5 Baby Travel Tips to Remember

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I’m a big believer in family travel. I’ve had my fair share of on-the-road mishaps, and I still think it’s great. Here are my top 5 baby travel tips. 

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5 Baby Travel Tips to Remember | Life as Mom

I’ve had six babies. I’ve nursed six babies. I’ve traveled with all six babies at various stages. And, thankfully, I’ve lived to tell the tale.

Don’t get me wrong. I think family travel is absolutely wonderful. My only regret about traveling with my kids is that we didn’t start sooner or do it more often. It is amazing to look back on our experiences and to remember sweet times out and about with our kids.

And while there have been amazing times, there have also been hard times. Times that taught me things. Those learning experiences are what have helped us be better prepared on subsequent travels so that we can minimize the mishaps and maximize the good times.

As summer rolls around and you prepare to hit the road, by all means, take the kids with you. Consider these baby travel tips to help your trip be as fun and carefree as possible.

5 Baby Travel Tips to Remember

5 Baby Travel Tips to Remember | Life as Mom

1. Try to keep one hand free.

Anytime you can keep one hand free is a good thing. You can catch evasive toddlers, snap a picture, or hold a much-needed latte if you aren’t using both hands to carry the baby. I found strollers and baby carriers to be invaluable.

FishPapa and I found that we preferred different styles of baby pouches/carriers. When they were very tiny, I would use the sling, and later a front pack. He preferred a hiking style backpack.

Hands-free baby carrying can make your travels simpler and more fun.

2. Plan for laundry.

While I am a big proponent of packing light, I also know that where there is a baby, there will be blowouts or spit up, or both. Packing light is still possible, but plan to do some laundry while you’re gone, even if it’s hand washing a few t-shirts and onesies in the hotel sink each night. You don’t want to pack that kind of laundry home anyway.

3. Make nursing easy.

My babies never took bottles, so I never had to pack them for our travels, but I did nurse them. It was invaluable to have a good nursing cover, nursing pads to catch leaks, and plenty of burp clothes. Pack enough of these items so you’re not scrambling to find a drugstore in unfamiliar territory.

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And remember baby travel tip #2.

5 Baby Travel Tips to Remember | Life as Mom

4. Stick to the routine.

As best you can, stick to your baby’s routines. If naptime is at 2, you don’t necessarily have to go back to the hotel, but you can plan for a walk in the botanical gardens or some other quiet locale. Keeping your baby (and toddler and older child) on their regular routine will help you keep meltdowns (theirs or yours) to a minimum.

5. Adjust your expectations.

Remember that life with a baby is just different than life without one. I learned this the hard way the first time I traveled alone with my first baby. We were at my uncle’s funeral, surrounded by family I hadn’t seen in years.
I wanted to socialize like I always had, but all of a sudden, I realized I was a parent. I had a baby to feed and nurse and put to bed. This kept me out of the socializing a little bit. It was a hard to realize I couldn’t do everything I thought I wanted to. And that’s okay, too. My gramma got to meet my first baby before she passed away and I made some great memories with family even if I didn’t get to gab as much as I wanted.

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This post is sponsored by Bamboobies. All opinions are mine.

What is one of YOUR favorite baby travel tips?

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I like to have a go bag in the minivan at all times that includes diapers, wipes (great for more than wiping butts), sunscreen, non perishable snacks like crackers or granola bars, and a change of clothes for each kid (this has saved me from having to stop and buy something SO many times!). This bag is always left in the van and restocked as needed so it is never forgotten if I’m in a hurry or have to leave without much notice.

  2. Julie H says:

    If you are traveling with two or more kids, even with the lightest of packers you won’t fit all your car seats, luggage, stroller, play yard in a regular car or SUV. It will only fit in a minivan. Be prepared and bite the bullet and rent one months in advance if you can. We once had to pay almost $3,000 for an upgrade to a minivan on the spot. It was a two week vacation, but still! Other smarter family members only paid $700.

    • Oh the days of cramming into our minivan! LOL. We have a 9-seater SUV with a very big storage at the back. Extra storage for vacation is essential. Very good point!

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