Bathtime (& a Giveaway from Company Kids)

Bath time is a blast for most kids. Some of mine screech when they get their hair washed, but for the most part, they love to splish and splash. And for some reason, fun bath accessories do make things more interesting.

Bath toys, tub crayons, and cute bath towels are things that young kids embrace and make bathing more entertainment than cleaning. Hey! That’s always a good thing.

And we can make beautiful memories during bath time, playing and laughing with our kids.

Today The Company Store is offering a great giveaway featuring their Ducky Hooded Towel. These are super cute bath towels that feature wings for the child to slip his hands in. FishChick loves the one we received to review.

Three LifeasMOM readers will each receive a Ducky Towel from the Company Store.

To Enter:

Pick one, pick ‘em all. You choose.

1. Leave a comment, telling us your favorite baby travel tip

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Giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 31 at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Congrats to winners: brystal.michalkiewicz@ bbschelhaas@ and slrdowney@

Disclosure: Company Kids has provided these towels as well as review towel. I was not compensated to post positive comments. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

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  1. I keep a box of small toys and books in the car to keep my 21 month old entertained whilst she’s traveling.

  2. My favorite travel tip is to make sure to bring alot of wipes and washcloths. You never know what kind of messes you are going to encounter and I like to be prepared!

  3. Take a moses basket for your newborn baby to sleep in!

  4. I like LifasMom and Company Kids on Facebook.

  5. I love company kids stuff! My girls bedding is from them and we love it. My fourth is on the way and we’ll need a new character towel so this is perfect. My best travel tip with little ones is to keep some of the excitement (snacks, new toys, new books) until at least half way through your trip, that way you can keep pulling out new and interesting things! And if it is a small baby going on an airplane I ALWAYS time things so that I can nurse on the way up, it makes such a difference in letting their ears adjust. 🙂

  6. I like Life as Mom and Company Kids on FB!

  7. Keep outfits simple and pack in ziptop bags. Dirty clothes go back in the bags to be easily stashed and a new clean outfit is at the ready!

  8. We like to plan our driving around the times the children are asleep. If they start to get restless on long trips, we find someplace to stop for 10-15 minutes. It takes a little longer to get to our destination, but everyone enjoys the trip more.

  9. Well, it’s not anything that a mom doesn’t already know but remembering to bring a medicine bag along on all trips sure has been a lifesaver for us. You just never know when a kid will spike a temperature or have an allergic reaction and need benadryl. It just is that kids are never sick before you leave but often get sick when you are traveling.

  10. My best travel tip for little ones is to plan to stop! If you don’t build time in to pull off the road for messes and feedings you’ll only be frustrated.

  11. If we are driving only a few hours then I wake my baby up early so that she can sleep in the car on the way there and we can both sleep at night. I made the mistake not to do this the first time we went and I stayed up until aboutn 4 am.

  12. Plan around an infant’s schedule. Keep the usual feeding schedule as close as possible. It also helps my two-year-old if where we stop has a play area. He can run around and get the wiggles out while I’m feeding the baby. The four hour trip to my parents’ house takes five right now but we usually do it without tears.

    I also keep a sandwich bag of crayons and a small spiral notebook for my toddler to color in. That keeps him happy for a long times. I do end up with crayons all over the car, though.

  13. Lots of wipes and trash bags! I don’t hesitate to use a lot of wipes to clean the kiddos up and I also pack plastic bags from Target or the grocery store so we always have a working trash bag in the car or ones for dirty clothes, etc.

  14. Lots of snacks! Also, we like to buy new toys from the Dollar store, so the kids are excited to play with them & they are cheap enough that if we lose them or they get left behind, its not a huge deal.

    For car trips, we let the kids watch movies on the portable DVD player…its the only time they are allowed to watch movies in the car.

  15. My favorite travel tip is to nurse your baby. I was a frequent traveler with my two when they were young. Neither took a bottle, neither had a pacifier. What they did have was on-demand access to Mom. That seemed to do the trick. They both were wonderful travelers. Especially on airplanes – nurse when taking off and again when landing (unless baby is sleeping). Mine never had any problems with ears on planes.

    Dr. Laura

  16. Be prepared! It is worth taking ten minutes before you leave to pack snack, drink & books, toys or kids music (or all of the above!). You won’t regret it!

  17. I followed on twitter and tweeted.

    Dr. Laura

  18. Plan for extra stops and for the trip to take longer than it would pre-baby.

  19. I liked on Facebook

    Dr. Laura

  20. WINDI HERRIN says:

    I would say keep spare clothes in each car.. never want to be out without multiple sets of clothing. Accidents do happen.

  21. My first thought was that my best advice would be “DON’T!!!!!”

    But really, if you have to do it, stick as closely to children’s sleep and eating schedules as possible, it helps tremendously!

  22. Take along extra snack. Mine always seems to get extra hungry on trips

  23. Be prepared, yet flexible. And bring a LOT of wipes.

  24. We always pack a bag of snacks that are easy to pass in the van. Also I love having magna doodles for the kids (just the small ones) so we can play picture games or keeping count of something, We frequently travel to a science museum 2 hours away and the kids know the way by heart so it makes it fun to see if they can remember what comes next.

  25. Erika Crowl says:

    Something that has worked well with us is to bring a few “flap books,” which entertain my son for long periods of time.

  26. Baby wipes are great not only for the baby but for the whole family.

  27. I always let my daughter pick a few favorite books or toys to bring along.

  28. “like” lifeasmom & companykids on facebook

  29. Elizabeth P says:

    My doctor told me to either give my baby a binky or feed him when the plane takes off and lands to help relieve the pressure in his ears.

  30. Be ready to change it up! They get bored! Have toys, books, snacks, CDs, different things to redirect them. When they get older you can play some fun travel games that keep their attention. I take lots of wipes everywhere I go, the adults use more than the kids.

  31. I love these hooded towels – I’d love to win one for my “little duckie”. I’ve got a ton of travel tips, but my top one is to go with the flow. Sometimes in my efforts to make sure that everything is running smoothly, I can get so bogged down in the details that I can miss the profound or just funny moments of our journey.

  32. Always plan to leave 15 minutes before you actually need to.

  33. We have only traveled once with our son. We actually drove 1,400 miles each way to see my husband’s parents. Disposable bibs, and packaged snacks were a real help!

  34. I already had a packing list for me and my husband so I created on for my daughter as well. As she got older, I revised it to include the things I needed at that age, keeping the original one for future babies!

  35. My travel tip is simply to be flexible! We traveled nine months out of the year, with my first son, with my husbands job. We learned very quickly (although it took our travel partners a little longer) that things will never go according to plan and if we try to put to omuch into a day it will backfire! If we are exhausted after driving 12 hours of course baby is going to be even more so! We just tried to give ourselves plenty of time and if he was sleeping we drove! Lunch could wait. We also traveled at night in instances where we simply didn’t have much time, baby slept better that way and traffic was lighter making for better time as well.

  36. Visit people with kids – they have what you need!

  37. If flying, always buy your baby a seat and use your car seat. It’s safer. Also take a bag of toys/books on the plane.

  38. We leave late at night when traveling… that way the kids sleep and we get lots of driving out of the way!

  39. Extra diapers and a flexiblity

  40. Becky Schelhaas says:

    Food, Food and more Food
    My son likes to eat while in the car so I have lots of different snacks to choose from!

  41. Try to stick to the same schedules like for eating and naptimes. It makes it so much easier for the baby and you!

  42. My favorite tip for traveling with children, would be to dress them in thier pjs so that if you get in late, they can go straight to bed and so that they are comfortable!

  43. I liked both on Facebook

  44. We love to listen to stories on CD during long trips. This works for all ages and Mom & Dad enjoy the peace and quiet.

  45. Ikeep a box of books beside my boys carseats. They also love to sing songs and look out the window for cows 🙂

  46. When we travel to see my parents who live 650 miles away, we always have everything packed and ready in the evening. Then we go through my daughter’s whole night-time routine — bath, pajamas, read book, etc., then hop in the car and leave right at her bedtime. She’ll usually sleep most of the trip and wake up ready to play with her grandparents!

  47. When flying with young children don’t fly the red-eye. Even if you think the kids will sleep, they won’t and they’ll bother the rest of the plane. Pack a few extra diapers/pull-ups and at least 1 change of clothes for each child under 8 in your carry on luggage. If you’re delayed at the airport, miss a connecting flight, etc at least you didn’t put it all in checked luggage.

  48. travel tip: bring a “new” toy or book along and wrap it up for a fun surprise 🙂

  49. Tweeted the giveaway and follow you and @CompanyKids on Twitter.

  50. Favorite travel tip, leave when its late enough that the kids can sleep in the car.

  51. Shaunta Chambers says:

    Pack snacks and drinks.

  52. If driving for the trip have one parent sit in the back seat. My baby seemed to travel much better when I was close and could comfort by holding his hand, singing, reading etc.

  53. Pack no more than 3 outfits per kid if you know there is a washer/dryer close by…even camping! I’ve learned the hard way with 6 kiddos including triplets that less is more! And ask friends and family members close to your destination if they can borrow larger items/toys/pakNplays and more from friends so you don’t have to pack it all!

  54. Our favorite travel tip is to travel at night-less potty breaks:)

  55. Brandy Fisk says:

    Plan ahead to buy snacks and other things you might need on sale so, you don’t have to pay full price when you get there.

  56. Good snacks, and flexibility. My DD will sit quietly for quite a while just checking out a new snack 🙂

  57. Bring along enough toys

  58. We save a ton of money by packing drinks, snacks and sandwiches with us in a cooler when we take long road trips.

  59. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says:

    best baby travel tip I can give is to have one of those little trays that fit over the car seat and put lots of toys,food and drink on it to keep them busy.Don’t put food on it if you have a baby that chokes really easily like my son.So i just put drinks and toys on his tray.It helps out for a short while.

  60. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says:
  61. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says:

    like both on facebook too

  62. I always bring plenty of little toys, my favorite is bubbles. You need these to be able to pull out when things get tough.

  63. I like Life as Mom & Company Store on Facebook.

  64. My tip is to just be flexible and make yourself available to them. So many times just my jumping in the backseat with them has brought smiles and quieted restlessness.

  65. Liked both on facebook.

  66. Andrea Dorn says:

    I bring toys but space new toys out. We keep children’s CD’s around so they can have good traveling music and nap music. It helps our girls.

  67. My favorite tip” Keep extra wipes and diapers in the car.”

  68. I like both on Facebook!

  69. Snacks! I pack a cooler full of snacks and hand them back at random intervals.

  70. When we are traveling by plane I love shipping anything we can using the post office flat rate boxes. Diapers, snacks, extra clothes etc. It is cheaper than what the airlines charge to check a bag and creates less bulk for us to carry. If we aren’t staying with friends or family I call the hotel ahead to find out there procedure for shipping boxes ahead of time.

  71. I liked both on FB!

  72. Be flexible and try to time your trips around baby’s nap time.

  73. Don’t forget the bear/blanket and bedtime music!

  74. I follow both on Twitter and jennaod It’s Baby Week at LifeasMOM! Enter this giveaway from @FishMama and @CompanyKids:

  75. I am a fan on of both on Facebook.

  76. Jennifer M. says:

    My favorite baby travel tip is to plan to have to make frequent stops.

  77. Lindsey R says:

    I think a good travel tip is when flying with little ones … put them in their footie pjs. They will be cozy, warm and have less exposed skin to touch all the grimy spaces in airports and on the plane!

  78. My favorite travel tip is to bring a lot of wipes and clean clothes to change your kid.

  79. my fave tip is keep a stash of toys in the car to keep the lil ones occupied

  80. “Like” LifeasMom and Company Kids on Facebook (gala ya)

  81. Our favorite tip: be flexible. 🙂

  82. FB fan of you both (terra l. jones)


  83. I’ve only traveled short distances (3-4 hrs or less) with my son, who is almost 3. But the one thing we did consistently when he was an infant was to travel at one of his nap times. He would fall asleep in his carseat and would be awake (and happy) when we got to our destination.

    Now that he’s older we always bring a portable DVD player and his favorite VeggieTales or Blues Clues movie.

  84. my fave tip is to keep some new toys/books/movies for kids while you are travelling

  85. My best travel tip is to expect the unexpected! Having a general schedule rather than a strict one will allow for time to clean up all unexpected messes!

  86. Following & tweeted about it:

  87. Audio books keep us sane and the kids happy on family road trips! Our favorite is Seabiscuit read by Jim Weiss.

  88. travel with new toys and stickers!

  89. Make sure to have some small toys, book or two & snacks. Probably food is the most important with traveling with babies & kids of any age 🙂

  90. Best tips:

    Breastfeed as long as possible… makes travelling so easy!

    Even if the trip is hectic and exhausting, make sure to take a few minutes & enjoy some of what you’re doing. Life is so busy as a mom/dad… you still need to take care of yourselves & each other… travelling is part of that.

  91. Take an extra set of clothes for the baby and for yourself in the car with you everytime you leave the house :). Messiness happens!

  92. Don’t worry. You will survive. Sometimes it is easy to get caught in bringing everything. Just think about what is essential. It actually makes traveling with baby easier.

  93. picnic lunches are easy and cheap!

  94. Krista Wallover says:

    I keep a video of baby einstein on my smart phone. when they start fussing, instant distraction!

  95. Favorite travel tip: lower your expectations tremendously! And more tangibly, always pack a ziplock bag with a few ziplock and plastic bags for trash, soiled clothes or whatever else may come up. I am always amazed at how often the need arises for a trash bag or dirty diaper bag or something of that sort. It’s nice to have something on hand!

  96. I like Lifeasmom and Company Kids on Facebook!

  97. I follow both on twitter and tweeted about the contest.

  98. Diana Campbell says:

    My travel tip is to have a container with a change of clothes for each child. Paper towels and wipes are also a must. Deep breath and smile. Everyone better be happy or else. 😉

  99. Remember that you probably won’t see any of the people on the plane again.

  100. Pack diapers, then pack extra diapers. Then hide even more extra diapers somewhere else. 😛 And don’t forget extra wipes, too!

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