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As I’ve mentioned before, homeschooling has been one of the best things that we’ve ever done as a family. I’ve been stretched in ways I never imagined. I’ve learned more about my kids than I could have hoped. And I’ve filled the gaps in my own education.

One of the tools that I’ve used occasionally to help my life as (homeschool) mom has been to listen to homeschooling speakers on a variety of topics. Sometimes, I’ve often found homeschool conferences to be skewed in one particular direction and not always a good fit for our family and where we’re going with our homeschool.

When I heard about Great Homeschool Conventions, I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did they have a great lineup of speakers that I want to hear, but they offer a great variety, too! Their speaker lineup doesn’t appear to represent just one flavor of homeschooling. Love that!

Among their speakers at their five conventions this year:

  • Susan Wise Bauer
  • Andrew Pudewa
  • Diana Waring
  • Dr. Jay Wile
  • Amanda Bennett
  • David Hazel
  • Chuck Colson
  • Dr. Carol Reynolds
  • Todd Wilson
  • Sonya Shafer
  • John Stonestreet
  • Pastor Tedd Tripp
  • John Rosemond
  • Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
  • Carl Kerby
  • Dr. Jobe Martin

Susan Wise Bauer and Andrew Pudewa have helped our homeschool tremendously, so I’m looking forward to hearing them speak in Long Beach next year. Those of you in the Mid-west can even hear my friend Crystal Paine speak as well. Jealous!

In addition to a great lineup of speakers, there will also be huge Homeschool Curriculum Exhibit Halls and 100’s of Homeschooling Workshops. Great Homeschool Conventions are located all across the country, so there just may be one near you!

Southeast Homeschool Convention

Mar. 22–24, 2012
TD Convention Center, Greenville, SC

Mid South Homeschool Convention

Apr. 12–14, 2012
Memphis Convention Center, Memphis, TN

Cincinnati Homeschool Convention

April 19–21, 2012
Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH

California Homeschool Convention

May 24–26, 2012
Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA

Northeast Homeschool Convention

June 14–6, 2012
Hartford Convention Center, Hartford, CT

Win admission to a Great Homeschool Convention!

This weekend, advertising sponsor Great Homeschool Conventions is offering a giveaway to Life as MOM readers. Five readers will each win a family admission to the convention of their choice.

To Enter:

Leave a comment below.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners: ffemtmomof4@, kristengillem@, pjfrohn@, thats_italian@,  mmschoenborn@

Disclosure: GHC is an advertising sponsor of LifeasMOM.

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  1. Are these conferences suitable for families that are just starting with preschoolers?

    • Lee, preschool parents could definitely get a lot out of the conference. Many of the sessions are incredibly specific, like “how to teach 2nd grade math.” But many more cover broad topics like parenting, philosophy of education, and continuing growth as parents and teachers. Oh, and there are definitely sessions on activities for toddlers and preschoolers! (And I have both, so I went to some of those, too!)

      We attended the conference for the first time before we started homeschooling, and we’re so glad we did. We went some wonderful sessions that painted a picture for us of what homeschooling could be like and helped us imagine how it could work for our family.

      • Thanks~ Now that I look at the dates I guess it would really be right before she starts kindergarten anyways. Glad to know that I can get some good info from them – may have to sign up regardless of whether or not I win 🙂

  2. I would love to win some comfie jammies! 😉 Since I’m a SAHM, it’ll ‘update’ my wardrobe…lol.

    • LOL! I just saw that I commented on the homeschooling post for ‘piggie pajamas’! Oh, that’s just too funny. Oops. Sorry. (Need more sleep this morning…lol!)

      • I promise I won’t ‘reply’ again…but, ironically, we are considering homeschooling our oldest son next year since he will be starting 6th grade. We are thinking of it because he has high-functioning autism. Think it might provide an easier atmosphere for him to learn in. (ok. I promise….all done. 😉 )

  3. Have been homeschooling for 6 years (yikes!) and have yet to attend a conference! Would love to win admission to a conference. thanks!

  4. We’ve never been to a HS convention! Sounds like the Cinci one would be the perfect one to try. Thanks for the give-away.

  5. I would love to attend one of these conventions!!!!

  6. We love homeschool conventions, although we haven’t been in several years since our regular one conflicts with church camp. They always renew our dedication and spark some creativity, which is needed after 17 years of this adventure! 🙂

  7. Would be thrilled to win~ The line up of speakers is amazing! We have been blessed to be in our 7th year of homeschooling. 🙂

  8. It will be wonderful to attend the convention near us especially since it is over my birthday and we can also visit the Creation Museum.

  9. I’ve heard great things about the Cinci conference and would love to attend sometime.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. That would be a super thing to win!

  11. Would love to win tickets. I always feel so excited and ready to plan for the next year after attending.

  12. I would love to win this opportunity. Our oldest will be 5 and so we’re really getting into our homeschooling journey.

  13. We’ve been to Cincy the past two years. It’s a great value, but free tickets would of course be even more fabulous!

  14. This is a wonderful giveaway! I’ve been looking forward to attending the Long Beach one as well—attending for free would be even better! Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. Very cool! Would love to go. Thanks for posting this one!

  16. What a fabulous speaker line-up and wonderful opportunity; it would be Greenville for us.

  17. I’m planning to go to the Long Beach One. Maybe we can finally meet Jessica! I have been to CHEA but I’m looking forward to Susan Wise Baur. She is the main reason I will attend this one instead….even though CHEA is in my back yard. Her book is what convinced me to homeschool.

  18. I’m new to homeschooling this year and would LOVE to go to a convention. I would attend the Long Beach convention.

  19. What an awesome opportunity if I could win!

  20. This would be great for our family! We are really exploring our homeschool options and this would be a great resource!

  21. Could definitely make the Long Beach one! A great way to celebrate my birthday and finishing our first year of homeschooling!

  22. Lora McCaskill says:

    I went to one of these conferences last year and it changed our lives, especially the classes by Andrew Kern.

  23. I haven’t attended a convention for years because of the cost. I hope I win!

  24. We are in our 3rd year homeschooling…. and I haven’t been to a convention yet. The one in Long Beach would be GREAT and I have family there, so it could be a dual purpose trip!!!

  25. Would love to attend.

  26. Would love to attend! Thanks!

  27. Fantastic giveaway! I would LOVE to attend the Long Beach convention.

  28. I would love to attend the Long Beach convention.

  29. In over 20 years of homeschooling I think I only went to one convention. I think I have missed something!

  30. Love the speaker lineup! It is a good time of year to attend-just when you are talking yourself out of homeschooling for next year.

  31. This sounds like an amazing Conference! I would love to be able to attend this with my older kids! (the ones that are finished with school and thinking about the future as Moms or living it!)

  32. Rebecca S. says:

    This is my first year homeschooling, but I’d love to attend this conference in Long Beach and hear all of these wonderful speakers!

  33. Dr. Jobe Martin is a good one. I especially like him because he and his wife have the most wonderful daughters, they are loves. Our daughters know them and Hubby and I love talking with them as well. Real gems. Dr. Martin was at our church recently and I loved his tender heart as well as his wisdom and knowledge, a neat testimony as well. If you go by their booth you may enjoy talking with them. The real deal. : )

  34. Would love to go to a homeschooling conference…it would kill two birds with one stone for me: the conference and a trip away (alone! :)).

  35. This would be so awesome. Hubs and I went to a small one a couple of years ago. The kids are growing, and I could use some encouragement.

  36. We have been to our state homeschool conference, but have never attended a Great Homeschool Conference. We would love to go and glean from these wonderful speakers! It is always such an encouragement to our family to see so many other families at the conferences who homeschool, too. An adding blessing!

    • Oops, not quite sure what happened with 2 posts as I made a spelling change! Guess I am trying to do too much at once! Sorry!

  37. I’m always tempted to attend a local convention, but then I spend the money on books instead. It would be great to win tickets.

  38. We have been to our state homeschool conference, but have never attended a Great Homeschool Conference. We would love to go and glean from these wonderful speakers! It is always such an encouragement to our family to see so many other families at the conferences who homeschool, too. An added blessing!

  39. What a great giveaway! Love going to convention it always gives me such a boost to keep going! 🙂

  40. We’re in our 2nd year of homeschooling and would love to go to the convention! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  41. As a new homeschooler. I would love to attend!!

  42. Long Beach here I come, would love to win!

  43. I’ve never made the trek to a convention, but this year I’m going to make it happen. Free admission would be a bonus!

  44. I would love to win…I’m homeschooling for the first time this year and need all the help I can get!

  45. Would love to win tickets to a conference!

  46. Melinda P says:

    We haven’t been to a homeschool convention yet, and I’m beginning to wonder if we should have before we even started homeschooling this year.

  47. We would LOVE to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  48. I would love to win a family trip to the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention. We’ve never been to one before and I think the energy there would be fantastic!

  49. I went last year and would love to go again this year!

  50. I would love to win tickets to the conference in Greenville, SC!

  51. Yes! I would love to go to the convention in SC. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  52. These Conventions are so helpful and encouraging! I would love to be able to attend one again.

  53. I’ve heard so much about these conventions, but I’ve just started homeschooling so I haven’t had the opportunity to go to one. We don’t travel much, so this would be a fabulous, learning adventure for all of us! Thanks for the giveaway and all your information!

  54. I would love to win tickets to the Memphis one.

  55. First year of homeschooling and loving it!
    CA convention would be best for me.

  56. Roxanne Ervin says:

    I’m in Greenville and really looking forward to the convention in March. Free tickets would be such a blessing to our family!

  57. Wow, this sounds like an incredible conference. What a treat it would be to get to hear so many of those speakers! We will begin our homeschooling adventure formally in the fall…

  58. Terri Layne says:

    Oooooooh, I would so love to go to this convention (esp in Cincinnati, near my family!) Maybe I could even get the inlaws on board! Thanks!

  59. I would love love love to win!

  60. Would LOVE to attend the conference, as we’re approaching homeschooling our 9, 7, 4, 3, and 2 year olds next year!

  61. I’d love to go to the Cincinatti convention. I could use some edification! 🙂

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