The Battery Box – It Works for Me!

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Years ago a friend showed me a practice that her parents had handed down to her. It was a small rubbermaid box filled to the brim with batteries. I was shocked. It had never occured to me to stock up on batteries and to keep them in one centralized location.

(This was obviously before my couponing days.)

Ever since then, we’ve had a battery box. It is a standard location for all sizes of batteries and other small electronic pieces and gadgets. Whenever anyone needs a replacement, they check the box. When I buy new ones on sale, they have a home right away.

Today it seems like a no-brainer to have this, but I tell ya, it was once a revolutionary idea. Regardless, it is one that definitely works for me!

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  1. I can take you one step further…I have a plastic arts and crafts box where I store our batteries (out of the packaging). The little compartments in each tray and on the bottom are perfect for the different sizes. I can see at a glance if I'm getting low on any one size.

  2. We have one also, but in addition, I added a battery tester. I got tired of the inevitable random batteries lying in drawers or wherever. Now I know if they need tossed or thrown into the box.

  3. This is a fabulous idea! Never thought of it…we always just kept them in the junk drawer. I need to get rid of the junk drawer…

  4. Do you have any tips about getting Rubbermaid, etc., boxes on sale? That's one thing that I haven't had a lot of luck with… I like to have things all neat and tidy but sometimes end up using a sturdy repurposed cardboard box (but I do love those nifty, neat little plastic boxes!)

  5. We have the same thing – and I buy bulk Kirkland batteries at Costco. Mostly AA and AAA, since we go through those in a big way. It's wonderful to keep them all together and not have to search the junk drawer(s) for them. Yes I have more than one. Junk drawer that is. 😉

    Hey, if you have time today, stop by "my place" and take part in my "Silly Haiku Wednesday"! Today's theme is "Summer Time". It's fun and easy, I promise!

  6. I didn't have a battery box like this until I had a kid. I had one box for "charged" batteries and another box for "used" battteries that need to be charged. Used batteries are also for batteries that are low but are not quite dead and can still be used for lower power requirements.

  7. To save money, we switched to rechargeable batteries. It a bigger initial investment (not much more than about $20) and we never have to worry about buying batteries.