Baby Update and Photos

Sorry it took so long to get the photos out. I was waiting to hear back from People magazine and how much our first photos deal was gonna be….

fishbaby dacrocystocele
Here she is, freshly washed and swaddled! FishBaby’s eye looks kinda gross here because she was born with a cyst in her right eye duct. The technical term is dacrocystocele. This became very infected (dacryocystitis) by Wednesday when we discharged, so we spent that afternoon at the local children’s hospital consulting with the pediatric ophthalmologist. Two antibiotics and daily massage therapy later, she is doing much better. (It was a little intense for awhile. More on that later.) We went for a recheck today and things are looking very good.

fishkids baby cake sm
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the FishKids were baking a cake to welcome their newest sister. This is one of our family traditions. For other things we do or have done, go here.

Baby hospital

And here are all the troops coming to meet their new sister. Bouquets of handmade flowers, tie dyed onesies and a birthday cake — plus all these smiling faces. What more could me and my girl ask for?

baby hospital

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  1. So, does Fishbaby have a name???

    Glad her eye is better. She looks very healthy and smoochable.

  2. fantastic pictures jessica! that little gal is blessed to have such a great family…not to mention 4 older fish boys to keep guard over her!

  3. Great photos! Y’all are blessed with a beautiful family. 🙂 Glad to hear her eye is on the mend so quickly. He is faithful!

  4. The Joys of having Boys says:

    She is just beautiful!!! It makes my womb get a little twingy when I see newborn babies.

  5. Briana Almengor says:

    You make child bearing look easy. No one would want to have a baby if they saw me after labor and delivery. 🙂
    Glad things are well with others have asked, does the girl have a name that we’re allowed to know? 🙂

  6. supermommy says:

    That is so sweet! She’s a lucky girl and you look great for just having a baby!

  7. Crystal Paine says:

    Glad to hear her eye is doing better and that they gave you some good advice/help there. I’ve been praying for you and was relieved to hear.

    Kathrynne loved looking at the pictures with me and would hardly allow me to click off this page she wanted to analyze every detail.

    Thanks for Wednesday night. Loved the opportunity to catch up a little bit and you’re always such a blessing and encouragement, even hours after having a baby. 🙂

    We’re off on a three-day trip. Good things are happening here and I’m excited to see how God is working!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon, hopefully!

  8. Hopefulone says:

    What sweet pictures! Very cute family:) You look wonderful Fishmama, not like you just had a baby at all.
    Bringing home a new baby is always such a sweet time. Our coming home babies always brought presents to the ones already at home. Kind of like what you mentioned. Then that way, the new one wasn’t “taking” anything away (like a mom or dad!) but bringing something, so that’s always cool:)

    Best wishes!

  9. There is something in her that reminds me of Lu…maybe the nose/mouth??? I can’t wait to meet the beauty in person!

  10. Congratulations! I have 4 boys, and my husband and I have decided we were done. But Maybe we should go one more and get that girl… =) No guarentees though! I love my boys dearly, but would love a little more pink in the house! We have also thought about adoption!

    Just wanted to congratulate you and tell you that you have a lovely family. May God continue to bless you!


    So it wasnt something that breast milk would cure? That’s what I do when they get those sore eyes in the first few weeks.

  12. Yes, Michelle, that is me.

    No, this was not your breastmilk -quality infection. She probably would have been back in the hospital within a day or two from the infection getting in her bloodstream. SO thankful we escaped that!

    A dacryocystecele (sp?) is a blockage in two places of the lacrimal sac, much more serious than your average blocked tear duct. Good thought, though.

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