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The Baby Daze is a beautiful time. Crazy, it’s true. But, it’s a special time. Now that I’ve kissed the diaper bag goodbye, I realize what a daze those early months and years truly are. It feels like I’m finally coming out of a fog. What would we do without help from our friends during this special, crazy, beautiful time?

Here are some little tidbits of help for all of you loving on babies and toddlers these days:

How to Make a Deluxe Baby Gate

One Clever Potty Seat

A Travel Toilet Seat

Travel Kits for Families

How to Clean a Carseat

Build a Diaper Basket

Adventure Bags on the Go

Life with Two Babies?

Finding Contentment in the Baby Season

Surviving the Exhaustion of the Newborn Days

And pop over to Western New York Family Magazine where I share tips for The Great Balancing Act, managing a family and a new pregnancy with grace and style.

What baby and toddler challenges are you facing?

And how can we help you?

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  1. Our third babe is just 11weeks old (the other two are 3.5yrs and 6yrs)….it’s crazy chaos here. Actually it’s joyful chaos. 🙂

    I’m coming to the end of my freezer meals, and it took me 3hrs to make dinner yesterday from scratch. There were a few interruptions. 🙂

  2. Baby number 3 should arrive any day now. As much as I am done being pregnant, I’m not sure how prepared I am for the newborn days.

  3. I just went back to work after baby #2. Whew. Every day is like running a marathon. But my 2 year old has stayed dry in his underwear for 3 days straight so we’re celebrating him big time!

  4. Awesome! We’re expecting our first little one in September, so this is definitely going in my bookmarks folder!

  5. I would like to make toddler freezer meals for my Grandson. Either the complete meal or meal components. Can you help with ideas, serving sizes, foods to avoid, etc.? Thanks.

    1. @Therese, For my toddler I like to freeze foods in muffin tin portions. He loves mac n cheese so I make home made mac n cheese “muffins”. I also do savory muffins such as pizza muffins or spinach muffins (search on He also loves pancakes which I make in bulk and freeze.

  6. Baby #3 is just 5 months, her brothers are 6 and 4. I am getting use to the sleep deprivation, if that is possible, and starting to feel like “myself” again.

    It is a crazy season, a lovely chaotic season. This is our last baby and I am trying to soak up and enjoy every.single.moment.

    In preparation for this baby I made a whole freezer full of meals, enough to last 8 weeks. Unfortunately, our daughter has a milk protein sensitivity and if I want to nurse her, which I do, then I have had to eliminate all dairy from my diet. I really should of thought about this when planning my freezer meals as our sons had the same issue. So, my biggest issue has been not being able to eat a large portion of our freezer meals and needing to actually cook every night.

    Why is getting a meal on the table so difficult at this stage?

  7. I have twins who are 22 mos. and a baby who is 5 mos. Yes, we’re busy, and with web sites like yours I have gone from being the type of person who could burn water, to a person who spends an afternoon putting together meals and snacks for the freezer!

    In any case…any advice on discipline? As the twins head toward age 2, they are starting to assert themselves and we’ve had a lot of tantrums lately. (Having to come inside after playing, not liking the meal, taking or ending a bath.) I realize that they’re small and we can only expect so much out of them, but some of the tantrums are definitely staged for attention. We are using ‘time outs’ but it doesn’t seem to help much.

    1. @Erin, Do you believe in spanking? We use it in moderation and “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” has some excellent tips on how to spank properly (with lots of love and explanation). I’ve always found that giving individual attention a few times throughout the day can cut down drastically on the number of tantrums. I know it’s hard, I have three, 15 months apart.

  8. My youngest of 10 is now 4 years old, and I, too, have come out of the fog!! I look back on having had 7 of my 10 in 9 years, and I wonder how I did that!! Now I know why people were questioning my sanity. I couldn’t have done it without tons of help, from my 3 older children, and my parents and grandmother.
    Now that everybody can dress themselves, feed themselves, and go potty alone, life is (almost) a breeze!
    Now if only the laundry could do itself! LOL!!

  9. I have a toddler who has spent too much time at relatives’ homes and is in desperate need of discipline, a 9 week old who has spent 2 weeks hospitalized after a major, life-saving surgery, and a husband who is out of town this week. Needless to say, we had cereal for dinner tonight! Church brought meals all last week, and I took this week off cooking since my hubby is gone, but next week begins “real life” again, now that the surgery & hospital stay is complete. I’m thinking tacos and spaghetti are on the menu for next week. We’re going to keep it simple around here for a while!

  10. I need sleep. I have a 3.5 year old, a 2 year old, and a 9 month old. The youngest will not sleep without my boob in his mouth (we bed-share but I’m still not sleeping well) and seems to be on a 4-month teething stretch. I’m struggling with keeping my cool and keeping the house from growing things. I know “these too shall pass” but since we feel convicted to leave our family planning up to God, I know I could get pregnant any day now and I’m terrified of having to deal with that plus everything else. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.