Bake Cookies with Your Kids

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We love to have a big variety of Christmas cookies on the plate.Last year the kiddos and I made a dozen different kinds! We baked them the weekend of Thanksgiving and then froze them to enjoy through New Year’s. It was great fun.

I was chatting with my friend Shaina the other day, and she mentioned that her daughter was going to be making cupcakes. Her daughter is five. In that moment, I realized I need to loosen some control in my kitchen. I tend to micromanage things. But, if the kids are going to follow their food passions and become independent in the kitchen, I need to let loose a little bit. (See Shaina’s tips for holiday baking with kids.)

Not only are we going to bake Christmas cookies this year, but I hope to give my kids a little more freedom in the kitchen.

The other day, FishChick and I started out dipping Oreos and pretzels in chocolate. It quickly morphed into more kids joining in and then the kids doing the project all by themselves. And somehow marshmallows entered the equation. It was so fun to be a Yes Mom in that moment!

I don’t know if child-freedom-in-the-kitchen will result in a dozen different kinds of Christmas cookies this year, but I’m betting we will have a blast — and hopefully the kids grow in their kitchen skills and I will grow in saying, “Yes.”

Check out our family’s top 12 Christmas cookies and bake someone happy!

12 Days of Christmas

For the next 12 days, I’ll be posting quick and easy ideas for family fun while some friends are sharing tips in different areas.

What’s YOUR favorite sweet treat to make at the holidays?

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  1. I love that top photo! I’m so glad you had fun with the kids in the kitchen this weekend! (Can I have a pretzel rod? Yum!)

  2. After you talked about the Nativity bake sets last year, my mom ordered 12 of them from Amazon to give away as gifts! 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

  3. I love that you bake with your kids. One of our Christmas traditions is to bake and decorate sugar cookies as a family on Christmas Eve Day. We’ve been doing it ever since I was little and everyone still loves it!

  4. Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Ritz Bits. Just enough sweet and salty mixed together. YUM!

    • I have been making the chocolate covered peanut butter ritz bits for years (10+) and give them out as little gifts. They are always a big hit for the cookie exchange parties I go to (I think I am only invited if I bring my bits)…lol Love them!

  5. I let myself be ‘yes Mom’ last year—it felt great–I melted chocolate and white almond bark & gave my 3 daughters pretzels, ritz crackers filled with PB, Marshmallows & let them make ‘mock turtles’ with Rolos, pretzels & pecans. I did spend a lot of time cleaning up sprinkles, but my girls were SOOooo proud of doing it themselves. Great post.

  6. Nancy Lundy says

    I SO needed the reminder to chill out a bit. I also tend to micromanage *ahem* – understatement of the century! Messes can be cleaned, but I can’t get this time back with my long-awaited miracle babies. Thanks for the reminder!

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