases for their birthday but they are pretty spendy. Thinking I’m going to be using my Swagbucks to get some on Amazon…

    Once we asked for a discount on our maternity bill after the birth of my daughter. We have a high-deductible health plan so we thought, what the heck, the worst they can say is no! We offered to pay cash and because of some trouble we’d had with the billing department, they offered us a 40% discount! We paid that much less than our deductible and then of course the rest was covered by insurance. That is our best discount purchase yet 🙂