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Here’s our Little FishBaby. I got to catch another glimpse of her yesterday at my dr’s appt. Since I have babies who are “large for gestational age” (LGA), my doc stays up on size issues. This was my fourth and final sonogram before delivery. All’s good in the womb.

Things I’m thankful for:

  • My most excellent doctor – he has been one of the redeeming qualities of living so far from home. I never had an OB so “withit” in CA, nor one who was SO respectful of a mother’s wishes. He followed my “all-natural” birth plan to the letter. Can you say no drugs, no episiotomy, no intervention — and perineal massage? I was amazed.
  • Baby appears to be about 6 pounds, 12 ounces right now. That means that with up to 1/2 pound gain per week, she might even sneak under the 9 pound mark, something I haven’t seen since three children ago.
  • I can eat to my heart’s content. Dr. A, upon questioning, said that no matter what I eat at this point, she won’t be an Amazon-sized baby.

Things to pray for:

  • That this girl sit tight until a night when Dr. A is on call or until we possibly induce on the 26th. She’s due on the 27th. Though I have always been “all-natural” and therefore, “anti-induction,” I’d much rather have MY doctor who will only break my water, than run the risk of being in labor with a doc who isn’t friendly to my birthplan. I trust Dr. A emphatically, the others in the practice, not so much.
  • That it would be an easy induction and labor. Last time was 4 hours from start to finish. I’ll take that.
  • That I would be mentally “ready” for the pain involved. Though the last two deliveries have been wonderful, I still have a fair degree of anxiety about those four or so hours of discomfort and “out-of-controlness”.
  • That FishBaby would have no complications. They did find a cyst on her right eye. They rarely see something like that, but that may be because late term ultrasounds are not super common. In fact, the tech had never seen it, but she guessed it was a blocked tear duct. Three of the other FishKids were all born with that, so it would make sense that that is probably what it is. Inconvenient for a time, but no major deal. Either way, your prayers are appreciated for a healthy little baby.

I’ll keep you posted and we’ll have a weight guessing game late next month!

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  1. Briana Almengor says:

    Thanks for letting us know how to pray specifically. I will be doing so! ENjoy these last days (as much as is possible) with the Fishbaby inside!!!

  2. Thrifty and chic mom says:

    I will be praying for you and the baby. I have been induced with all of my kids due to high blood pressure. It is not as bad as people say. I know no other way and have had very pleasant and quick birth experiences and I agree the doctor who delivers is key. Sounds like you found a great doctor. All the best for you and your family! By the way your little girl is beautiful thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy M. says:

    She ha a beautiful profile! I hope your doctor will be on when you have her. I will also pray for a calm delivery. Best of luck to you!

  4. FishMama says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, ladies!

    I was induced last time since FishChick was overdue — and growing bigger by the second. It turned out just fine. So, I’m hopeful that it would this time as well. THanks, tandcmom, for the encouragement.

  5. Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy says:

    How many weeks are you? Baby Helana is about 5 lbs now, I’m 34 weeks this Sunday, but I don’t even go back to OB and Ultrasound until August 18th!

  6. JessieLeigh says:

    Fishbaby is absolutely beautiful! You are all in my prayers for a safe, quick, full-term delivery!

  7. Tiffany says:

    I’ll be praying for you all!! I certainly understand your desire to go all natural. I drove two+ hours each way to get prenatal care at my state’s only Birthing Center. Then my son turned Breech and we spent weeks doing everything we could to turn him, to no avail. My all-natural water birth quickly became a C-section. So trust me, I feel you about wanting…NEEDING your OB there to ensure you have a fighting chance at the delivery YOU want.

  8. FishMama says:

    There’s a little ticker in the sidebar to show my countdown. I always forget! The ticker is the only way I would know! LOL

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