Back to School Stress Busting

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Feeling a little overwhelmed at your Back-to-School To-Do list? Want to bust the back to school stress? Life as MOM contributor Prerna has some ideas on how to manage it.

Back to School Stress Busting

I understand you.

The thoughts of shopping for school supplies, scouting for specials, freebies and discounts. The endless decision-making over backpacks, lunch bags or boxes, drink bottles. The calendars, the car pools and bus routes, the after-school activities, the school volunteer opportunities.

Oh… and we haven’t even gotten to packing school lunches every day, 5 days a week.

Yes, it can quickly get overwhelming. Back to school stress can come on like a whirlwind.


Unless you take a deep breath and calm yourself down.

That’s right. And then, take out a planner {I’d recommend Jessica’s Print and Go Planner, but am guessing you already know that}.

Bust Back to School Stress

Take these simple steps to bust your back to school stress:

Stress-Free School Scheduling

Make 2 lists.

That’s right. Only 2.

  1. A list of things the kids need for the new school season. Key phrase: NEED. Not want. NEED. Think of everything, big or small, and write it down if it’s needed.
  2. A list of after-school activities for them and if needed, school volunteer activities for you. Be realistic about these. 😉

Next, in the calendar of your planner, enter important dates, times and deadlines for the next 3 months.

Not the whole year. You don’t need that right now. 3 months is awesome. Even the next month will do, though.

Now you have an at-a-glance view of everyone’s schedule and how your days look. Plus you know exactly what to get the kids for school year and what activities everyone is signed up for.

Back to School Stress Busting

Stress-Free School Lunches

Finally, once you’re done with your shopping, spend a couple of hours planning out lunchbox menus.

I do this on a weekly basis so, that means you plan out the first week’s school lunches.

Jot them down into your calendar in the planner itself, so you have it with you all the time. OR you can pop them into the family’s weekly menu planner as well. I’ve done both and they both work really well in making mornings easy for me.

Stress-Free School Shopping

If the thought of going to 20 different stores and clipping a million coupons overwhelms you, I recommend shopping online.

I’m a die-hard online shopper. Seriously, I even get my groceries online. But you don’t have to be so extreme.

Consider checking Amazon out or the Staples website for back-to-school deals and steals.

If you add up the time you’ll save and also, the fuel from driving to different stores, you’ll actually end up with more savings and less headache.

That’s it.

  • School shopping- check.
  • School scheduling- check.
  • School lunches- check.

Breathe. Smile. School’s on!

How do YOU bust back to school stress?

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  1. Planning ahead is the biggest part of reducing the stress for me. The other thing is to write things down. I will have thing going around in my head, and think, “I’m going to forget this or that.” But if I write it down, I know I have a reminder.