BBQ Recipes and An Ultimate Recipe Swap

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Ultimate Recipe Swap

Last week’s Cool Foods Round-Up was very, well, cool! Thank you to the 60+ of you who linked up your recipes to cool off with. I’m working my way through them, slowly but surely. A recurring theme is homemade popsicles. If you have a popsicle mold that you love, I’d like to hear about it. A lot of people have recommended Tupperware, but I can’t find them on their site. Popsicle recs are welcome!

Now, onto today’s program: Cooking Out.

Summertime generally signals the need to stay out of the kitchen. Standing over the hot stove or heating up the oven don’t usually appeal when the temps start to soar. And so cooking out, BBQing, grilling, are all ways to avoid the heat of the kitchen.

We love to grill. Shortly after we moved back to California, FishPapa found this grill on craigslist. It was a screaming deal and it has more than paid for itself. We’ve had many a gourmet meal cooked on in the last year or so.

Tri-tip reenters our life.

Also back in California, we reacquainted ourselves with the cut of the Central Coast, the tri-tip roast. Tri-tip is to California what brisket is to the midwest: cheap, good, and plentiful. Once in awhile I would pay $5.99/pound {gasp} for a tri-tip at Costco. Now, I stock up when it’s on sale for $1.99/pound.

We usually just rub it with olive oil and salt, pepper, and garlic powder. But, we’ve also marinated tri-tip or used a more powerful spice rub. Hubs uses his digital grilling thermometer to cook a perfect roast. A little pink in the middle, please. (Using a meat thermometer allows you to have a steak that is rare or medium and still safe.)

Sooo good! Serve with potatoes, a roll, and some kind of salad and you’re good to go.

What’s a favorite grilling recipe of yours?

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3. Above all, please stick to topic. Most weeks there is a theme; this week is Grilling Recipes! Please stick to topic or you will be chopped.

Next week: Picnic Menus and Recipes

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  1. I sell Tupperware and the Popsicle molds (Ice Tups) are currently on sale through July 23 for $12. They are not available through the website as it is a short term sale but you can purchase them through me or any of your local consultants.

  2. That rub sounds delish!

  3. I love trying different spice rubs and marinades! This meal looks fantastic!

  4. I don’t know how that happened…I hit tab to go down, and it bumped me to the book linky…sorry, you probably won’t want Chicken Phillies to read. 🙂

  5. Sounds delicious! Do you “bake” the potatoes on the grill, as well?

  6. This looks fantastic! My hubby loves tri-tip. We will be giving this one a try…

  7. Bonnie says

    Ooh, that roll pictured with the tri-tip looks delicious! Which recipe did you use? Thanks 🙂

    • Jessica Fisher says

      That was actually a packet of prairie rolls that I got on markdown.

  8. I love tri-tip!

  9. Kirstin says

    Is that a broccoli salad? It looks great.

  10. That looks GREAT!!

  11. Crissy says

    What kind of salad is that looks great?

  12. I posted an easy bratwurst burger recipe. Hope you enjoy!

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