Be Prepared on the Road

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This week is all about getting good habits going. And one good habit to institute if you haven’t already is being prepared in the event of car trouble. We’ve all had those mishaps when our wheels let us down. I know we have.

Oh yes, yes, we have.

There was the time when we blew out the engine on the Questa Grade. Oh — and how ’bout the day that the radiator started spewing hot green fluid at me when a hose burst. And when FishPapa came to rescue me, his truck broke down?

And then there was that time when the deer ran into the old pickup.

Yes, we’ve had our share of roadside mishaps. Thankfully, no one has ever been seriously injured. Well, except that deer.

And, thankfully, we’ve always had good insurance — and a handy tow truck — when we needed it.

Be Prepared

While we can’t completely control everything that happens to us on the road — even brand new cars break down — there are some things that we can do to be a little more prepared.

You might consider keeping the following in your vehicle “just in case.”

  • a cell phone and car charger or phone card to use at a pay phone
  • change for parking meter or parking garage
  • chains, if you live in areas that get heavy snow and icy conditions
  • a roadside emergency kit that contains jumper cables, flares, a flashlight, and gloves
  • non-perishable snacks and bottled water
  • an empty gas can

But “stuff” isn’t all we need.

I confess to not really soaking up Coach Crummett’s lectures in Driver’s Ed. And I’ve been happy to shrug at not knowing how to change a tire. What’s Auto Club for, after all?

Over the years, however, I’ve learned that a little street smarts come in handy when you decide to hit the open road.

State Farm has launched a new Auto Learning Center to help you know what you need to know about car insurance, preventing accidents, and how to deal with all kinds of roadside issues. You can even take a quiz to test your Auto Insurance IQ.

Be Prepared on the Road

State Farm is also providing a Road Safety Kits for one LifeasMOM reader this week.

Valued at $155, the gift set includes:

  • Garmin Nuvi 1300 4.3″ GPS Navigator – $120
  • State Farm-Branded Roadside Emergency Kit – $35 Kit includes: 12 ft, heavy duty jumper cables, 300psi air compressor with accessories, 12 ft nylon tow strap, flashlight with batteries, 2-in-1 screwdriver, slip joint pliers, industrial cutter, and work gloves, all in a rugged carrying case with reflective taping and handle.

Would you like a Road Safety Kit?

Simply leave a comment, sharing your most recent car trouble woe.

One comment will be randomly selected and the reader notified via email. Comments will be open until Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 8 pm, PST. Winner will have 48 hours to respond in order to claim the kit.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: katie_e_quinn@

Disclosure: I received a Road Safety kit as well.

For more inspiration, check out Get a Good Habit Going.

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  1. We have had snow most of this week. Monday while driving to work, my windshield wipers froze so I couldn’t use them at all while driving!

  2. i have a diesel vw bug and when it’s cold it takes a while for the glow plugs to heat up.

    one time last week i had to get a jump because the battery was worn down.

  3. My van shakes really bad when I take it on the interstate, it feels like the steering wheel is going to come off in my hand!

  4. I’ve never actually experienced a car trouble woe outside of my own driveway – THANK GOD! But we live 100 miles from most of our relatives, and we are on the highway A LOT! My hubby works nights/sleeps days – so many of our road trips are just me and our 7 kids (2 infants!). I do worry about being stranded somewhere due to car problems.

  5. We have been blessed to have a reliable car, and the last problem we had was a number of years ago when our battery died as we were trying to leave the house.

    Although we have moved from Southern CA to the snow, so now we are putting together a proper car kit, and this would be great.

  6. Last winter I was driving home in a heavy snow fall. The snow was so deep my little car couldn’t through so I had to wait for someone to come help me push through to a clearer road.

  7. The gas gauge went out on our car after putting over 150 thousand miles on it. We have to look at the miles to determine when to fill it up which is hilarious.

  8. Probably the worst was when I had 5 kids on a picnic — we locked the car with the keys and all their lunches INSIDE the car, 20 miles from home. AAA came but it took awhile.

  9. I had a blowout as I was driving down the road with my 2 little guys with me. In a not so great area of town. I have since gotten AAA. 😉

  10. My wonderful husband was in an accident that totaled his van. Thankfully, no one was hurt!

  11. We often have to dig our car out so that we can drive- especially times like today with 20+ inches of snow!

  12. We were getting ready to go out of town 2 weeks ago and had corrosion on one of the battery terminals… had to get it jumped 3 times because of it! I have since cleaned off the terminals and haven’t had any other problems!

  13. A nail in the back tire. Luckily, it was easily patched! Thanks so much.

  14. I stopped at a 2-way stop thinking it was a 4-way stop and hit another car. Luckily the car I hit belonged to the NICEST lady with her teenage kids.

  15. I just recently had a slow leak in one of my tires…..just enough to be annoying. Sadly, they couldn’t plug it so I got to buy myself some new tires.

  16. I recently got a flat tiring driving to work. Since we bought an older used mini van I found out that we didn’t have the owner’s manual or the proper tool to release the spare tire…my husband was able to release the spare with a wrench but now I know to keep the extra tools in the van.

  17. I keep an emergency comfort kit with a blanket, towel, extra large rain jacket, and watter bottle in zipup bag in my trunk. I’ve been lucky not to have car trouble in a long time, but I’ve used the comfort kit MANY times when someone got wet, cold or sick.

  18. My car was stuck in the 30″ snowfall the day after Christmas in New Jersey — that was a tough one! We had to dig out my car, then dig down the road (500 feet!) to get to the main road. Plows hadn’t come, and we needed to head out of town for vacation! Let’s hope I don’t have to do that one again 🙂

  19. I have had flat tires recently, until I finally broke down and got all new ones!!
    Sunday night however, I had to drive about 20miles on the slick icy/snowy roads to get to work(I am a nurse, and we dont get snow days) and I was thinking then that I wished I had emergency equipment in my car!

  20. I went to pick up my son from his first day of preschool and my car just died right in the front of the line of all the impatient parents. It was mortifying!

  21. The most recent auto-woe was my niece’s first accident in my car. As if that wasn’t bad enough it was a hit and run. The tag # she amazingly logged in her i-phone that night resulted as “no match”. $1600 later, I still keep my eyes wide open for a navy/wine pick-up truck and a large shiny bumper. Praise the Lord my niece and her little dog were both fine that night.

  22. I’ve been driving my 13 year old car for 9 years and haven’t had any major problem besides the general maintenance. I do however have some paint peeling my bumper which I hate but just can’t afford to fix! And I don’t have an emergency kit but should have one, especially in cold, snowy weather 🙂

  23. We recently purchased a used (new to us) van. I went to crank it one morning with our 3 kids in tow & hubby at work and it wouldn’t start. So thankfully one of our friends who works from home & has jumper cables came to the rescue. Later realized the interior lights were left on overnight. We have since read the owners manual thoroughly to understand all the van’s bells & whistles.

  24. There have been so many! The worst break down was when we sat beside the road waiting for a tow truck and everyone but me was sick and threw up (including the dog) what a lovely day, not!

  25. Our most recent car trouble left us without a car. For some reason the frame of the car became completely rusted and driving the car was a safety issue. Getting the car repaired was as much as the car was worth…..:(
    Thankfully some friends of ours had a car they were selling and we were able to buy it 🙂

  26. The most recent thing that happened to me was when my van died. We were driving along and all of a sudden, it wouldn’t go anymore and liquid spewed out of the bottom. The transmission was shot and we had to leave it overnight along the side of the road until we could get it towed.

    We live over 2500 miles away from our nearest family and have no friends in our town yet, so we had to walk 8 miles to get home, with 2 kids and a puppy in tow. That was definitely not fun.

  27. We’re going to have to dig out the car, but hopefully we won’t have any vehicle issues…the most recent issue was trying to get the e-brake released to drive the truck! 🙂

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  28. My hubby hit a deer on the way home from work. The deer was fine and ran away – the car was a wreck. 🙂

  29. Last summer we had a flat tire on our mini-van. Bought two new tires. One week later – another flat, another two new tires. (banging head against desk at the memory!)

    Thanks for the chance!

  30. The accelerator cable snapped on our truck! Thankfully my husband was driving, as he was MUCH calmer than I would have been…and we have AAA so just got it towed to the dealer and repaired.

  31. After Thanksgiving, we were traveling home from my in-laws and it started raining. My van has windshield wipers that go down on top of each other in the middle of the windshield and then come up and out toward each side. Well, something got out of whack and as we were going 70MPH our wipers collided! Wiper blade parts went all over the place and what was left were stuck together in the middle of the windshield! Thankfully, we were near an exit that had an autozone but we had to drive about 2 miles down the interstate in POURING rain without working wipers. I was SO THANKFUL that it happened while my husband was driving because I am sure I would’ve panicked!

  32. Flat (and balding) Tires! First time we were on the freeway and the wall of the tire just BLEW OUT. The hubs was driving and did great. Then a month or so later I was stuck on a dirt road no one around and the husband working too far to come help, that was fun.

  33. Luckily we havent had any care problems lately. I think the last thing that happened was the entire dash board stops working while on our 1000 mi trip. We had to stop for cas every 5-6 hours because we never knew how much we had.

  34. I’ve been pretty blessed in not having car trouble lately…. but several years ago when I was working with a missions organization in Mexico, I was driving an old van that had been donated to the organization. I was in the middle of town, and the sliding door fell off! I had to drive back to the church with it hanging open, barely attached and almost dragging on the ground! I was thankful to make it back… :o) Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Not so recent but had the dead car battery problem at 3am after an all nighter in law school, in winter, and no one around to jump the car.

  36. Car trouble – no how about lost in Atlanta trouble. That city is planned out horribly. Who designed those streets?! We could get to the Aquarium (me, my 14 year old brother, and my 11 month old son) no problem. Getting back to the interstate. Nope. Not allowed. I followed every sign that said I-20 West. And got totally turned around every time. I hate that city. But, if I had a GPS then maybe I’d like it more. Please pick me! LOL 🙂

  37. This past summer my family and I were at a park, getting ready to go home. I buckled in my infant while the toddler was playing in the front seat. I shut the back door, went to open the front door and realized my toddler had locked us out! She thought it was hilarious as Mom & Dad ran around the truck trying to get her to unlock the door. Thank goodness for GM Onstar!

  38. My husband hit a tree that had fallen across the road on a calm night. He came up over a rise in the dark and couldn’t stop in time when he saw the tree in the road.

  39. Well, our gas gauge is broken and I forgot to factor in recent four wheel drive use, so my girls and I ran out of gas. Thankfully we were very close to home and a neighbor rescued us!

  40. Our most recent car trouble was a blowout on the interstate leading to new tires in a town 9 hours from our home, when returning from my father-in-laws funeral.

  41. Thankfully, no big car drama! A dead battery and flat tire are all I can think of. And both happened at perfect times (if that’s possible!) as I was home, not in a hurry to get anywhere, and were easily fixable!

  42. Our most recent car trouble is that we didn’t have a car! Thankfully, we were able to find a quality used car for a great price so my husband can commute one hour one way to work each day. I sure would feel better about him on his long commute if he had a car safety kit!

  43. Last summer was our most recent almost car problems. We were driving home from a conference in Kansas and almost ran out of fuel. I think we coasted into the gas station on fumes. We definitely won’t push that far again – just didn’t want to wake the kids!! 🙂

  44. My latest problem was my power steering pump. It was not making a healthy noise!

  45. wow, what a prize! Well…most recent was the time I left the lights on and had my husband come bail me out. Problem was that we didn’t own jumper cables at the time, so he had to go buy some first. While we waited for him my SIL (who was with me) and my two toddlers walked to Dunkin Donuts down the street. While it certainly was not convenient or fun, but doughnuts made it a little sweeter.

  46. Most recently, I had a tire coming apart, thankfully it was on the back. My dad put the spare on and I got it in to get a new tire while I was at work. Right after we bought our Durango (March 2008) my hubby ran over something in the road and put a hole in a tire. We had to change the tire in the dark with no flash light, just our cell phones for light. The durango was full that night, my hubby, me, our 2 year old son, my mom and dad, and my grandpa, plus all our stuff from Walmart. It was crazy. This kit would have come in handy.

  47. Ah…we were recently stranded 7 hours from home as we returned from a visit with our daughter in another state. It turns out that our starter had gone out, but even with AAA we weren’t able to get the right kind of assistance for 2 days! We ended up trailer-ing the car home and my dad fixed it. Yay, dad!

  48. Well, if this was a contest for the best story, I’d probably having a good chance at winning. Our most recent car problem occured last summer. I had a baby in June and about 2-3 weeks later, our oldest son who is about to turn 5 asked if we could wash the van “cause it’s really dirty mommy!” I agreed and pulled the van into the yard,(we don’t have a driveway) filled a bucket with soapy water and gave my son instructions. I washed and he rinsed but he had to wait until I was out of the way. In the midst of van washing, the baby woke up and needed to be fed so I told the boy that he could wash and rinse but not to do anything else without asking.(can you guess where this is going?) Well, I started nursing the baby and walked to the window only to see my son pulling the hose away from our gas tank! The car had to be towed and the mechanic discovered sand, gravel and lots of water! Son’s bank account paid for the damage and he spent a week unwired.

  49. For me it was a flat tire in my driveway after putting the children into the car to go to church. Luckily a neighbor was able to drive us to church that day.

  50. Thankfully nothing more than a shredded windshield wipper in the middle of a snow storm (on the passenger’s side – thankfully!) recently. We have had our share of flat tires, fender benders, balding tires, skidding into mailboxes and garbage cans due to ice and run-ins with deer though!

    My car is a 1999 and is starting to have ‘issues’ – all with non-essential parts so far! I have had the mechanic laugh a few times and say “I’d just replace the car – it’s cheaper than fixing ‘X’ !” God willing, we’ll do just that this year!

    Thanks for hosting!

  51. We just got new tires at Christmas and found ourselves with a flat – due to a cactus! Only in Phoenix…

  52. My only ‘woe’ of recent history was a flat, but I was able to air it up and make it to the tire place. However, I’m going to be making a 14 hour car ride with just my kids (no other adults), so a car safety kit would be a great thing to have.

  53. Ha ha! Funny you should bring this up. Back in October, after my husband picked me up from the train station after my trip to Relevant, we were making the hour trip home and we noticed our passenger side wheel was making a funny noise.
    The noise got louder and I was getting concerned. I asked my husband, being a mechanic, what it could be. Without looking at it, he wasn’t really sure. He named off a few possibilities, none of which were good!
    Of course, here I am imagining the worst as we’re driving down the freeway!
    So, we decide to pull over and just take a look at it. My husband couldn’t see anything and even wiggled the wheel for signs of being loose. Nothing.

    So off to the freeway we went again. Noise continued to grow louder. We were convinced it was time to get off the freeway. We drove side roads the rest of the way home, as I prayed for safety. (Our van was full of our 5 children!)
    We’re now 1/2 mile from home and the noise is ridiculous. We come to an intersection where we need to turn left and I just KNEW it was going to happen here. I just knew it.
    Turning at about 10mph, POP!, there it goes! Our tire flies across the intersection and we SKID our way onto the shoulder, out of the road and into safety.

    Oh my…all I could do was thank GOD we weren’t on the freeway when that happened!

    We weren’t far from home and had some friends nearby we were able to call to get us all home while my husband dealt with towing, etc. But that was a scary moment!!

    What a great giveaway!!

  54. Our latest problem was a dead battery due to the alternator not working. It took us by surprise since the battery was fairly new.

  55. I remember my parents having car troubles many times when I was a child.

    However, my biggest car woe moment happened during a commute from my college back to my hometown. It was only a 70 mile drive but my car overheated. The engine light was coming on and I could smell smoke . I pulled over and had to wait for my mom to pick me up.

    The worst part?

    It was 110 degrees outside and absolutely zero shade in sight.

  56. My wonderful pilot makes a sound like a jet engine is taking off as you accelerate. The mechanics say the transmission will eventually go out. 2 months? 2 years? Oh the fun of wondering when it will happen and where I will be. 🙂

  57. The SUV wouldn’t start. Luckily, we were in a friend’s driveway. She came out with jumper cables and got us started.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. What a fun giveaway!

    Thankfully, we haven’t had much car trouble in recent years. I anticipate a little more as our car continues to rack up the miles!

  59. We ran out of gas coming home from Christmas. In my husbands defense, he is so tall the steering wheel blocked the low gas light, so he had no idea. We were on the side of the freeway out of gas! A roadside kit sounds like a smart idea!

  60. In October, our transmission in our van blew while we were driving. We looked out the back window and all we could see was white smoke!

  61. Our most recent car issue is one we’re still dealing with. We own a 2004 Honda Pilot (so a pretty new car in our book), but this fall it decided it didn’t like accepting gas – in fact, if we tried to fill up at the gas pump, gas were spew back out at us! We spent $$$$ trying to get it fixed, only have it start again when the weather dropped below 40-degrees. That’s pretty much all winter around here. AAAHHHH!!! Needless to say, that’s something we’re not happy about and hope to come up with a solution for soon! Thankfully I’m married to a guy who knows about cars, but it’s still a pain to only be able to put in 1 to 2 gallons at a time! 🙁

  62. I just had a REALLY long comment and I’m not sure what happened to it. 🙁

    My car has broken down once – when I was pregnant and it was horrible. I was stuck in a town I didn’t know with my 2 year old.

  63. Oh, to pick only ONE car trouble story?

    My most recent story involves my husband, the driver-side mirror, and the garage door. Sadly, this was a repeat performance, too.

    Just like the first week he had the car, last week he was backing out of the garage and was distracted by something *inside* the car. Instead of watching where he was going in reverse, he investigated the distraction and BLAM! He backed so close to the wall of the garage that as he exited, he ripped off the driver-side mirror.

    We ordered the new part and during the repair, he dropped the SPECIAL/CUSTOM screw *inside the door frame*, halting his repair. So now the new mirror waits in the garage for a seemingly simple screw to arrive so we can attach it…until the next time he breaks it off.

  64. My car is at the shop now for driver door problems… I know, crazy! But the door sounds like it is going to fall off!

  65. This wasn’t our worst, but the most recent problem we had was driving in a blizzard with wipers that would not wipe well. A bit scary and frustrating, especially as we knew they needed to be replaced before this happened.

  66. 11pm, hubby arrives home from business trip only to find that his car has a flat tire in the airport parking lot. in the cold. in the dark. with only his nice work clothes. then, because he had paid for the parking inside the airport, he was charged an extra $2 because it took him longer than 30 minutes to leave the parking lot. he was a little grumpy when he finally got home.

  67. One winter evening when we tried to start our car from the parking lot, it would not. Luckily we had AAA service and called them. But we had to wait for 2hrs before we could get help. It was an awful winter night.

  68. We only have one vehicle and it is turning into an electrical nightmare. Ocassionally one or both of the front windows will not open. Even more worrisome is when the dash, radio, lights and other electricals start to flash and go in and out. So far, there is no rhyme or reason as to why. Our mechanic can’t diagnose the problem so far.

  69. We have been really blessed without many problems with our vehicles. Though there was one time we were going to go visit my family, two hours away. We stopped in a city a half-hour from our house, though I don’t remember why we stopped there. As we were trying to get through an intersection, our car stopped completely. Someone else had to help push us through the intersection and to a gas station just around the corner. We called my husband’s parents, who live in that city, and they came and helped us get the car to a repair shop. Unfortunately, the car had blown the transmission and it was too expensive to fix, so we lost that car, but my husband’s parents let us borrow their car so we could visit my family.

  70. Hmmm I think our last car woe was a flat tire on the freeway, without the tool to get to the spare tire

  71. I had a fender bender the last week of December. Very nerve racking, but I remembered mostly what to do. Check the other driver, call home, call the police, fill out report, call insurance. No injuries, except to my wallet for my deductible. But a roadside kit is definitely something every car needs.

  72. Last trouble I had was a blow out, with a trailer full of horses. I do know how to change a tire but the tire place had put the lugs on so tight that I had to call for help.

  73. I live on the ND/MN boarder and it gets bitterly cold out here. Awhile ago I went to visit my parents and ended up staying the night. When I got up the next morning it was -35 degrees with the windchill and my car would not start!

  74. My most recent mishap was several months ago while on the way to PT apptointment for my baby. It was pouring down rain and I didn’t have time to avoid a bucket that was in the middle of the road. It got stuck underneath my car and I barely made it to the side of the road. Passing motorists were no help, in fact they were rude. Thankfully my husband, who is a mechanic, came to my rescue.

  75. We’ve been amazingly fortunate so far, but when I first got a car, my father made me replace a tire with the spare, then put the original tire back on, without his help. At that point, I was annoyed (I was 20 and didn’t think he should be making me do things like that anymore), but now I’m really grateful that I know how to do that.

    For preparedness, I keep my trunk about half-full of gear. We have a set of jumper cables, as well as at least one sleeping bag (usually two during the winter). I also keep a coat for me, and a coat or sweater for my daughter, a pack of diapers and wipes, and 3 MREs. I try to keep an old pair of tennis shoes and a few blankets back there as well, but I’ve been without those on occasion. During the winter, I always keep the tire chains in the back as well. If we are doing a long trip, I pack some oil. Maybe I should pack an empty gas can, but I’ve never done that. We try to fill our tank every time it drops to half-full to prevent any possibility of running out of gas.

  76. A very flat tire, on the on-ramp of a very busy interstate! luckily a nice young man came to the rescue, as i was having trouble~ loosening the lug nuts in heels, trying not to mess up my outfit, and trying not to get squished like a pancake!

  77. Our most recent car trouble did not cause us to need emergency services or to even change a flat tire. It did how ever make us nervous that we would not get home. Our car did not want to idle or go above 25 miles per hour. We “talked” our car up our hill saying over and over “you can do it….you can do!” We were able to make it home and then have the car fixed the next day.

  78. This summer while driving home from the grocery store with my two toddlers in the car (and ice cream!) we got a flat tire. I ran over something on the way home that caused it to go flat about a mile down the road. Luckily we were only about a 3/4 mile from home and we walked in the hot Kansas heat!

  79. I locked my keys in my car while at the grocery store! I know it’s not a car problem, but that was my last car woe that I can remember.

  80. We recently got snow in Alabama and my poor windshield has a crack all the way across it. I guess it is from the temperature change when it snowed???

  81. This one isn’t really the van’s fault but I left the heat and radio on while my hubby ran into the store and when he got back it wouldn’t start. Thankfully, a nice fellow customer gave us a jump and we were on our way. My hubby wasn’t too happy but we live in WI and it’s COLD!

  82. I was in an accident (rear ended) while in a company vehicle. It was one of the scariest things I have ever had happen to me! Luckily it was only me in the vehicle and did not have my 2 children!

  83. We left for a trip to sunny Florida to get away from snowy Pennsylvania. About an hour from home the transmission went on our vehicle. This transmission was less than 1200 miles old. Thankfully my hubby is a mechanic.

  84. Our kids keep going out to the car to get something and they end up leaving the light on, so we’ve woken to a dead battery quite a few times! Not my favorite thing!

  85. If only the kit had a snow plow. My current car problem is the 19″ of snow on top of my car.

  86. The last time I had car trouble. I was in a big hurry to get my kids to daycare and get to work. I tried starting the car and the battery was dead. I called AAA and a guy came out and switched the battery right there. I paid way too much for the battery, but it was so convenient. I was really lucky I was at home though!

  87. Yesterday here in gray Indiana, we had 3.5″ of snow fall while I was at work. I make my way into the parking lot to clean the car off, get in to warm up and turn the wipers on and as they went across the glass, one went flying away into the parking lot! After retrieving and after 15 minutes of trying to figure how to put it on, I decided this was for my hubby to figure out and drove home with one wiper. Yea, still not done. As I’m making my way home, I hear what sounds like to be a small faint noise coming from the windshield and I look just in time to see a crack making it’s way horizontally across the bottom. Grreeeaattt.

  88. Hmm, well, we’ve had a couple car trouble woes recently…torque converter trouble on our minivan (we hope that it’s just that and not the transmission), and alternator trouble on my husband’s Taurus. Would love to win this giveaway just for the Garmin! We are saving for a GPS for our pending move to LA.:)

  89. We had a flat tire on the way home from a weekend shopping trip. Thankfully we were able to put the spare tire on and make the rest of the journey home!

  90. OOh! We just paid a hefty car repair bill due to my ignorance of basic roadside car repair (or in the case…prevention). Would LOVE to have this kit in the back of our van.

  91. i just had to replace the battery in my minivan because my kids left my interior lights on and it drained my battery 🙁

  92. Really I’ve been pretty lucky but this last week I got stuck in our own driveway. Here in ND we have gotten a lot of snow and the snowplow came by (thankfully) and pushed back about a foot of cement like snow that I got stuck in at the end of the drive. I could barely get out of the car with the snow drifts so high but luckily I was able to get out and shovel myself out of my own driveway:) My two year old thought it was pretty funny:)

  93. We’ve had our share of car trouble in the past few years, but my funny one is that the blinkers on my last van wouldn’t work if it was cold. We live in So. CA so its not a huge deal, but early mornings were cold enough that they just wouldn’t blink. Then once it warmed up, everything was fine. 😉

  94. There was icy weather and my husband’s trip home from work was 3 hours instead of 20 minutes. His heater was not working, and he didn’t have any blankets, etc. to keep warm!

  95. The fuel gauge indicator is broken in my truck so you can never tell how much gas you have. For the last year I have been using the trip mileage since my last fuel up to guess how much gas I have. Unfortunatly the other day I let it get a little to low and ran out on the highway exit. It was not my best day considering I had both my kids in the car with me. Lucky my husband didn’t work too far and he came and helped out. would love to win a roadside kit… thanks.

  96. Thankfully, my most recent road problem was over five years ago. The car I was in went off the interstate and flipped upside down. Shockingly, everyone was totally fine. I just had a bump on my head from falling on it when I unbuckled my seatbelt. Of course, the car was shot.

  97. I once hit black ice in my little Mazda and started fish-tailing. I came within a few feet of a head-on collision. I was able to swerve just in time, but instead of hitting the other car, I hit a huge curb that instantly shredded my front tire. Luckily my dad insisted that I know how to change a tire before I could get my license!

  98. Let’s just say a 2002 Toyota Echo with 145,000 miles on it – keeping my fingers crossed it makes it alittle while longer

  99. Well on the night before thanksgiving about 10pm we were on our way to our parents and the Alternator shut down. We were stranded on the side of the road and I was 6 months pregnant. Luckily we have AAA.

  100. I don’t drive much, but last week we had to jumpstart my husband’s car 2x then just go get a new battery and two new tires.

  101. Just last week, the motor on one of my sliding doors on my mommy-van stopped working. In the drop-off line at school. As I was telling the gentleman who helps the kids out of the vehicles and into the building that the door wasn’t working and I was letting the kids out of the other side, he yanked on the latch. So, while the motor didn’t engage, the door wasn’t latched, either. Eeek! I was able to reset it by turning off the van and restarting it, but took it directly to be serviced.

  102. Since we live in a small town, I had to take my husband to the ER that was an hour away. After the ER visit, we decided to get his perscriptions filled at a local 24 hour pharmacy instead of waiting until morning in our town. We left the ER at midnight and at 12:03am the radiator light came on and green fluid spewed from under the car. We were running the heater, so the radiator was hot and bubbly! We stopped at the gas station, waited, added water and proceeded to the pharmacy. Needless to say it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Green, hot, bubbly fluid is really stinky too!!!

  103. my most recent trouble was a flat tire. i had no clue it was flat so i drove it to my dad’s house and told him it was making funny noises. he and my boyfriend just shook their heads at me.

  104. Just a couple of months ago, my family climbed into the car to drive to my daughter’s soccer game….only the car wouldn’t start! We figured that the battery was dead (which was later confirmed), but we had to borrow jumper cables from a friend. Needless to say, this kit would come in handy!

  105. we were traveling on the highway and my truck just quit. that was back in JULY and it’s still not running, ugh.

  106. How about a flat with not 2 , not 3 , but 6 children!What made it worse was it was a “new to us van” and i had noooo idea how to get the spare & had left the cell at home by accident….

  107. When we were first married we only had 1 car. A 1972 GMC truck….. a 26 year old car. Every morning I would take DH 22 miles to work then come back home. Several times per week it would just die on the side of the highway. I would call my brother to come get me and DH would hitch a ride back to the truck and the truck would immediately start back up. My DH decided I was doing something to it. He finally took it in for repairs and it did it to the repair man…. there was a short that only showed up after ~30-40 miles of travel. I felt sooo vindicated!

  108. This week in Texas the temps dipped down below freezing. Monday morning, I drove to work and spent the day at the office, only to have my car not start that evening when I left to go home! Turns out the battery was old and the temps drained it completely…. Thank goodness for coworkers who had jumper cables!!!

  109. Getting rear-ended with my 14 yo son in the car. 🙁 The kid who started the chain reaction ended up with a total of *4* cars involved! Luckily no one was hurt, and since I was the farthest from him I had the least damage.

  110. I was in a car accident last year and I live in AK… so lots of snow. Anyways, I now keep spare boots in the car because when I was in my accident I was wearing crocs and my shoes were filled with snow after crawling out of the ditch. Lesson learned.

  111. Husband’s flat tire on the freeway…he made it off to the frontage and was actually able to drive to a tire place…thankfully!

  112. When my 4-year old daughter was hospitalized in July, I stayed with her in the hospital during the day while my husband took the night shift. We were staying with his parents and only had one vehicle with us. On my way back to their house one night after dark, the van overheated. I had to pull off into a deserted-looking warehouse complex and wait for his folks to come rescue me and my crying infant. The radiator was completely dry, and I didn’t have enough fluids with me to top it off. I ended up sitting there, in the dark, nursing my very upset baby in the front seat of the van. Not fun.

  113. Thankfully, my husband keeps a close eye on our vehicles however many years ago I accidently locked the babies in the truck with the A/C going full blast and I did have to call for immediate help.

  114. Recently I was driving home and our transmission was dying and the car had difficulty accelerating. It was pretty scary! Thankfully we made it home and had it towed to get fixed.

  115. A few years ago, my dad and I were chipping ice off the family van so we could drive several hours north to board an airplane to Florida. We ended up cracking the side mirror on the driver’s side while trying to de-ice it. Not fun! Luckily, we’ve been free of mishaps since then.

  116. My tire went flat while I was driving over a bridge to work and when I turned to get off the road (after the bridge) I was riding on the rim into the mud. Thankfully, my husband was close by and drove by to change the tire in the rainy – mud.

  117. Tire blew out on my husbands truck. Very scary for me and the kids!

  118. Alternator- Shop said $600 and my hubby fixed it for under $200 all by himself.

  119. I was at my daughter’s soccer practice – a field with no lights. When it was time to go – the car would not start, the windows were down and rain was predicted. I could not reach my husband. The coach tried to jump my car – no luck. Finally had to call AAA and they ended up repacing my battery.

  120. our car door handle broke off this morning when trying to open it after an ice storm. Dang. One entire windshield wiper fell off and a headlight is out.

  121. We had a car woe just this past weekend! Our alternator failed (died?). Praise God, my husband was able to roll into our apartment complex before it fully died. At least it wasn’t on the side of the road!

  122. At both ends of my street there is a dip. When it snows it can become very difficult to navigate through the deep drifts. Last winter when we had inches upon inches of snow I got trapped. Lucky for me I had a small travel shovel and was able to dig my way out. Being prepared ended up being a life saver for me.

  123. Well, I can say our latest car woe wasn’t THAT big… but if not taken care of, it could have been!!! We had to get all new tires, our tires were very bald and with the winter coming to full swing, we can’t be without good tread!! It’s so expensive to replace four tires on a large SUV, but what a difference it makes!!! 🙂

  124. Our most recent car mishap was on vacation in August. We were down by the lake fishing, when we heard two cars hit and our car alarm go off. When we got up to the parking lot there was a car attached to the right side of our car. At first I was overwhelmed (it was our 3rd day of vacation), but then I realized if the car had not ran into our car it would have rolled down the hill and killed people fishing by the lake below. To say the least I was humbled by God’s grace to use our car to stop something much worse from happening.

  125. car died at the corner, turning onto the street where I live, got started again, then died again turning into subdivision.

  126. The alternator died in my daughter’s new to us car…. on her 16th birthday. That extra set of jumper cables sure would come in handy.

  127. I bought my first brand new car in July. Ever. It is the most basic Cobalt you can buy… not even auto locks or doors. In October, a deer jumped right onto the hood of the car and did almost 6000 of damage. About 3 weeks later, I got it back. We were out of state and on a back, wet road and I hydroplained into a guardrail and did almost 700 of damage. This was 3 days after I got the car back.

    Rough few months… BUT no one was hurt in either accident and cars can be fixed. Thank God!

  128. So, I would love to win this kit. Because 1. I just got my Garmin stolen from my minivan last week,
    2. I always have good intentions to put a safety kit together to keep in the car and never do it. And as SOON as something bad happens, I’m going to regret it.

    So, that’s my woe. My Garmin, that we lovingly called Mrs. Foil (from the The Upside Down Show – because she had an Australian accent), was stolen and has already been pawned off for money to be used for who knows what.

  129. My husband was taking our oldest to preschool and had the younger 2 in the van as well. When he pulled up to a stop sign the sliding door on the van fell off. True story. He didn’t have his cell phone with him but fortunately someone that we know stopped and offered to take our oldest to school and keep the younger ones until I could get home from work and he could get the van moving again. Apparently the door is REALLY heavy and took 2 people to get it loaded back into the van in order to drive it home. 🙂

  130. We have a reoccurring slow leak in one of our tires that we keep getting “fixed” but it still keeps leaking……not emergency woes, but a pain none the less.

  131. The latest was when my husband hit a deer on the interstate. Thankfully he was just fine, but our 3 week old car needed a new bumper!

  132. We have a 2003 Ford Windstar and it has been full of problems ever since we bought it. At this point, I am almost positive that we have spent more money trying to fix it then we originally paid for it.

  133. The day I was supposed to pick my hubby up from the airport I ran out if gas on my way home from church w/ both kids in the car (& it was hot and we made it halfway up an exit ramp off the highway). Oops!

  134. That would be when hubby’s car wouldn’t unlock…thankful for the AAA locksmith to the rescue!

  135. This summer I was pulling our large pop up trailer with my minivan and accidentally had my GPS set to “most direct route” instead of “fastest route.” It took me off the freeway and into a gorgeous mountain area near the southern Arizona/New Mexico border. Too bad about all the heavy pulling up and down hairpin mountain turns, because when I got to a tiny mountain town, my transmission was blowing smoke and the case was EMPTY. Luckily I ran into a wonderful off-duty sheriff who was headed home from church and he piled my three young daughters and me into his truck and took us into town to find some transmission fluid, then checked and rechecked things for us and gave solid advice.

    We figured things out, but let’s just say I decided to cut my losses and now I have a new car.

  136. This past October I caught the passneger side mirror on something and it turned in and smashed out the glass on the passenger side door. It was honestly the most frightening sound I have ever heard. Scary!! Nobody was sitting in the passenger side so no injuries. We are still finding glass everywhere.

  137. I haven’t had any serious roadside problems, thank goodness. We live in Wisconsin and I’m grateful for our AAA coverage, what with our winters here! It’s nice to be protected and know someone “has your back”!

  138. About 2 months ago, I was turning into the parking lot at work and realized that the last 2 turns I had made didn’t feel right. Sure enough, my tire was FLAT and DONE. Big gash. Probably from the construction site near my job. Thank goodness I was in a parking lot in a safe location (and that hubby was able to come to my rescue and have the tire replaced before I left work that day!)

  139. We drove up to a horse race (Breeder’s Cup) in Kentucky late last year. Hubby and I drove my parents’ Avalon, because our cars aren’t especially reliable for trips.

    In the middle of the night on our way back, we got a flat tire. We could not get the flat tire off, it felt like the lug nuts had been tightened by a gorilla (we literally bent the tool trying to get them off). We drove to the next exit and then walked to a hotel. Called a towing company in the morning and a guy came out and helped us change the tire.

    After having the tire changed we started homeward again, and got to Alabama before getting in a horrible car crash which totaled the car. Thankfully, no one was hurt except me, and I wasn’t hurt badly at all. Yeah. It was not the fun weekend we had hoped for. 🙁

  140. One thing that just occurred to me. A little PSA for everyone!

    Check your tire pressure, even if the tires look fine. My Jeep was driving a little odd (it felt like it was constantly mildly skidding), so I had my little brother check it when he was checking his own tires. Turns out that they were all a little low, but one tire was really REALLY low. Like to the point where if I hit a curb my tire might have literally come off. O.O I would never have thought my tire was so low from looking at it.

  141. I’ve been blessed…not too much car trouble recently. I’d like to keep it that way!

  142. We got a flat tire on a recent long road trip. Fortunately it was quickly and easily repaired for just $10. Feeling very lucky about that incident.

  143. one hot day I was multitasking by grocery shopping while my kids were in preschool. I stopped to get some frozen food, loaded up the car, and it wouldn’t start! I had no jumper cables and Geico sent a tow truck from 20 miles away to jump start me . I had to have the boys wait at preschool for an hour after dismissal. Had to buy a new battery but an emergency kit would be great!

  144. Ours was a flat tire. fortunatley we were able to call for help. I need to learn how to change a tire. 🙁

  145. My latest vehicle mishap was after my daughter’s dance class and my mini van wouldn’t start. Thankfully I had the cell phone and there were still classes going on so I could call my husband and then go ask someone to come jump my battery. Unfortunately it didn’t work. I don’t think it was grounded right, so my husband came to my rescue and was able to get it started.

  146. My sweet Chevy station wagon “Rosie” was being driven along the highway while I was singing loudly along with “Les Mis” when all of the sudden she started slowing down…but I wasn’t breaking! And she kept slowing down, down, down….I made it to the next exit as Rosie slowly stopped running all together!!! Ah!! Panic!! She died there that day..and I crashed at my sister’s friend’s house that night. She was towed away the next morning, and, yes, I went out car shopping. Sad sad day.

  147. Hubby hit a deer 20 mins into a cross country trip. We were ok and kept driving.

  148. My family planned to take a short vacation last summer about 4 hours from home. On the last day, we made one more stop and decided on the way back to the car we would head home to avoid the cost of a hotel room. It was super hot so we turned the car on and let it set for a minute while we decided which way to go – bad idea! The heat overloaded a sensor and we couldn’t go over 30 miles an hour. Since we couldn’t drive home like that, we had to get a hotel room after all! We had a great time at the hotel pool, though, and were able to make it home by leaving early in the morning before it got too hot. We drove straight to the mechanics shop!

  149. My most recent car trouble was that my left blinker wouldn’t work. It took hubby a long time and trying a lot of different things to find the solution.

  150. Just yesterday, in a heavy snowfall, my car battery died and I had to walk home. It cost $200 to put in a new battery, which seems expensive to me!

  151. We were driving down the road when our car lost power. We pulled over and couldn’t get it to start. We had it towed to a shop where it started right up. This happened several times. It took several trips to the shop and some internet research to figure out the problem.

  152. Our most recent problem is being repaired today: getting a new transmission in our van! =)

  153. The latest was 2 days before christmas we were coming home from a party and went in the ditch due to the snow that had fallen but my in laws only live 2 miles down the road from us and they saw us go in the ditch so they came a pulled us out!!!

  154. I haven’t really had much car trouble lately. Last year my a/c went out (during the HOT HOT summer) and I now need new brakes on my cr-v. Well, there is in dome light that needs to be changed. I would love to win this. I am insured through State Farm, and they and our agent are awesome. They have really taken care of us when we have problems.

  155. It’s been a while since I’ve had a problem (furiously knocking on wood…), but I must say I have a penchant for breaking windsheilds! Getting mine replaced AGAIN in a couple of weeks- let’s hope it lasts for a while!

  156. two lane road, with little to no shoulders, late afternoon – not the best time to have a bent nail on the road flip and pierce our tire. we were fortunate to find a place to pull over and a young couple stopped, offering to change the tire. just about croaked when he pulled out a knife!!!!!!!! what????? he used it to help dislodge something. and thanks be to God the tire was safely changed. whew!! (i’m sure i was white as a sheet) =)

  157. I was rear ended and my husband came to drive my car home and I took his car, as we were unsure at the time about putting our one year old back in the car seat that had just been in the accident. So as my husband is driving the car that had just been hit, he gets rear ended AGAIN. This person was great, as he accused my husband, who had been stopped at a red light, of backing into him. Uh huh.

    THEN, while the car was being repaired, we were driving the rental car provided by the insurance company home and hit a deer.

    Luckily this was over four years ago and we have had much better luck since, knock wood!

  158. We’ve had snow almost every week since the middle of November so even tho we have a 4 wheel drive 1984 plow truck it has been getting stuck in all the volume of snow.

  159. We were coming home from my husband’s grandfather’s funeral (a 5 hour trip,) when the tire pressure light came on. My husband decided to pu air in the tires at a gas station. There was so much tension on the hose that it snapped off the valve stem. Pouring downsleet and rain, I held my finger on the valve stem so the air wouldn’t come out so it would be easier to jack up. Got donut on, went to walmart, they fixed it. One mile befor the exit to our house, we ran out of gas. Called our pastor at 2 a.m. to bring us gas. It took us 11 hours to get home.

  160. We haven’t had any really major car problems (*knocking on wood) haha! The fluid light comes on at random times though. 🙂

  161. I slid into a snowback going around a corner (solid ice). Luckily everyone (and the car) was ok!

  162. The last time I had a flat tire was disastrous. I didn’t even know I had a flat until I heard this “blug-blug” sound. My wheel was so flat that it was ready to explode! I was lucky the hub was just a phone call away!

  163. New Year’s eve my hubby went to put a box of goodies in the trunk to bring to our friend’s house and it was frozen shut! Since then, the door’s on the truck have also stuck shut and the windows on my car- Apparently, someone is trying to tell me to just stay home!

  164. Very thankful that there have been no mishaps recently. However, there was the time that the transmission went on the car right as i was backing out of my space at Target!! oh boy!

  165. I got stuck without my snow tires this year. Totally stuck on practically flat ground with 1/2 of snow over ice. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I had been prepared ahead.

  166. Last fall, I needed the battery in our car jumped 3x in one day (thank goodness we have AAA). Our headlights on our car turn on automatically, and I didn’t realize that if you forget the keys in the ignition, the lights DON’T turn off. The headlights on our truck stay on for about a minute after you turn the truck off. So I pulled in to the garage, and I saw that the headlights were on, but I thought they’d just turn off automatically and I just went in the house. I did that 3x in one day. (Can you tell that I usually drive the truck? My husband borrowed it that day.) I think the guy from AAA thought I was interested in him, or something.

  167. Most recently the brakes on my car almost completely went out with very little warning. Thankfully, there was enough life left in them for me to immediately drive the car to the mechanic.

  168. This Fall our Jeep kept not starting and needed to be jumped- at first hubby and the mechanic blamed it on ME for leaving the interior light on. Then, when it happened more often and not just to me, it was discovered that a part needed to be replaced. Uh-HUH!!!

  169. my most recent, and most bizarre is when we were parked behind a car carrying semi (one of those ones that stacks them all on the ramps over the cab) and waiting at a traffic light, and when the light turned GREEN, he BACKED right into our car. On a US highway! Oh, yes he did. Because doesn’t everyone BACK UP at a green traffic light in rush hour traffic? 🙂 Thankfully, no one was hurt and my little girls were not too scared. And thankful for him admitting it was his fault so there was not a battle between the insurance companies.

  170. My car battery died and THEN I realized that my old jumper cables didn’t work!

  171. We have 2 older cars in our family — one that’s had more than its share of electrical problems, and another that needs it’s engine rebuilt at a cost that’s probably more than the car is worth!

  172. Me and a friend were on the way to the beach with her four children and my son when we had a flat tire in her Suburban. Not an easy tire to change…Thankfully, a deputy sheriff helped us change the tire and followed us to the gas station to fill the tire with air.

  173. I live in a new neighborhood with lots of construction and the main road to get in to the neighborhood was totally redone… we had 6 flat tires last year!!! I think they should make all nails bright orange so they are easier to spot!!!

  174. My husband hit a truck tire on his way to work. God had to be watching over him because he wasn’t hurt and made it to work ok. The muffler was gone, and under the hood was a mess. It was a blessing on disguise because we had to turn to my parents for help who in turn made us take Financial Peace University which changed our lives.

  175. i was taking my children to school we were at the dunkin donuts parking lot and my car would not start. i had it towed to the car shop and found out it just needed a jump. i could have saved alot of money but what can you do. no one was able to give me one. this would be perfect

  176. This post has reminded me that I need to have an emergency kit in my van. It’s just one of those things you don’t think about until you need it-then it’s too late.

  177. My most recent car trouble woe was when I pulled into the truck stop to get gas as its the cheapest place to get gas, and when I got out at the pump I heard this spewing hissing sound, I actually thought that the guy pumping gas next to me was doing something to make the sound and it really set me on edge and made me uneasy like what in the world is going on, I needed to get by youngest to preschool so I started to unscrew the cap on my vehicle only to discover the spewing hissing sound wasn’t the guy next to me it was ME I evidentally had run over a piece of something that punctured a thumb size whole into my tire and the air was leaking out profusly, I immediately put the cap back on not pumping any gas at all and made a few calls with my cell, thankfully my dad came to my rescue as dh was 1.5 hrs away at work. Dh said to leave the truck at the truck stop and he would take care of it, thank goodness we always carry a full size spare, he stopped on his way home and fixed the tire and then came to get me so I could drive our truck home!!!

  178. We had an adventure on our way to visit my parents for Christmas. Our transmission went out on our newest car when we were about an hour away from our destination. We were blessed to be able to get to my parent’s house and the car to the shop without needing a tow, but our planned one week visit became two weeks instead.

  179. we had a snow storm and i couldn’t drive my little car for 1 week…because the snow turned in to ice…by the way… we live in the South! 🙂

  180. We had a tire explode on the interstate while travelling at about 65 mph. Thankfully, we were able to pull over to the the side of the road and no other car besides ours was affected. The explosion also knocked off the passenger side view mirror, so that was a somewhat pricey replacement.

  181. We’ve hit two deer in the past few years – one with our mini van while pulling our pop up camper; thankfully we were all fine, sadly the deer was not. My husband hit a deer a .5 mile from our house and did some damage to his car. The upside to that – venison in our freezer! Would love the kit!

  182. not my most recent, but a “fun” one. Open the door to leave for work to find a flat tire, husband already at work, and the person that lives closest to me from work lives 20 minutes in the wrong direction. Bummed a ride from somewhere – and learned how to change the tire after work. 🙂

  183. I was on my way to the post office (one in a neighboring town that stayed open late) one day after work. I had my two very young children with me. Without warning the car just died. I was able to pull to the side of the highway. I did not have a cell phone at the time. After a few minutes of sitting in the car I decided I needed to get out and look for a phone. I grabbed my purse and my two sleeping children, one on each hip and started walking. Needless to say I was upset and tired. When it began to rain I actually welcomed it because if anyone saw me they might not notice that I’d been crying. Thankfully after a few minutes a Good Samaritan couple had compassion on me, stopped, and let me use their cell phone.

  184. I don’t have a road side kit for my car and with us living so far out in the country this kit would surely come in handy. My biggest fear is hitting another deer going to work in the morning, this has happened twice in the past year. My husband works an hour and a half from home and the GPS unit would be a blessing for him to find his way arond the city.

  185. I think the worst car trouble I ever had was we were driving in to Chicago to stay at a hotel before flying out of Ohare the next day to head to disney. Thankfully the car made it to the hotel, but then the gas just started gushing. Our flight the next day was really early, like 6 am, and I had to wait for someone to come and tow the car to a dealership (all of which were closed and wouldn’t be open till I was already on the plane). It took the tow company forever to come and I think I only got 2 hrs of sleep that night waiting for them. Everything ended up working out. The car got fixed while we were gone and then was waiting at the hotel when we got back from our trip, but it was definitely nerve wracking!

  186. During a recent snow storm on my 2 hour drive home, my light came on warning of low tire pressure, luckily I made it home and my husband could re-fill the tire!

  187. I was on the way home from work and stopped at the store and when I came back out, my battery was dead…it was freezing outside. I am so glad that I didn’t have my children with me and that I could get in touch with my husband to come and help.

  188. We were stranded on the side of the road in the middle of no where on are way to church. Our van had overheated. Luckily we had our cell phone and someone from church came and got all of us.

  189. After years of snow driving experience (lived 20 years in Canada), I met a Kentucky hill (mine) I couldn’t conquer. Forced to park at the bottom until “four wheel” help arrived, I realized there is really a reason to “be prepared” with chains even if the snow season IS short. Please enter me in the emergency road kit draw. Thanks!

  190. A few years ago we were driving to the airport to fly home for a funeral and our tires shredded on the interstate…in a snow storm. Lovely.

  191. Thank goodness I haven’t had any car woes in awhile. Back in June we had to have new brake pads. They were completely worn out.

  192. My recent car trouble -unable to get out of my own driveway – my 12 passenger van ended up sideways in the driveway and sliding into a tree. At least I could just walk back to the house!

  193. Knock on wood — I haven’t had any troubles in a while, but in the past I’ve come out of work and found I had a flat time. Luckily, a friend was still at work and was able to help me put the spare on.

  194. With my vehicle the last mishap was hitting a deer as well. It did $7800.00 worth of damage. The way the poor deer was hit, it went up and over the roof of the car and it needed a whole new roof and front and rear windshield. All while out of state visiting relatives. It made for a longer trip then we expected but it was a blessing having relatives to stay with.

  195. I’m a school librarian, and yesterday we had a two hour delay because of snow that had fallen the night before. When I got to school, the parking lots weren’t clear yet, and while turning in, my car slid and rammed the curb. My hubcap cracked, the wheel rim bent, and the whole alignment is off on the car. So yeah, we’ve been in touch with our State Farm agent too. Whoohoo!

  196. My parents came to visit us (from 750 miles away) for Thanksgiving. We all went to church that morning, and when we got back to the car, discovered they had a flat tire! An hour later, AAA was able to find someone to help out – and found a local place to get a NEW tire (there was a very large bolt in the tire due to road construction nearby).

  197. Luckily for me it was a dead battery in our garage on a new-to-us car. Unluckily, it was on Sunday and the only car big enough to hold all of us. We split shifted going to mass and got it jumped with the help of a neighbor. A new battery the next day and all was well. BTW, we did have the battery checked out the month before by a mechanic of our choice when purchasing so a new battery (and tires if needed) should be in the budget when buying a new-to-you car. Thankfully, dh did a great job getting a great price on the car in the first place.

  198. My car sounds like it’s going to break down on a daily basis. It’s way past time for a check up.

  199. We recently took our car in for an oil change and to possibly have the power steering looked at. Our mechanic (who we trust) called us and told us we needed a new intake gasket, all of our spark plugs were original to the car (2002) and should have been replaced many miles ago and our ignition wires were worn almost completely in half. (which explained why sometimes the car randomly wouldn’t start). So we ok’d the repairs and then he called back in the middle of fixing it to tell us the part of the car that tells the engine computer that it’s overheating was broken and he wouldn’t be surprised if it FELL OUT of the car the next time we drove it. Needless to say, we now drive a different car. 🙂

  200. Last year, while working as a sales rep(lots of driving) I got back in my car after a sales stop and it wouldn’t start. After popping the hood it was discovered that the timing belt went on the engine…shattering the top of the engine as it went. A sad sight indeed.

  201. Locking the keys in the van with all the little children strapped in their seats unable to do anything…..oh, wait, that’s not automotive trouble….hmmm…..My husband just replaced a fuse in his car that was randomly allowing the fan to stay on after shut-off and leaving him with a dead battery in all sorts of fun places.

  202. We had a car battery that was so dead that it wouldn’t even recharge after 45 minutes of being hooked to another car battery.

  203. My latest auto woe happened about a month ago. I’d driven over to the college to pay my tuition for the upcomimg quarter, and when I went out to leave, my truck wouldn’t start. Totally dead.It was a freezing day, with blustery winds,but I put up the hood and saw that my battery was only one year old. I had to call a tow truck. In the end, the battery cable was broken, and my hubs replaced it. We’re driving older vehicles now, working on getting out of debt. I’m always watchful of gauges and such, because you just never know what will happen. : )

  204. i have been lucky so far and the worst that has happened is my tire kept losing air in it because of a bent rim and so if i didnt fill it back up everyday, i would be stranded with a flat tire (no viable spare)

  205. When I was pregnant with my 4th child, my youngest son and I had been out and about…while we were inside doing our last errand, it had started to snow; didn’t know until we went out to the car. ANYWAY, it had gotten pretty bad and on the way home the van slid and we got stuck, luckily no injuries to ourselves or the van. Some KIND men got us UNSTUCK and on our way, BUT we couldn’t make it all the way home. We pulled over to a nearby church to park the van and start walking the rest of the way home. (we weren’t far from home) Another KIND man stopped and took us the rest of the way home.

  206. My husband found himself stranded on the road about 60 miles from home. It was a long ride in the tow truck home. The tow trucker driver had two little dogs that kept them company along the way. Thank goodness our insurance covered the expense for towing and the fix to his truck was actually fairly minor.

  207. We have 4 vehicles. Our son drives one and it broke down after we had already had it in the shop and cost us around $300. He drove the other car and it died also and it had previously been worked on and cost us over $200. Our truck is making strange noises and is in dire need of a tune up. We had another vehicle that my sister in law was using and it had to be put in the shop and was over $200. Not to mention my daughters car needs tires too. We really need help!

  208. I was stopped for a school bus, and I was hit from behind by a driver who wasn’t pay attention! I was stranded for awhile until emergency personnel arrived.

  209. I’ve had my share of running out of gas and flat tires, but I think the best moment was when my husband opened my minivan’s back gate in the garage and then forgot to close it when he drove out. Smash!

  210. I came out from finishing my shift at work, got in my car and started to drive away. Then realized that one of my tires was flat. Luckily my husband was home so he came and fixed it for me. I would love to have a kit in my car for such emergencies.

  211. The last big car trouble I had was a spring breaking. I was just leaving work and noticed a stange noise when moving. I got out and looked under the car and didn’t see anything driving. I went a little further and it was still happening. I called my husband so he could listen. Then, all of a suddent, WHOOSH! It sounded like the air breaks on a semi truck! I now had a flat tire. Thankfully, two men strolled over to help me. (I was still in the parking lot.) They changed the tire, but then noticed, the tire wasn’t the problem. It was a broken spring that had rubbed the whole in the tire. The same thing would have happened to the spare if those men wouldn’t have noticed it. So, there I sat, while I waited on my husband to come with the car trailer. Thank goodness I happened to have a book in the car. It made a not-so-fun event almost enjoyable. Nice day, windows rolled down, reading a book for an hour. I needed the down time, but would have preferred different circumstances.

  212. My last mishap was a flat tire. I was able to fill it with air to make it home.

  213. This actually happened several years ago. We were on our way home from a family party on Christmas Eve (about 9:30PM) when an 8 point buck decided he was stronger than our suburban. Not only did he dart out, he stopped and took us head on. Luckily, no human was hurt (the buck did not make it). Family was able to come with stuff to help us piece together enough front end to have headlights so we could get home. We have SF and they fixed it all, we even got a “deer” whistle. Don’t know if it works but I can say we haven’t hit anymore deers.

  214. i’ve been very lucky and have had no wrecks. . .I have lost a couple of hubcaps in rough roads

  215. My husband decided that we should take our 1 year old triplets (2 girls & a boy) to a nationally known toy store, on New Year’s Day, to use the gift cards they’d received for Holiday gifts. He also decided that we wouldn’t bring their triplet stroller on this outing (you’d think I would’ve guessed this all wasn’t going to go too well). Well, the “used 4-door sedan hooptie” we were driving was prone to breakdowns and my hubby kept assuring me we’d be fine. Well, we shopped (2 carts) and the babies were content the whole time. That is, until we got to the car and it wouldn’t start! Of course, I’m giving my husband the “I told you so” look as I maneuver 2 shopping carts of toys & babies back into the warm store. Oh, did I mention that he removed all helpful auto repair items from the trunk before we left home, to make room for the shopping loot? I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that but….Ok, so now he’s opening the hood & touching stuff. Did I also mention that he’s not “into” car mechanics and that he chose not only a holiday for this outing but a blistering cold windy day (10 degrees) and he hates being cold? Now, I call the auto club and because it’s a holiday & very cold & we are in a safe parking lot (versus a highway), the wait time is gonna be reaally loooong. (Oh yeah, and because the hooptie breaks down soo much, the phone agent knows to ask if I have the triplets with me or not…LOL). Well, the tow truck guy comes after 2 hours and my husband asked how we were gonna fit all 3 car seats + me and him, into the truck. That driver told my husband that we’ll work it out “cause I ain’t leavin’ nobody here in this cold!” So, my husband held the girls and I held my son as we rode 20 miles (the closer toy store wasn’t good enough for hubby) with our car on the back of the flatbed tow truck. When we pulled up to our house, the driver said ” I gotta ask.. who had the idea for this shopping trip?” I just stared at my husband and brought our babies in the nice warm house as I told the children, ” remind Mama to tell you about this wonderful story someday”! To mu husband’s credit, he did apologize later and we hugged and laughed at how silly we must have looked.

  216. Fortunately, my Camry runs like a top! I just love my “baby”, even though she’s 11 years old and not as shiny.

    Our last vehicle trouble came when my husband and I were driving home from a trip down south. It started raining in Pennsylvania, making the interstate a little slick. When the car in front of us braked, my husband tried to brake but we slid and couldn’t stop. Well, until we kissed the back end of the Pontiac in front of us! 🙂 Fortunately no one was hurt, and the people in the Pontiac were so sweet. They weren’t angry at all and were very understanding.

  217. I totalled my car while 8 months pregnant and my 18 month old in the backseat. Thankfully the car was totalled but all of us were safe and sound… not a scratch!
    I would love this kind of safety net!

  218. Our most recent trouble was trying to drive in some snow with tires that really need replacement- very slippery! I am now pricing new tires!

  219. Thanks for the great giveaway! Latest woes would be replacing all four of my tires (wayyyy too bald!) and one week later replacing the fuel pump on our other car – beans and rice after that stretch!

  220. While driving to another town with my two teenagers, I had a flat tire. A very nice man stopped and changed the tire with my son’s help. He then called ahead to the next town and told us a good place to get our tire fixed. While helping us out, he told us that his wife and daughter had recently died in a car crash. I think of this man and his kindness to us often.

  221. My transmission failed in my 3 year old Focus with 48,000 miles….211 miles from home. A week later and after arguing with several people about the warranty, we drove down to pick it up in a blinding snowstorm and discovered after we got home (after asking the dealership to keep it inside due to several cases of soda in the car) that they had in fact left the car outside and that most of the soda has frozen and exploded. The ABS and brake light came on on the way back

  222. hmmm…the dad gave a kit like this to our 17 year old for christmas. she’s leaving home in 8 mos. and he thought it necessary that she be prepared. good for him is what i say. she couldn’t believe it? really? this is what i get? someday though she will be thankful if she ever needs it. anyway, i think i need one in my car. this would fit the bill.

  223. My most recent car woe involved me running my SUV off the road into the ditch and hitting a tree. It had been snowing in my neighborhood. I was coming down our hill and there was a bend in the road. I hit an icy patch of road and my car wouldn’t turn, instead it went straight into the ditch and a tree stopped the car. I did have my cell phone with me. Since I was still in my neighborhood, my husband was able to quickly come get me. I called a tow truck from home. I’m just really glad the accident wasn’t more serious than what it was!

  224. Most recently our van battery died while we were in Target. So we were stuck outside in the freezing cold until a very nice person gave us a jump. It was not fun!

  225. Our car continually has little things go wrong. It’s at that mileage, I suppose. The 4×4 went out, the ACs are acting up, but most recently some environmental sensor died. But, it’s a good car and I’ve been glad to have the newly fixed 4×4 during our recent bad weather!

  226. I finally got a car after years of relying on public transportation. The check engine light comes on for the slightest little thing – gas cap on too tight or too loose, etc. I’m afraid that it will finally turn out to be something important and I’ll ignore it.

  227. While I do not have any recent car trouble stories, I would like to add that a sturdy blanket or sleeping bag comes in VERY handy whether you live in a warm or cold climate. Children get cold, spontaneous picnics happen, tires need changed (something to lay on), etc…it’s just nice to have.

  228. Our biggest problem is my husband’s car has issues that need repair and his tires are horrible, but we are hoping to make it last a few more months until Baby #2 arrives.

  229. My battery died on me so we couldn’t start my car one day. I was at a store parking lot. We got it started, I got it home… went to pick up the kids, and it wouldn’t start again! This time due to a lovely split hose to the transmission. Easy to fix thankfully but all in ONE day?

  230. We have been very blessed, since we haven’t had any issues recently. However I remember the time we were leaving a school picnic, the kids were tired and we had a flat tire. We managed to get the spare out from where it is stored under the van, but then we couldn’t find the jack for the van and something else that we needed. It ended up being in the most crazy spot, but it took us forever to figure out where the manufacturer of the car decided to store it. It was in a cubby area in the back and we had to take part of the side of the inside of the van off to get it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day!

  231. I’d never had car trouble of any kind until I met my husband and joined his family- They’re what I like to call “car cursed”! They have a knack for picking normal looking of cars with the most terrible mechanical problems! I wish I was immue but since joining the clan I’ve gone through 4- YES 4(!)- cars in 10 years. The worst of my troubles was with a little purple Dodge Neon ’99. The car was as cute as can be but came into our lives with a busted transmisson and cracked head gasket (We’d purchased it from a ‘reputable’ dealer! Ha!)… So within a few weeks of buying the car I found myself stranded on the roadside of an unfamilar highway for 2 hours when the transmission completely gave out! Ugh! I had no cell phone and no idea where I was (I’d only been living in IL for about 6 months)- thank goodness IL has a program called H.E.L.P (highway emergency lane patrol) where IDOT trucks call for tows on stranded vehicles- who knows how much longer I could have been out there! It’s not like it was summer either- late fall and very cold at night!

  232. After loading up my car with all my stuff and both kids I got into it and it wouldn’t start. My car was also parked in front of hubby’s car in the driveway so it was blocking his in. Thankfully our driveway slopes downhill so I was able to drift my car into the yard after piling everything and both kids into hubby’s car. And poor hubby got to drop the kids at daycare and then me at work. It was a crazy morning.

  233. Our most recent problem was with our old van….it would vibrate at high speeds. So needless to say, our road trips this summer we rather jittery. Ha!

  234. My husband and kids were following me when his battery gave out in the middle of rush our traffic…imagine te honking ta ensued!

  235. Our kids left the key on in the car and it drained the battery. We didn’t have anything in the van at the time. So, I am learning really quick to keep all the important things in there! Even a first aid kit for all the bumps and bruises. Jenn

  236. Not the most recent, but the craziest car trouble was when the motor of my car fell out while I was going 70 mph on the highway. I lost the ability to steer, but thankfully I was able to brake and stop the car on the side of the road as the road curved. The motor was about an inch from dragging on the ground! Thankful for God’s protection on that one!

  237. I would love this giveaway. I have two small children and we live in a small town, therefore, we are usually driving between places and don’t seem to have a break down anywhere near a place that could help us. We drive older vehicles and it is always a concern of mine if we are going to make it to our destination and back without the hassle of a breakdown. Thankfully, my husband is VERY handy with cars and can fix most things himself. However, we live in Northern Minnesota. That means a lot of cold and snow. I would love to feel safe with my boys in the car if we ever had a break down in the middle of nowhere.

  238. My most recent car trouble was a nail in tire that cause a flat. Thankfully we were able to patch the tire instead of replace it.

  239. Most recent car trouble:

    Boyfriend was driving car he just bought from Florida to Nebraska. After being stuck in a traffic delay for an hour on the Interstate, dur to construction, the transmission went out.
    He was halfway to his destination. It took 3 days to fix and costed half as much as the car did.

  240. Flat tire on my way to work – thanks to some great men I was back on the road in no time.

  241. The most recent one was my alternator going out on me. This is the third one for the Saturn I own. It is a 1996 so I mean she is gettting up there in age and miles !!! FUN…not:(

  242. Great Giveaway! My husband and I both travel over an hour to work taking the highway. One day during rush hour some in front of me lost their muffler. It ended up hitting my rim and cracking it so my tire came off. When I pulled off to the shoulder my cell phone rings, it’s my husband asking if that is me on the shoulder, what luck! He came and put on my spare and we made it home safe.

  243. I had a trunk full of groceries, a toddler in the caraway, and the key got stuck in the ignition– wouldn’t turn, wouldn’t come off… Awful!

  244. i remember getting stuck at a gas station on my way home for Thanksgiving break when I was in college. Thankfully my dad was just getting home from work and headed out to save me. I thank God that every time I ahve broken down I end up in a safe place to wait it out!

  245. Very useful information..I would love to have one of these kits in my truck. Last time the car got locked with the engine running..was not a fun experience.

  246. I had a flat tire on my way to work last month. I ended up having to get 4 new tires…not so great right before christmas 🙁

  247. My last car woe was when a teenager decided to not wait for traffic to clear when trying to cross across a busy road in her car. I t-boned her, thankfully I had just been stopped at a light, so I wasn’t going very fast and my 8 month old was NOT in the car with me. My husband was with me and he got a cut on his forehead from hitting the visor. The funny thing was that the accident happened right in front of my insurance agent’s office (not that we had to pay for any of it, it was 100% her fault). There has been an additional stop sign added to that intersection since then!

  248. We were on our way. WAY up north in Manitoba, and during a stretch between no where and no living creature to be seen, our van’s block heater gave way. No idea how it happened, but if someone was looking out there later, they probably snagged a free block heater and rushed it back home to use. Bummer for us though.

  249. We just found out that our car needs $2000 worth of work – and it’s only worth $1300! Eek! Time for a new car!

  250. My son got hit and run and ended up with a cracked rib. Then a forklift at work squished him up against a wall. All in all not a good week for him or me either. Us moms freak out over these things!

  251. This was almost two years ago…not my most recent car woe, but it was bad…so I have to share. I was about an hour away from home–rushing to get to my husband’s birthday party, by myself, pregnant…and my wheel came off of the car…I don’t know much about cars, but it was like the whole axis with the wheel came off and I was thumping along on a very busy road in the middle of nowhere. Not fun.

  252. I’m driving my car with the check engine light on until it quits. I’m hoping it will last me until my oldest gets into kindergarten and I don’t have that high cost of daycare. The mechanics don’t know what is wrong with my car and I’ve already spent $800.

  253. My best breakdown occurred when I was going to a very important interview in 95 degree weather. I had a fat tire. I could not change it because I would be late,sweaty, and dirty. Fortunately, my mom was nearby and able to drive me to the interview. She also waited outside while I had my meeting. She’s a lifesaver!

  254. We have a truck that doesn’t have heat and it is cold where we live!

  255. fortunately I haven’t had any roadside mishaps in quite a few years, thanks to a brand new car.. Now the new has worn off though so I am sure I will get to experience some .So I wil be needing some extra emergency supplies…

  256. How timely! Just a week ago my steering went out while taking my daughters to dance! I was truly scared! $1,700 later my minivan is running well again. While I hope to not need this Roadside Safety Kit anytime soon it sure would be good to have if, I mean when, something else happens. 🙂

  257. Earlier this week, we were driving home and hubby’s truck decided to just shut off while we were driving along. Scary! Luckily we made it to the side of the road. After putting in a new fuel pump, it’s back up and running smoothly.

  258. We were in town last Saturday and stopped by Michaels Craft and my husband decided to stay in truck and listen to ballgame on radio. He came in to get me and told me the truck went dead and we needed to find someone with jumper cables to jump us off. No one had cables not even the police officer but he did say that if we found cables hew would jump us off. We had to walk down to Home Depot and buy some jumper cables and then went back to truck and a young man pulled up next to us and offered to help jump us off.

  259. Oh this has happened to me TWICE!!! Someone–not me 😉 — pulled my hood release button without telling me and didn’t relatch the hood. While driving down the street, my hood flies open and wraps itself around my front windshield!! Luckily, both times I was able to get to the side of the road without causing an accident!! 🙂

  260. My husband (not me!) ran out of gas and I had to track down an empty gas can before I could rescue him.

  261. Just this last week the alternator on my husband’s truck went out. Thankfully, we were able to tell it was going out, and the Lord let us get home safely! So glad about that! Since we live in Alaska {and it is winter time} that story could have turned out very differently.

  262. probably the scariest car woe was when my mom’s car caught on fire as we were driving to see family for thanksgiving in 2006… it was horrible but no one was injured and we only lost things. since then, car woes have never been “bad…”

  263. Our latest car trouble woe involves our car getting totaled last month. My dh and I were on a date (had just left the kids at home) headed to dinner. A mattress in the middle of the interstate delayed it. We were able to stop before hitting an accident that was in front of us, but the car behind us hit us going 55-60 mhp. We were taken to the ER, but once released (thankfully only suffering from whiplash…we broke our seats!) we STILL went on our date! We took a taxi downtown and picked up a pizza. We went home and watched MST 3000 while icing our necks! True love!

  264. My new vehicle (new to me anyway) – had a stubborn gas cap – sometimes as much as I tried twisting it off, it just wouldn’t come off! One day, on the way to work – actually a meeting that I was heading – I had to stop & get gas – you guessed it – it was almost 15 minutes before I could wrangle the thing off my vehicle. $12 later I have a new gas cap.

  265. On the five-hour drive home New Year’s Day, my four-year-old was sitting in the backseat of the minivan with tears streaming down her face because her tummy hurt so badly. My two-year-old was upset about. . . who knows? And my one-year-old was sick of being in the carseat. We were still at least two hours away from home and the van started acting up. I can’t even tell you exactly what was wrong because I’m so car-illiterate, but I can tell you my husband was pretty tense, wondering if we were going to make it home. I was tense because of the chorus of wails in the backseat and his tension. It was quite the tense trip!

  266. My most recent car trouble was a shimmy shake going on with my van. Apparently our tires were quite worn, so once we replaced those this has gone away.

  267. In a matter of 2 weeks I hit a deer that broke out all my lights on the passenger side and then hit a hawk that shattered my windshield. My hubby swears I am gunning for a new vehicle…there really is no need since we keep having to replace things!

  268. The panic on my car was “stuck!” So…there I was in the Target parking lot with my two little ones…standing outside my car…while the panic on my car continued to go off. We only have remote entry on my set of keys…so was “locked’ out as a result. After about five minutes…the alarm stopped. My husband came and rescued us about 15 minutes later! Good thing I bought crackers while in Target! They saved the day…and kept the kiddos entertained! 🙂

  269. We seem to have a terrible go with tires. I think our tires are actually magnets that attract nails.

  270. My son, who is 15 and has his permit, accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and went through our garage door! Cost $1,000, but nobody was hurt and he learned a valuable lesson about auto safety. This kit would be great to keep in his truck when he turns 16.

  271. Our daughter was playing in the car where both sets of keys were. She nicely got out of the car when her dad asked her to and shut the door, without mentioning that she had been playing with the locks. Both sets of our keys were locked in the car. On a Sunday night.

  272. We purchased a second car from a friend of ours. A 1970 Ford LTD (my husband’s first car many moons ago)…He loved this car. It was in AMAZING condition, less than 100000 miles on it! Well, a few weeks ago, he took the car to work and called me a few hours later. It was pouring down rain and he asked me to come get him from the side of the highway. When I got there, I found out the problem…The car had caught on fire. We’re not talking a few little flames, we’re talking about FLAMES! 3 firetrucks and 4 police/troopers! Needless to say, the car isn’t as perfect anymore…

  273. We haven’t had any real woes besides frozen wiper blades. But my FIL keeps telling me to get an emergency kit since we moved to South Bend. Thanks Dad!

  274. My car was having troubles (the driver side door had some malfunction in the lock and would not unlock or open and i couldn’t roll down the window even. My hubby was going to meet me and the kids at the shop so we could get home, and on his way to get us, he got two flats! So needless to say, I ended up picking him up and we fixed his car first!

  275. Over the last month I had my brakes go out on my van twice which was extremely scary. I remained calm and was able to pump them to air them up and stop. Turns out a nut came loose which allowed air into the lines. Thankfully, prior to this incident most of my car trouble has occurred in my driveway while I am trying to head to work and not on the highway.

  276. We live in the south and one day last summer, my car just started to die as I was nearing the exit to our house. It stopped about one mile from our house. There I sat, in a car with no air conditioning (broken) and it began to rain, (I couldn’t open a window or even crack it as the electric window wouldn’t work without power).

    As I waited for the tow truck, I decided to be thankful and enjoy myself. I’d just come from the library and so had something to read. The children weren’t with me, so no one was complaining. It was raining, but there was no threat of a tornado. So, there I sat, sweating but thankful.

    It could have been much worse.

  277. On New Year’s Eve, my car wouldn’t start. My frugal husband replaced the spark plugs and battery (they needed work anyway) and then poured oil into the fuel filter and the car finally learned how to start again! My ’98 Corolla lives on!

  278. Our most recent? Our transmission died. On our 4 year old car with only 40k on it! We were without a car for a week. As a one-car family, it was our nightmare.

  279. Thankfully I haven’t had any recent car troubles… but with winter definitely here in the Midwest I’d love to be better prepared!

  280. With all this winter snow, I’m scared of having car problems but thankfully it’s been ok so far with slow driving

  281. I was on my way to a friends house, and my tire went totally flat! as I was on the Hywy. I was so scared,no cell phone,and no tools. I pulled over at the next exit and of course the only place to pull over was at a humaine society after hours. it was very dark and desolate. If it wasn’t for a nice gentleman driving by and saw me … He had all the tools to help me out I was very greatful. And in times like these we need all the angels we can get.

  282. Our most recent car trouble was that my son’s car wouldn’t start. It ended up needing a new starter and a new battery.

  283. I had just moved to a new city and someone rear ended me, then drove away!

  284. Our most recent car trouble was with the car window. We were on our way home after a snow and ice storm and the window slipped down. It would not go up, so we lower it thinking it would then go up, but it didn’t. That was a cool ride home.

  285. Hubby, myself and my two younger kids went into NY City on New Year’s Day for our annual pilgrimage to the city. As we were driving looking for a parking place, hubby was asking if my brakes were usually that squishy. Umm – no. Well, it turns out, the brake cylinder “exploded” according to the mechanic. That was quite the white-knuckled drive home that night!

  286. Our most recent car trouble was with the heat not working. It was a cold couple of trips before we were able to get it fixed, a wire had disconected in the dash.

  287. In a recent snow, I was really slipping around on the road – then I remembered that I need new tires!

  288. Oh the last time I drove, the truck started doing this “revving” and made this awful noise and movement when I turned it off.

  289. Both of our cars broke down and were scrapped in the last few months. It’s extremely frustrating but, thank God, by the time the second one died, we had a nice “new to us” car!

  290. I think the giveaway is fantastic and so helpful for all the many reasons left above. Our latest storm left the windshield wipers covered in ice that beckoned we pull over a lot and bang them on the windshield repeatedly. It took forever to get home. We did arrive safe and sound. Thanks!

  291. One time I had a job interview scheduled and my car wouldn’t start. Luckily they were understanding and rescheduled, and I got the job!

  292. My 4 year old left the inside/dome light on and it drained my battery. We had to reschedule a doctor’s appointment we had been waiting 4 months for…grrr!

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