Back to School Traditions

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Not every kid in the world embraces going back to school in the same way I did. FishPapa was one who really disliked school. We got a good chuckle when he drove me to my first day of teaching — at his former high school. Who knew?

And since life is learning, and school is a necessary component of life, it’s always a good idea to see how we can help our children look forward to “reentry.” Here’s a great question from a reader:

I was hoping for some inspiration on the subject of “1st Day Of School” traditions. I want to start a tradition with our son this year (we begin kindergarten in about a week), and continue it for the rest of our school days and remaining children. Any ideas for me? I have read about the moms who make a back-to-school cake and then eat it with the kids while they share what happened during their first day back, but we are home schooling so I won’t be missing any of it! I am at a loss!

Thanks for your help.

Tai asks a great question. What can we do to make fun back-to-school traditions with our children?

The FishFam started school this week. We kicked it off with apple pie for breakfast, and today we’re celebrating the end of the first week by going out to lunch.

What do you do at your house? Whether you homeschool, private school, or public school, please share your family’s back to school tradtions with us in the comments section!

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  1. When started homeschooling two years ago, we decided to clebrate the “end-of-summer”. (Having some leftover sparklers and needing to get to bed early) we all went to our basement garage where it was really dark even at 8pm. We turned out the lights and lit sparklers. The kids reaaly enjoyed it. I can’t say its a tradition, because we only did it the one time-but it was fun!

  2. Anyone who knows me knows I have traditions! School is no different.

    First, we school all year round, but take a break for a few weeks before starting back with new books and such. (I LOVE buying cirriculum.)

    On the first day of school, we go over the new schedule. Then we all put on nice clothes and take a picture by our big tree in the front yard. Next, we come back in and get all new school supplies. Then I give everyone a paper quiz.

    The first quiz is really just to sample their handwriting at the beginning of the year. The second one is full of questions: who is your best friend, what is your favorite subject, favorite thing about homeschooling, what do you want to be when you grow up?

  3. I was looking for inspiratin in this exact area! I plan to start “school” with the new books Aug 25th, so I am still hammering out the details of our schedule and trying to to think of some fun ween into the routine things to do.. I like the cake idea. I think we might make cupcakes and let them each decorate their own and the picture idea is a good one too. I think I will schedule our family photos to be taken that week. I hope more people post some ideas. This was just what I was looking for 🙂

  4. Last year on the first day of school (Homeschool), the kids got their backpacks on and went out to the “bus” (my husband’s car) and he drove them to Dunkin Donuts for a breakfast treat. When they came home, we took their picture with their backpacks, and I “introduced” myself as their teacher (as though they didn’t know me!). They thought it was so fun, we’ll definitely do it again this year!
    kelli –

  5. I’m so doing the doughnut deal. That sounds fun!

    I want to do that, and have something fun waiting for them. Remember the big signs that football players used to run through. Maybe I’ll decorate the school door and have them run through it.

    I love traditions!

  6. We have a flag that stands in the dirt by our front door. I take a picture of the girls there with thier backpacks on every year. That way we can see how they grow. Another thing I’ve done (it’s pretty dorky) is had the girls wear something apple-ish on the first day. That tradition will probably only last for K and 1st though!!

  7. We always took a picture next to a tree in my parents yard. Every year until I was a senior in high school, my mom would take the picture of my sister, brother and I. It was fun to look back over the years and see how much we had grown and also the tree.

  8. I started the picture idea on the first and last day of school (in the same place in front of our coat closet door) after a friend noticed her daughter grew 5 inches during her Kindergarten year just from taking a first and last day picture in front of the front door.

    My mom always bought me a huge box of those mini powdered sugar donuts and I wanted to do the same for my kids, except they CRASH after so much sugar. So I decided to do apple pancakes on the first day of school. (don’t want to set them up for trouble on their first day!)

  9. The first day of school for us is kind’ve like Christmas morning. The kids are excited to get up and get moving on our first day, because they get to open PRESENTS. The presents – school supplies. Only, since I am the teacher, I get to pick what they need, instead of going by an insane list of things like they do in the “real” schools. LOL.

    This allows me to cater to each child’s likes/dislikes. For example, last year my dd was really into High School Musical, so a lot of her school supplies featured HSM on them. This year, she’s into polka dots and butterflies – so that’s what is on her supplies. I also try to throw in some little something that’s just fun, even if it’s not a school related thing. It could be anything from stickers to pokemon cards to a video – whatever. The kids love this tradition! 🙂

  10. tee hee. this may be bad, but we live across the street from the public school and like to get up early and watch all the kids walking to school. the boys get to say hi to their friends, but i feel like i’m rubbing faces in our awesome homeschooling. it’s good for me to watch all the excited parents leaving their kids and remember that I don’t feel that way and that I’m blessed to be able to be with my kids all day. sorry for the late reply, but i was perusing your blog under Education.

  11. We have “green eggs and ham” for breakfast on the first day of school. My kids love going to school and they look forward to their traditional breakfast.