Baking / Freezer Cooking Day Tomorrow!

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Interested in learning more about freezer cooking and baking? Well, this is your week!

MoneySavingMom and I are going to be live blogging and tweeting our kitchen adventures on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ve even got a Facebook Event page set up as well as a Twitter hashtag to follow (#BakingDay). (Aren’t we fancy?)

It’s a weird world we live in that we can know instantly what our friends are doing elsewhere around the globe. Hey – are you burning those cookies? can be “heard” in a different time zone.

This week’s URS will be an opportunity to share your favorite make ahead recipe so if you’ve got a great recipe – or need one – Thursday’s the day!

As for me and the FishKids, we’re going to be experimenting with a few new recipes, many of them from Susan Branch’s book, Autumn. It’s a beautiful tome. Be sure to read my review.

My kids all love to cook and bake, so some of our homeschool lessons for the week will include Home Economics. I love knowing that my kids – both boys and girls – are learning real life skills as well as book knowledge. If you’re stumped for ways to incorporate — or survive — cooking with kids underfoot, I’ll be posting my tips for that this week as well as how to keep track of what’s in the freezer.

November Freezer Cooking Daze

Breakfasts and Breads
Mixes for Scones, Pancakes, Cornbread, and Muffins
Indian Shuck Bread

Main Dishes (see our November Meal Plan)
Cooked and Seasoned Ground Beef
Hamburger patties to freeze
Touchdown Chili
Shredded Beef Filling
Cheesewiches (recipe to follow)
Pizza Dough
Chicken for summer rolls, stir fry, and grilled chicken
Pinto Beans

Snacks and Sweets
Crockpot Applesauce (recipe to follow)
Homemade Marshmallows
Hot Cocoa Mix
Slab Apple Pies (recipe to follow)
Gramma John’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

— and who knows what else!

Stop by and check out all the craziness fun!

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  1. I have just recently become in Freezer cooking ~ I can't wait to view recipes others have to share. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Sikora says

    Looking forward to this as I have recently decided to try this kind of cooking!

  3. I have never attended a live blogging or twittering event. This might be one that I catch:-)

  4. Kara Miller says

    Oooh I'm so excited! I want to make meals ahead of time and freeze them for when the baby comes. Can't wait to see the recipes 🙂

  5. Kruger Family says

    Do you freeze the pizza dough? If so, do you bake the dough before you freeze it or do you freeze the raw dough?

  6. FishMama says

    Yes, I freeze the pizza dough in balls and then thaw overnight.

  7. Vintagesquirrel says

    I'm so excited about this. Id like to learn more freezer-ready recipes. I will be checking in via Twitter as well. (I'm @vintagesquirrel)

  8. Rebekah says

    That indian Shuck bread looks interesting please let us know how it turns out. Seems like it would be good for Thanksgiving.

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