Be Nice to Your Feet

Springtime is here! And with the change of the season, comes a breath of fresh air — literally. The weather, at least in most areas, is starting to mellow. The harsh cold is starting to dissipate. And the new season just beckons you to come outside.

And slip off your shoes!

But, months of being undercover can wreak havoc on your feet. So treat your feet to a little extra pampering. I am not a podiatrist, but here are some common sense ideas on how to be nice to your feet.

1. Give Yourself a Pedicure.

Nothing makes you feel like flashing your toes more than a nice polish job. And if you’ve ever had a professional pedicure, you know that the foot massage is amazing! My sister is a manicurist, so I get VIP treatment for free. But, I think I would still want to pay for one for the occasional pampering.

If that’s not in the budget, Kaboose has a great tutorial for giving yourself a pedicure at home. It’s not that hard — and your feet will know that you love them. And if you want to be particularly sweet to your feet, make this sugar scrub to exfoliate and moisturize your skin all in one.

2. Ease Sore Feet with Warm Water and Salts.

Whether your work involves a lot of standing, walking, or chasing kids, you probably experience sore tootsies from time to time. Epsom salts dissolved in warm water can be particularly soothing. A foot bath can help them feel better and reduce swelling.

3. Wear the Right Shoes.

Don’t be such a slave to fashion that you sacrifice your feet and posture. Shoes that don’t fit right can really cause a tremendous amount of foot, leg, and back pain. Depending on how often you exercise and what activities you take part in, your shoe needs can vary. A good walking shoe has different characteristics than a good running shoe.

And while heels sure are pretty, you might be able to truly dance the night away if you bring an extra pair of more comfortable shoes. I just found these foldable flats to stash in your purse for later — how cool!

4. Change Your Position.

If your feet are bothering you, it’s always good to do something about that. Stand on a mat. Sit instead of stand if your work allows it. Elevate your feet when hot and swollen. Be nice to your feet. You wanna keep them.

5. Change Your Socks.

My husband swears by the changing of the socks. He has our boys bring spare sets to Disneyland and other long walking trips, promising, “You’ll feel like a new man midday when you change your socks.”

And you’ll feel like a new mom if you get some socks that are younger than your oldest child!

A few months ago I examined my sock collection and realized that I own socks from my pre-children days. Yes, really. And some are looking pretty shabby. I was in the market to buy some new ones when Dr Scholl’s sent me samples of their newest socks.

Dr. Scholl’s For Her® Health Strides socks are designed around an important factor for comfortable living…taking “Strides” to be “Healthy”! The light weight, active-life sock provides a non-binding top that allows circulation in addition to a non-irritating smooth toe seam for extra comfrot. The socks are constructed with Sta-Cool Technology that keeps feet cool and dry.

What I really like about these socks is that they feel like a “cozy sock.” You know, the ones that you want to wear. The other athletic type socks I have feel really snug and a bit uncomfortable. These are the ones that I reach for first when I go to choose socks. Seriously.

It’s on my list to go buy more now that they’re finally available to the general public. You can buy them online and at Walmart. You can even print a $1 coupon off the Dr. Scholl’s site. And you can win some this week, too.

This week 100 LifeasMOM readers will be randomly selected to receive two free pair of socks!

Simply fill in the form below with the requested information. 100 winners is a lot of addresses to track down, so this will expedite things immensely. I will email you next week if you are a winner.

If you can’t see the form, go here.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, April 3rd, 2011, at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Please only one entry per person.

This week we’re Celebrating Spring. Don’t forget to check back everyday for all sorts of fun giveaways and ideas to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Disclosure: Dr Scholl’s is an advertising sponsor of the Spring Celebration series. I received sample socks for review purposes. I was not compensated to publish positive comments. My opinions are my own.

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  1. You are making me want to haul out my nail polish and sandals! Oh wait, it’s 26 degrees in Milwaukee today.

    What I’ve found makes a huge difference with my feet is wearing good shoes around the house. Maybe this is immediately obvious to other Moms but it took me awhile to catch on. Ha ha. The tempation is for barefeet, flip flops, or slippers but running after kids and doing housework on hardwood floors requires more support. At least for me. The past few years I’ve been wearing a pair of Crocs as my houseshoes in the winter and a pair of thick soled flip flops in the summer. I don’t wear them outside so our floors don’t get dirty with outdoor germs. Crums, cat hair and kitty liter are another matter.

    And yes, purge the sock drawer! I didn’t have any quite as old as you did but it was shameful the raggedy socks I was hanging on to! Your husband is wise indeed.

  2. Becki Foster says:

    For one of my Christmas gifts, my husband gives me a gift card for a pedicure. I save it until sandal time! I always feel like a new person when my feet look and feel good! Good tips – thanks for sharing!

  3. Ok, so you gotta tell us how you got those cute dots on your toes! is that a DIY?

  4. It may be only in the 40’s here this week, but sandal weather is coming yayyy! Love your toes 🙂

  5. Your toes are way cute! LOVE it! Pedicures are my guilty pleasure. I splurge when it comes to them. I try to go at least once a month. My feet feel so much better as well as look WAY BETTER. I learned the hard way on wearing good shoes instead of walking around barefoot all day. Podiatrist says flip flops are not good for your feet too. {I still wear them every once in a while, though ;)} Great post! Thanks bunches 😀

  6. Jessica – So sorry I submitted the form twice! I realized I forgot to include my full name the first time. Please delete my extra entry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Oh my, while reading this I realized MOST of my socks are pre-marriage (3/06). Ridiculous…I vow to remedy this by the end of April.

  8. MichelleH says:

    Super cute polka pedi!

  9. Madeline Brubaker says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  10. I got my socks today! Yippee! I can’t wait to try them out tomorrow during T-Ball practice (remind me why I agreed to be coach again?) Anway, thank you so much, I’m so excited about this win!

    PS I recently tried out the “fresh socks” approach after a day of walking around the museum with my boys – your husband is one smart man! Thanks for that advice, it worked wonders for the day!

  11. I had to laugh when reading this cause my hubby swears by changing his socks too.Used to drive me crazy because of the extra laundry.Also I have socks as well that date back prekids.I have some that I have had for 10 or more Thanks for sharing I do need to be nicer to my feet.They have terrible calluses that hurt sometimes

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